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Patch 1.17 was released on 2016-05-11[1].

Free features

  • Nation Designer: Added new custom idea "Slave Raiders" that allows you to raid coasts.
  • Readded Very Easy and Very Hard with bonuses of old.
  • Added "economy" console command that prints global economy statistics to game.log.
  • Disbanding fleets now return sailors to your sailor pool (up to max sailors).
  • Sailors are now returned to your sailor pool when upgrading ships.
  • Added Humiliate Rival Casus Belli which will now always be available towards rival countries, allowing you to humiliate, Show strength, release cores and countries but not directly demand provinces.


  • You now need to have a participation score in a war to gain revanchism for losing it.
  • Added -50 bilateral opinion modifier between a country and any country that broke free from it.
  • Grant Independence treaty now counts as gaining the whole alliance, rather than just the leader (so allies won't complain for not getting anything).
  • Culture & Religion changes on colonisation are now possible if all natives are dead, or if non-western.
  • French language in all courts is now +1 diplomatic relations.
  • Tengri syncretic religion is now checked when checking for alliance offers.
  • Rebels that break free now get an alliance and +200 opinion modifier with the (if any) country that supported them.
  • Culture cost modifiers no longer affect the time for culture conversion.
  • Spy Discovery Cooldown is now 3 months, instead of 5 years.
  • Fabricating a claim now requires a spy network of at least 20.
  • Each extra claim on another nation adds 25% cost for new claims fabricated.
  • Reworked the "has powerful allies" acceptance factor, and now penalizes you when having a total alliance strength above five times the average country military strength.
  • Espionage ideas no longer unlocks the espionage actions.
  • Added a 'reduced_liberty_desire' modifier that reduces liberty desire in subjects.
  • Claim Fabrication got moved from influence to espionage ideas.
  • Spy Ideas gained "Additional Loyalist Recruitment", which reduces LD in subjects by 10.
  • Spy Ideas gained "Audit Checks", which reduces Corruption by 0.1 Yearly.
  • Influence gained "Establish Cadet Branches", giving +25% heir chance and +0.5 prestige. Monarchies ftw!
  • Reduced impact from religious unity severly on corruption.
  • Fabricating Claims now require Dip Tech 0.
  • Steal Maps now require Dip Tech 6.
  • Study Technology now require Dip tech 9.
  • Slander Mechants now require Dip tech 12.
  • Sabotage Recruitment now require Dip tech 15.
  • Sow Discontent now require Dip tech 18.
  • Sabotate Reputation now require Dip tech 21.
  • Corrupt Officials now require Dip tech 24.
  • Agitate for Liberty now require Dip tech 27.
  • Infiltrate Administration now require Dip tech 30.
  • Debates in Parliaments now only finish mid-month if it chance to win is 100 or above
  • Wargoals for claims are no longer reducing AE.
  • Added +ship repair speed to shipyard and grand shipyard
  • The "Show Strength" peace option now gives the same Power Projection as "Humiliate".
  • "Show Strength" peace option will now give 100 monarch points of each type rather than 20.
  • Military access is no longer extended to provinces with hostile units.


  • Tweak to gifts/subsidies to reduce long range spam.
  • AI should no more be willing to hire condottieri to fight some future rebellion (only serious present rebellions now count).
  • Fixed some unlikely reasons for AI getting stuck and never cancelling condottieri.
  • AI will go a bit easier on guarantees of countries that it wants to conquer or ally.
  • Replaced condottieri Unfavorable cost acceptance modifier with a more dynamic modifier directly linked to maintenance multiplier.
  • Added condottieri acceptance penalty against very small armies.
  • Fixed AI performing weird building construction at war (again).
  • Fixed sneaky bug where tech 4 units would be considered ~100 times as powerful as units at tech 3 (resulting in suicidal war declarations).
  • Subjects more often considered (e.g. for allies) when calculating army power (helps against suicidal war declarations).
  • AI should no longer as easily rival countries in its own trade league.
  • AI armies prefer to not go to fortless provinces that will be flipped by enemy forts.
  • Fixed case of "Cannot select province X because country Y does not want it" due to overextension of negotiator applying to receiver.
  • AI made to consider rebel strength of naval landing site, and will no longer attempt return to base with a smaller force.
  • AI should no longer get stuck in recruit-disband cycles.
  • AI armies will no longer attach to supportive subjects' armies (as they're likely to be passive).
  • AI with high doom will now try to sacrifice their vassals' rulers and heirs.
  • AI hopefully doesn't create zero ship trade node mission fleets anymore.
  • When determining the degree of deficit spending, AI now considers any debt.
  • Countries in HRE will only offer Condottieri to neighbors.
  • AI will now only have its money automatically deleted when it has 1 million ducats or more on Hard difficulty levels to avoid arithmetic overflow.
  • AI now prefers paying off debt to reducing corruption (but will consider corruption a form of debt when avoiding to start wars).
  • AI less likely to antagonize or set vital the provinces of countries it has guaranteed in some cases.
  • More fixing to AI pathfinding failure complexity optimizations to avoid sleepy army behavior.
  • AI now tries to consider the fact whether a country has hired out condottieri when doing strength calculations.
  • AI will send its entire army as Condottieri if the remaining defending force would be unlikely to even beat a rebellion.
  • Misc. bug fix tweaks to restore Condottieri to former glory on Hard.
  • AI less likely to send out condottieri if army isn't built up to force limit.
  • AI should at least give you one province when you've been promised land by them to join their war, assuming you've selected one.
  • Fixed case of Condottieri being stuck after being hired.
  • AI will not hire out an army that is sieging as Condottieri anymore.
  • AI no longer creates states where it can create Trade companies instead.
  • Fixed bug that made AI siege friendly rebels and in general help countries against rebels it has no reason to help.
  • AI no longer grants provinces to rebellious subjects that declared independence and lost.
  • Fixed AI never cancelling Transfer Trade Power.
  • Fixed AI's use of Excommunicate, Call Crusade and Claim Throne actions.
  • Made AI more likely to go to low army maintenance in an effort to save money.
  • Made AI (even) more averse towards starting wars with themselves or allies in debt, in war, etc.
  • Fixed an inactive AI army bug where two stacks would wait on each other to make the first move (because one was closer).
  • Fixed a couple of cases where condottieri weren't being handled properly in AI army logic (i.e. being handled as part of normal army).
  • Naval missions shouldn't cancel when starting them just because ships are afraid to venture out of port.
  • Tweaked down AI's willingness to take loans to fund wars since repaying them is more difficult than it used to be.
  • Fixed: Navies protecting trade could stray away from the trade node.
  • Solved one case of mysterious AI ally "does not want province" against merch republics.
  • Added tooltip explaining that AI is refusing to be given a province because it would become overextended.
  • Fixed bug making Hunt/Intercept naval missions goto irrelevant regions other than the target (e.g. the Baltic when hunting in West Africa).
  • Blockade fleets will no longer split up if it would cause one of them to go into hiding immediately, and other blockade mission synchronization logic fixes.
  • Blockade naval missions will now also consider blockading enemy controlled provinces owned by you.


  • Tooltips over Spy Actions in a Subject now say they will cost Spy Network size with the Overlord.
  • Adjusted Sailors icon in macro builder.
  • Macro builder for fleets now show cost just like for armies.
  • Tooltip for changing an estate's influence/loyalty (in events) now also show current influence/loyalty.
  • Added newline before showing Corruption effect on Idea confirmation message.
  • Added tooltip for March offer from vassal.
  • Slight changes in some tooltips (mostly war screen).
  • HRE screen no longer claims its hereditary after new electors have been appointed.
  • Added "conditional military access" in diplomacy view.
  • Added icon for naval missions that are stalled (likely due to aggressiveness setting) with associated explanation.
  • Favors/trust on diplomatic feedback view have been hidden or neutered when view is open for a human played country.
  • Added alert when territories can be upgraded to states.
  • Pressing the shield of an elector's vote now opens diplomacy with them (rather than showing their capital).
  • Standardized tooltips in province view.
  • If an Explorer-led fleet is selected, the tooltip now shows which region can be explored by right-clicking on an undiscovered sea province.
  • Replaced envoy travel time with corruption on country diplomacy tab so you can see other countries' corruption.
  • Slight change in tutorial text.
  • Added explanations of opinion loss to Raid Coasts button tooltip and message.
  • Fort maintenance tooltip now shows modifiers.
  • Added Trade League mapmode.
  • Improved Estate Loyalty tooltip.


  • Game no longer freezes if setting FORTRESS_COST to 0.
  • Per difficulty level defines can now be set (in .lua define files prefixed by difficulty_).
  • If an Explorer-led fleet is selected, the tooltip now shows which region can be explored by right-clicking on an undiscovered sea province.
  • Replaced envoy travel time with corruption on country diplomacy tab so you can see other countries' corruption.
  • Slight change in tutorial text.
  • Fixed: Modding max rank in HRE for Princes and Electors didn't work.


  • Added some more dynamic province names in modern Slovakia.
  • The Achievement First Come, First Serve now requires you to start as a western country, matching its description.
  • Removed Regicide Event.
  • A number of uninhabited islands will no longer have prescripted culture / religion.
  • Overlord will now be notified of delays in canal construction of subjects.
  • Arabia no longer formable for countries with Turkish primary culture.
  • The African Great Lakes are now separate provinces to avoid weird adjacencies.
  • Lake Balkasj is now its own province, as is the surrounding lakes to avoid weird adjacencies.
  • Broke apart the Eastern Finnish lakes to avoid weird adjacencies.
  • Bukhara now uses Uzbek units if the corresponding graphics DLC is used.
  • Great Lakes Trade Node is now in the Buganda province (but still appears on map over Lake Victoria) to make discovering it not require conquering land right beside the lake.
  • Added decision to form Iceland (for real this time).
  • Inverness is now known as Gaeldom.
  • Added more religion specific building names.
  • Some of the Turkish Dynamic Province names now use period names rather than modern names for their provinces.
  • Forming Spain, Russia and France will now let you change ideas if you so wish. The AI will still choose to keep their old ideas if they're formed by a non-standard country without generic ideas.
  • If you are the first to circumnavigate the globe as a non-westerner the text popup should now contain less geographic errors.
  • Roman Culture will now spread to your own Primary Culture provinces when forming the Roman Empire.
  • There's now a coresponding Russian mission to conquer Lithuanian lands for situations when Poland or the PLC haven't swallowed Lithuania.
  • Merchant Republics can now use the existing decision to become an Oligarchic Republic.
  • France and Austria are now historical rivals.
  • The Orinoco Trade Idea will now give trade power instead of Caravan Power.
  • Removed Styrian core on Tirol.
  • Trade Company Events now uses is_mtth_scaled_to_size.
  • Boromo Trailokanat's Reforms will now give 50 power of each type rather than 400.
  • All Japanese Daimyos will now make use of their country specific artillery units.
  • The Iberian Wedding now comes with a hefty liberty desire reduction for the minor partner.
  • Reducing requirement to fulfill "prove legitimacy" mission from 100 to 75 legitimacy.
  • Burgundian inheritence now increases local autonomy by 10 rather than 50.


  • Armies will no longer be overrun at loading a savegame if saved as battle starts.
  • Fixed a broken trigger in the Lousiania purchase.
  • Giving a province to an estate should now grey out the add parliament button immediately.
  • Fixed: HRE election ties were determined by prestige of leftmost Elector. Now the countries' own Prestige is the tie breaker when neither is Emperor.
  • Fixed bad paranteses in Province file 2836.
  • Central African event 15 will no longer trigger every other month for the Makua.
  • Sailor events will no longer trigger unless you have a port.
  • Capital of Temes is now properly Temes.
  • Added female tags for some ruler titles to make translation easier.
  • The ruler of Achaea in the 1453 start date is now Thomas Palaiologos.
  • Portuguese event "Commercial Conflict in the Indian Ocean" now has a description that is less detached from both the reality of the game and the historical situation.
  • Added back accidentally removed tooltip for Western Focus.
  • The decision to Restore the Theme system will now have a more readable tooltip.
  • The English flavor event "Decree of Indulgence and the Bill of Test" will now only trigger once.
  • Tooltip for Missionaries will no longer claim that a colonist will always convert a province.
  • Hanseatic Artillery will now properly use their DLC units.
  • Fixed bad unit position in Bagirmi.
  • Kuban Cigars Achievement is now valid if a subject of yours is the leading producer of tobacco as well.
  • Burgundy will now properly absorb their subjects when they are to be inherited by Spain much like they would if being inherited by other countries.
  • Fixed wrong event being triggered when burgundy ends up retaining independence.
  • Added back normal_or_historical_nations = yes to the Burgundian flavor event file.
  • The The Creation of the London Stock Exchange event will now only fire once.
  • War of the Roses should now account for an ending with neither Yorkists nor Lancasters winning.
  • Najaf (Samawah province) now has the religious center modifier.
  • Tooltip for forming the Netherlands will no longer claim you get new ideas if you already have Dutch Ideas.
  • Increased prestige drop at start of civil war from 1 to 10.
  • Art of War event 16, Witchcraft, will no longer target provinces that already have local witch hunts.
  • Fixed missing OR in Moroccan flavor event "The Sudanese Expedition"
  • Forming Tibet now won't give permanent claims on the Tarim Basin.
  • Fixed some Pattani monarchs having the wrong gender.
  • Ethiopian events related to the Patriarch of Alexandria now checks who owns Alexandria.
  • Once Ethiopia has recieved the Portuguese embassy Portugal will now know of the Ethiopian capital.
  • Fixed French Italian Ambition mission attempting to give the wrong kind of modifier.
  • The event "English Intervention Rouses Huguenots" will no longer spawn rebels friendly to France.
  • File names for province 1761 and 77 now conform with their (non-dynamic) in game names (this has no gameplay impact but is noted as it may be useful for modders to know).
  • Gazikhumuk now starts as a Shiite country and apart from Derbent so does the Dagestani provinces.
  • The event Regional Nobles challenge Country now gives autonomy along with its modifier.
  • Siberian Natives are now using infantry.
  • Tooltip for forming Italy should now be more readable.
  • Demands of the X, parliament event will no longer trigger for a province that already has the resulting modifier.
  • Corrected scope for corruption effects in parliament events.
  • Changed tooltip for not being able to afford dismissing an advisor to clarify that the sum given is for that advisor and not any advisor.
  • Parliament events will once again use scaled mean time to happen.
  • Polish event 3481 The Royal Struggle, will now create a regency council instead of an 18 year old man known as "(The Sejm)".
  • Naval Missions: Fleet Aggressiveness setting no longer affects Exporation/Circumnavigation missions.
  • Fixed: Tooltip for Threaten War had some duplicate information.
  • Fixed issue with event steered foreign intervention in the French wars of religion resulting in way too large and many stacks of rebels under seemingly random circumstances.
  • Fixed support for religion specific names for buildings (rather than just religion groups).
  • Mission to improve relations will now abort if you set your attitude towards the country in question to hostile.
  • Fixed that "attach to friendly unit" was not disabled for Condottieri with navies and/or hostile/neutral units.
  • Fixed bad tooltip for east african tech speed.
  • Korean missions will now properly check that the provinces they want you to take aren't already owned by you.
  • Fixed wrong text being used for option A in the "French Claims in Italy Weakened" event (flavor_fra.3108).
  • Shortened two items in the trade view in French to make them fit the interface better.
  • Fixed some area colors being too similar to nearby areas.
  • Reforming you government as a Christian horde now gives you Eastern Tech and Units.
  • Changing religion into Protestant or Reformed will no longer state that you get a center of reformation if you don't.
  • Centers of reformation will now be a bit more spaced out.
  • You can now invite a country to your Trade league if they are transferring Trade power to you.
  • Battle prediction icons for same dates are hopefully more accurate.
  • Fixed Diplomats getting stuck in new country after working in a country broken by rebels.
  • Fixed being unable to fabricate claim due to too small spy network despite network being large enough.
  • Trade League leader can no longer cancel Transfer Trade Power of members (it was just silly to allow this).
  • Removed tooltip erroneously claiming that Personal Union would break on Monarch death if overlord had negative Prestige.
  • Fixed nationalism disappearing on tag change.
  • Venetian flavor event "Growth of the Murano Glass Industry" now gives less mercantilism.
  • Fixed alert for hiring Condottieri at peace time sometimes showing wrong cost.
  • The Mamluk Vassalization of Cyprus will no longer trigger if Cyprus is at war.
  • Fixed colonies getting known trade goods after loading save.
  • Leaders with no Shock and Fire now correctly show stars when not selected.
  • Fixed clicking on Terra Incognita not starting exploration naval mission when Explorer-led fleet selected.
  • Fixed: Subjects with a claim could threaten war on their overlord, getting a Conquest CB war.
  • Unconditional surrenders are now cleared when the surrendering nation becomes a subject of another nation.
  • Zambezi, Kongo and the Great Lakes Trade node are now all considered inland nodes.
  • Fixed Trade League leadership/relationships not properly transferred when forming a country.
  • Fixed symptom of AI not creating states in RNW (turned out to be more severe bug in how areas are generated).
  • Fixed being able to promise land when calling in allies when Casus Belli blocks land gain.
  • Overseas Superiority War Goal now works for taking provinces in Africa again.
  • Balkan Muslim countries (like the Ottomans) can now get Granadan Refugees again.
  • Fixed that Liberty Desire hid Legitimacy in the top bar.
  • Condottieri units will now loot enemy provinces. Loot gained will go to the Country renting out the Condottieri unit.
  • Fixed two bugs that caused missions to be un-selectable.
  • In siege view (only graphically), Spy Network effect was 100 times too large, and in the tooltip it was inverted.
  • Fixed: Cancelling Divert Trade didn't return trade power to protectorate.
  • Peace: Fixed not getting selected provinces when at the same time demanding vassalization in separate peace.
  • Brought order in the darkest corners of the diplomacy tab code and sorted out missing or erroneous liberty desire tooltips.
  • Fixed diplomats building spy networks getting stuck when target country moved its capital.
  • Units should now show the correct "hired by" flag after hiring country forms a new nation.
  • Fixed bug where you could build buildings in subject nations and let them pay for it.
  • Naval exploration: Fixed bug where manual exploration triggered by clicking on Terra Incognita would fail but still report "Exploration Finished".
  • Fixed issue where Trade Power from fleets Protecting Trade was not calculated correctly.
  • Declare War dialog: Changed "CHANCE: 0%" AI acceptance tooltip shown in rare cases.
  • Effects of Estate Loyalty changes are now applied immediately instead of at end of month.
  • Missions to protect religious and cultural minorities will no longer target colonies.
  • Cotton Imports can no longer trigger more than once in a campaign.
  • Fixed Music DLC playing wrong songs in Steam Music Player
  • Fixed map mode sometimes changing incorrectly when left-clicking province.
  • Fixed colonies being able to be made states according to alert tooltip.
  • Fixed tooltip on country trade tab for transfer trade shields being inverted.
  • Merchant republic subjects can no longer cancel trade power transfers.
  • Fixed Condottieri map icons sometimes showing 1% Blockade.
  • The Medici family is now refered to in a more consistent way.
  • Fixed bad bracket in opinion modifiers file.
  • Fixed OOS caused by data races in multithreaded diplomacy calculations.
  • Glacial terrain now slightly less hospitable and (coniferous) forests slightly more so.
  • Yorumba now renamed to Yoruba.
  • Mainz is now Rhenish primary culture and Berry is Francien.
  • Polish Flavor Event Turko-Polish Tension will now only fire if Poland is Christian.
  • East is now east and west is west in the pacific.
  • Removed potential OOS source in pathfinding.


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