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Patch 1.19.X are all patches beginning with 1.19. There has so far been one (1.19.1 was the initial release, 1.19.0 was only released a beta patch)


Main article: Patch 1.19


1.19.2 is a hotfix released with Checksum 7dd8[1].



  • Subject trust will no longer decay downwards towards 50.


  • Fixed a crash when clicking a large mod too early in the launcher
  • Fixed a crash when MONARCH_MIN_SKILL and MONARCH_MAX_SKILL have the same value
  • Fixed issue with warscore cost for releasing overlapping nations
  • Fixed HRE disbanding with female heir
  • Fixed a crash in AI condottieri calculation
  • Fixed a crash when loading textures
  • Fixed a crash when siphoning income from a human player
  • Fixed an invalid memory read when an alert has no delayed tooltip
  • Fixed not being able to create a custom nation without RoM due to conflicting personalities
  • Fixed HRE from disbanding when it shouldn't