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Patch 1.18.X are all patches beginning with 1.18. There were three hotfixes (1.18.1 was the initial 1.18 release).


Main article: Patch 1.18


1.18.2 is a hotfix originally released with Checksum 1558[1].


  • (Hot-)Fix for allies not joining wars when they should if playing without Cossacks DLC.
  • Mayans can now reform their society
  • Fixed issue with [TAG.<something>] localization.
  • Fixed seemingly impossible trigger tooltip for tribal reforms.
  • Added missing description to global trade institution (all languages).
  • Corrected war check in Brandenburg event about the Pawning of Neumark.
  • Fixed subjects being sometimes set as the war leader for a day when loading a save.
  • Fixed some achievements not checking for custom nations.
  • Fixed that Daimyos didn't accept alliances with each other.
  • Fixed a crash when ending a war during which the player changed tags.
  • Added missing achievement icons in-game.


1.18.3 is a hotfix originally released with Checksum 9198[2].


  • Fixed issue where Brandenburg could form a Personal Union with a ghost Ansbach.
  • Subjects can no longer abdicate and disinherit their overlord's rulers and heirs.
  • Re-added code to define_heir effect since it broke certain events.
  • Fixed rebels changing own capital when breaking another nation (with weird side effects).
  • Fixed cultures getting set to have wrong indices when there is more than one culture database file.
  • Aggressive Expansion changes from 1.18 reverted.
  • Institutions fix for effects in spawn event.
  • Fixed bug that overextended countries released vassals like crazy
  • Distance between border fails should now be fixed automatically within at most a year.
  • Fix for: Forming a new nation with a custom nation removes cores


1.18.4 is a hotfix originally released with a checksum f968[3]


  • Mod install crash fix
  • Fixed crash in AI army region assignment
  • Fixed crash in empty world custom nation start
  • Crash fix in trade view
  • Added remaining localization for German and Spanish
  • Fixed not being able to Fortify March despite owning Common Sense if not owning Rights of Man DLC.
  • Damaged units will no longer be prioritized to start at the center of the battle, but will be the last to enter
  • Game state is now reset if loading a save and then loading another (should fix rulers moving around)
  • Fixed PlanArmyRegions crash on non-windows platforms
  • Important French localization changes from Elfryc