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Patch 1.16.X are all patches beginning with 1.16.


Main article: Patch 1.16


1.16.2 is a hotfix originally released with Checksum 3a8e[1].



  • Updated corruption tooltip to show what actually effects it.
  • Easy Difficulty now reduces your corruption dramatically.
  • Root Out Corruption is now based on your development, not your income.
  • Halved frequency of good and bad corruption events.


  • Updated Luck of the Irish achievement to account for 4 new Irish tags
  • New Achievements updated to block custom nations

Unconditionally Surrender

  • If war leader Unconditionally Surrenders, their allies no longer do so too.
  • If an Overlord Unconditionally Surrenders, their Subjects now do so too.

Merchant Republics

  • Merchant Republics are now limited by provinces in states, not total amount of provinces.
  • Merchant Republics no longer want to become a Free City.

States & Territories

  • Fixed: States couldn't be formed if there was a colony in the area.
  • Empty State/Territories will not linger after loading savegames.

AI Tweaks

  • Fixed some unlikely reasons for AI getting stuck and never cancelling condotieri.
  • AI will go a bit easier on guarantees of countries that it wants to conquer or ally.
  • Tweak to gifts/subsidies to reduce long range spam.
  • AI should no more be willing to hire condottieri to fight some future rebellion (only serious present rebellions now count).

Misc Bugfixes

  • Fixed wrong unit colors for a number of countries (e.g. Aragon).
  • Fixed only Muscovite countries being able to form Russia.
  • Fixed Hokkaido Strait
  • Fixed saves sometimes not loading correctly after using Hunt Naval Mission.
  • You can no longer detach mercenaries from a hired out Condottieri unit.
  • MP: Fixed game going out of sync if host had Wealth of Nations DLC but not client.
  • Fixed Bad Unit Position in Kholmogory

Misc Complaints Adressed

  • When mothballing a fleet, sailors no longer needed are now returned to the country's sailor pool (up to max sailors).
  • Razing provinces no longer adds unrest to them.
  • Removed Regicide Event
  • Removed historical neutrality between Portugal and Aragon
  • Fixed Threaten War could be used during Regency.
  • Central African Event 15 will no longer spam the player by triggering every other month or so.


1.16.3 is a hotfix originally released with Checksum 6227[2].


Army Tradition

  • You now get army tradition from battles without condotierri again.


  • AE impact from spynetwork is now applied correctly, and not using siege ability bonus for it instead.


  • Updated AI to understand the new cost system for rooting out corruption.
  • Root out Corruption tooltip now updated to the per-development cost.


  • Parliament events will once again use scaled mean time to happen.


  • Kuban Cigars can now be gotten if the leading producer is a subject of yours as well.


  • Added Back Decision to form Iceland

Misc Bugfixes

  • Fixed Unit Position in Bagirmi.
  • Fixed crash when a supported rebel faction was destroyed in Windows 7
  • Added texturehandler checks for removing already removed textures (MP crash fix)
  • Added check to prevent backup saves being overwritten with current save if current save is empty.
  • Fixed OOS due to capital being discovered on alliance action dependent on local player.
  • Forming a new nation no longer upgrades your territorial cores for free.