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Patch 1.15 was released on 27 January 2016.[1]

Free Features

  • Reworked spread of discoveries, instead of spreading on a per province basis, discoveries are now spread in whole regions according to a system fully controlled through scripting.
  • Map mode panel has been extended to allow multiple map modes per slot. Left clicking/hotkey cycles between them, right clicking lists modes in slot (and allows adding/removing modes to slot).
  • Pirating in someone's node now causes a scaled opinion hit (up to -5 if they have 100% of trade power in a node) per month, and up to -25 if stealing 50 gold from their treasure fleet.
  • Added a modifiers screen in government view that opens a list of all country-wide modifiers in your country and shows you where their values are coming from.
  • Added Dynastic Mapmode.



  • University shuffle has been fixed by allowing buildings that would increase buildings slots to be constructed when there are no free slots.


  • Returning unlawful territory now also makes you give up the claim on it.
  • You can now demand cores and claims with Threaten War belonging to non-protectorate subjects.
  • Asking an ally to prepare for war is now a +20 bonus to call to arms acceptance (up from +10).
  • Trust now recovers faster at very low trust levels.
  • Trust now recovers faster if you have mutual rivals.


  • Castilian Civil War is now less bloody.
  • The Civil War Disaster now requires 30 average home autonomy.


  • Gold mines can now deplete at any level of production above 1, but the chance is much smaller at low levels of production.


  • All estates are now removed from provinces on conquest.
  • Having an active Estate Disaster will now make the other Estates lose influence and loyalty.
  • Swahili Trader states will now start with 10 influence from Trade Guilds (Burghers).
  • Burghers will now also accept provinces with 5 or more trade power.
  • Most Estate Interactions can no longer be used if another Estate is in power/has an active disaster.
  • Estates: Loyalty change from granting/revoking a province is now capped at +/- 20.
  • Church Power from Clergy is now 10% rather than 50%.
  • Dhimmi Estate will no longer ask for land.
  • Dhimmi Estate will no longer get influence if you don't own Dhimmi provinces.
  • Republican Burghers will now accept to be granted any province.
  • Local autonomy no longer has any effect on land forcelimits and manpower in provinces controlled by the Nobility, Cossacks and Tribes (all local autonomy, not just the 25% from the estate).
  • Local autonomy no longer has any effect on tax income in provinces controlled by the Dhimmi and Clergy (all local autonomy, not just the 25% from the estate).
  • Local autonomy no longer has any effect on naval forcelimits, trade power and production efficiency in provinces controlled by the Burghers (all local autonomy, not just the 25% from the estate).
  • Nomadic Tribes estate no longer gains influence from 'Number of Cities', instead they expect control of more territory in a larger horde.
  • Changed estate loyalty into drifting towards 50% over time, with angry and happy estates being at 40% and 60% loyalty respectively. Loyalty modifiers have been changed to impact the drift rate.
  • The events randomly increasing an Estates' influence can now only do so by +10, instead of sometimes changing it by +20.
  • Developing a province owned by an estate will now increase their loyalty by the same amount as if they had been granted a 1 development province.
  • You will now lose the corresponding amount of loyalty that you gained from granting a province to an estate if you give it away in a peace deal, war threat, sale or grant to subject.


  • Theocracies (with the exception of monastic orders) can no longer convert their rulers to generals.
  • Devotion now ticks down at a base rate of -0.5/year.
  • You will no longer need more than 10 seats in parliament regardless of the size of your country, so that constitutional monarchies are actually viable for large countries.
  • Reduced autonomy reduction of most governments.
  • Celestial Empire no longer reduces land forcelimit, and instead gives a boost to prestige.
  • Heirs of own country in Elective Monarchy no longer have weak legitimacy.
  • Supporting your own heir in Elective Monarchy now costs 10 prestige rather than 5 legitimacy.
  • Having a foreign ruler in an Elective Monarchy now has a small chance to result in another country of the same dynasty getting a Claim Throne casus belli on them.
  • When an Elective Monarchy is forced into a personal union they will now change government to their overlord's form of monarchy.
  • Separate peacing out in the first year of a war if you have more than (individual) -10 war score now leads to a prestige hit similar to dishonoring the CTA.


  • You now get -3 stab from DOWing a Free City as the Holy Roman Emperor.
  • The casus belli from Demand Unlawful Territory now lasts for 10 years, so that it isn't impossible to use against allies without truce breaking.


  • Nomads now get +25% shock damage on all flat terrain (instead of just own provinces), but -25% shock damage on non-flat terrain.
  • The amount of power gained from razing now decreases by 4% per military tech level above 3, up to a maximum of -80% (5 power per development).
  • Added -25 opinion modifier when razing province with countries that have core on that province.
  • Nomads no longer have minimum autonomy in non-Tribe provinces, but government form bonuses to manpower and forcelimits were slashed.

Ideas & Policies

  • Reduced a number of +1 army tradition bonuses from national idea sets to +0.5 to make it harder to stack (+1 from defensive/quality were not changed).

Nation Designer

  • Kingdom rank in Nation Designer is now free, and Duchy rank gives you 10 extra points to spend.


  • Female advisor chance now also affects chance of getting female generals, if female generals are permitted.

Power Projection

  • Power Projection now also gives Horde Unity and Devotion.


  • Centers of reformation will no longer appear in unsuitable terrain or right next to an existing center.
  • The Reform the Cult of Inti reform for Inti countries will now also provide Devotion if undertaken by a theocracy (such as Ichma).
  • The 'conquest of X' modifiers now give +0.5 prestige (down from +1).
  • When converting to a new religion, all modifiers in the country marked as religion=yes will now be cleared.
  • When changing syncretic faith, all modifiers in the country marked as secondary_religion=yes will now be cleared.
  • Confucianism will now give a 10% cost reduction for administrative tech instead of heathen tolerance.
  • Mahayana will now give a 5% reduction to Idea Cost instead of Heathen Tolerance.


  • Smart rebels now attempt to actively defend their territory under favorable circumstances.
  • Rebels can no longer break a country unless they control at least 1 fort (capital or otherwise).


  • Number of potential rivals is no longer limited to 8, but rather you'll be able to pick any suitable nation as a rival.


  • Negative prestige no longer breaks Personal Unions.
  • Negative prestige will now affect your subjects' liberty desire.
  • It is now possible to use Place Relative on Throne on a subject not in regency, but with a bigger impact on liberty desire.
  • It is now possible to Enforce Religion on a subject of a different religion group, but with a much bigger impact on liberty desire.

Units & Forts

  • Placement of armies at game start should now be much more sensible.
  • Deliberately retreating with one or more unit(s) now causes a corresponding amount of morale to be lost units remaining in battle on that side. E.g. if 25% of all forces deliberately retreat, 25% of maximum morale is lost.

Victory Cards

  • It is no longer possible to get a new victory card if you already have 2 unfulfilled ones.


  • You now only lose a little trust with the caller for dishonoring a non-ally call (such as a guarantee or defender of the faith), and no trust with anyone else.
  • Colonial Nations can no longer be given overseas provinces in a peace deal unless they are the war leader.
  • You must now wait until 30 days after the game's starting date to declare any wars, to give countries a chance to form alliances.
  • The AI will no longer ally a country that's in a war and could call it into said war under any circumstances.



  • AI subjects will no longer try to embargo on their own (circumventing rules while doing so, which led to collisions with Embargo Rivals).
  • AI Emperor should no longer DOW Free Cities.
  • AI: No longer refuses an Electorate due to being a Militarist.
  • AI: Will now refuse becoming a Free City if Militarist.
  • Support Independence now considers adjacency to subjects as acceptable criteria for reachability.
  • AI somewhat more aggressively pursues mission targets.
  • Fixed Defender of the Faith impact on AI's war evaluation, it was basically inverted.
  • There's now a +10 bonus for catholic AI call to arms acceptance against crusade targets.
  • The Emperor should be somewhat less likely to declare war on HRE members now.
  • AI should be less interested in Agitating for Liberty over long border distances to target now.
  • AI is now a lot more sensible in what provinces it chooses to claim as vital interest.
  • AI will no longer rival countries with 80+ trust under any circumstances, and less likely to rival countries with high (but still below 80) trust.
  • Trust now has a significantly bigger effect on making the AI not desire your provinces.


  • AI should now be more likely to send privateering fleets.
  • AI will pay back loans more aggressively in peace time.
  • AI may reduce colonial maintenance and stop sending new colonists to repay loans.
  • Reduced AI peace time fort budget when it has armies to maintain, should result in mothballing more often taking place.
  • AI will no longer go over force limit when fighting significantly weaker enemies.
  • AI will no longer develop provinces to more than original development * 2 or 10 development, whichever is biggest. These numbers can be changed in defines.


  • AI will now explore with at most 5 regiments on its conquistador stack.


  • AI Emperor should now avoid taking provinces for himself in Imperial Liberation wars and prefer to liberate the target.


  • Subjects that have been or risk being hostile to AI overlord will no longer be granted cores/claims/provinces/subsidized armies.


  • AI will now favor transporting troops over blockading as it should.
  • AI will no longer attempt to block straits when there are no enemies that can be blocked.
  • Fixed case of AI indecisiveness caused by trying to return to base in enemy controlled territory, then considering it a cancellation criterion at next tick.
  • AI should now avoid declaring wars on targets it doesn't dare to invade anyway (due to lack of transports and/or troops).
  • AI less likely to declare war on nations outside coring range.
  • AI is now more reluctant to peace when there are ongoing battles.
  • One cause of AI "sleep" eliminated by rebuilding controller/owner areas every 4 months.
  • AI now less fond of peaces that result in enemy territory being split up into multiple parts (anti ugly map measure).
  • Fixed problem with splinters unable to path to their target due to forts doing nothing.
  • Fixed overflow bug in province conquest weight calculation that could make AI ignore declaring war for highly desired provinces.
  • If AI wishes to fight someone they do not have a wargoal on, they may now attempt to fabricate claims as a consequence (rather than it being a precondition).
  • War allies will no longer transfer occupation that was already transferred to them by a human or to an AI that transferred it in the past.
  • War allies are more likely to transfer war goal to war leader.
  • Non-horde/non-doom AI less likely to go to war while having loans.
  • Added slight tendency for AI to loot enemy controlled provinces.
  • AI less likely to stand idle in support of sieging army when enemy is pretty far away or is rebels.
  • Made AI a bit more likely to disband troops when having loans and less likely when having rebels at home.
  • Fixed loop where two armies would swap provinces with each other trying to attach.
  • Fixed loop where AI would assign a navy to a blockade and then cancel it because of AI evaluating it to require more ships than at first.
  • AI daimyos no longer pick the independence peace option since it is counter-productive to their aim of taking over the shogunate.
  • AI daimyos will no longer declare wars out of the belief non-allied disloyal daimyos won't support the shogun, eliminating one cause of hari kiri.
  • Peace negotiation AI doesn't care about claims given up on others than themselves or their subjects anymore.
  • AI armies now return to home base if they can't find something better to do (this solves a case of accidentally helping a rival siege a shared enemy of a different war).
  • Fixed issue with AI invasions getting into split/merge loops if splinters could walk a "land" path over loading fleet.
  • AI now splits up siege armies into divisions in adjacent provinces to avoid attrition.
  • Fixed AI attrition bug that made it stack too many units on sieges.
  • AI is now less afraid of high (but still <100%) overextension when it comes to taking provinces it wants.
  • Fixed particular AI army movement loop involving attached units next to sieges.



  • Added age of rulers in disputed succession alert tooltip.
  • There is now an alert that warns you when an alliance is about to break, and tells you what you might be able to do about it.


  • The Religion, Subjects and Estates tabs will now adjust their size to make better use of the screen space available.

Launcher / Frontend

  • Made search algorithm in Find Province dialog based on edit distance rather than absolute matches only, this should make it easier when you can't spell.
  • Enabling major DLCs now invalidates achievements for games saved without those DLCs. A confirm dialog informs about this before starting the game.
  • Added skip to next song button.


  • Added ledger page showing all rulers in the world you know about.


  • Macro builder will prioritize not highlighting provinces where buildings aren't eligible to be built over other reasons (such as lack of building slots).
  • When creating Unit Templates, spread is now automatically increased when adding units to build.


  • Added explanation for rebels not enforcing province effect on provinces protected by forts.
  • There is now a message when estate modifiers expire.


  • Siege information part of map icons will now be shown in ally controlled provinces.
  • Victory card map mode now displays VCs for whoever is the owner of the currently selected province (or player by default).
  • Added a map icon for armies that are in a hostile Zone of Control showing you where they entered the ZoC, and thus where they can exit it.
  • Scaled down size of higher level forts for non-european nations.

Nation Designer

  • It is now possible to use historical country names in random/custom setup (ie 'Corsica' instead of 'New Corsica').
  • Added lots of new symbols for use with nation designer flags.


  • Maintenance for forts is displayed before you build them in regular and macro cases.
  • Can now select unlocked buildings in macro builder despite it not being possible to build them, so that you can look at map mode.
  • Added tooltip to fort buildings explaining Zone of Control.
  • Improved tooltips & message boxes for granting/revoking provinces for estates.


  • It is now possible to keybind the confirm button on diplomatic offers if said offer isn't set to automatically popup.
  • Most confirm dialogs now use 'c' for accept shortcut and 'z' for decline shortcut. ENTER/ESC still works.
  • Removed keyboard shortcuts for Papacy and HRE.
  • Select and remove leader button is now bound to 'n'.
  • Show province in siege view is now bound to 'v'.
  • Show siege in province view is now bound to 'v'.
  • Select army in siege view is now bound 'b'.
  • Can now select left/right army when reorganizing armies with 'x
  • Can now move units right and left when reorganizing armies with 'b' and 'z'.
  • Mothball fort in province view now has the shortcut 'h'.
  • 'z' now goes to home country in diploview.
  • 'a', 's' and 'd' can now be used to toggle beteen modes in diplomacy view.


  • Better tooltip for Cultures icon in Government tab.
  • Delayed part of tooltips no longer disappears when you move the cursor slightly (as long as the cursor is over the same gui element).
  • Added shortcut info to all tooltips for buttons that have a shortcut assigned to them.
  • Clicking anywhere that's not a button or text box on unit panel now has the same function as Select button.


  • Hold shift click deselects army when clicking Select button on unit panel.


  • Added confirmation dialog for war declarations that reduce stability (and thus increase WE and AE).
  • Peace View now shows the admin power cost to core any provinces you take.
  • Peace View "better peace" icon now only shown when negotiating with another Player.



  • Added allow_only_male and allow_only_female to advisors

Console & Commandline

  • Console command ideadump is now available in release version
  • Added "timer", "timer_start", "timer_restart", "timer_stop" and "timer_reset" commands to console to measure tick performance.
  • Added "leak [alloc_size] [amount]" console command to simulate memory leaks.


  • Added a define to allow base tax, base manpower and base production to go below 1 (at own risk)
  • Added define REGIMENTS_FOR_CONQUISTADOR to control maximum number of regiments per exploring conquistador.
  • Added the define PEACE_BATTLE_RELUCTANCE to control how much ongoing battles influence AI peace desire.
  • Added define PEACE_TERMS_RETURN_CORES_IMPERIAL_LIBERATION_MULT to control how much AI emperor prefers to do Return Core for Imperial Liberation wars.
  • Added define PEACE_TERMS_PROVINCE_IMPERIAL_LIBERATION_MULT to control how much AI emperor avoids taking provinces in Imperial Liberation wars.
  • Added the defines DISHONORABLE_PEACE_MONTHS and DISHONORABLE_PEACE_WARSCORE to control the new prestige hit rule against separate peacing out early.
  • Added the define TREASURE_FLEET_OPINION_HIT and opinion modifier pirated_us to determine impact of piracy on opinions.


  • Added script support for break marriage diplo action


  • Added remove_loot effect
  • kill_units now works with ship types as well
  • Added convert_female_ruler_to_general
  • Added convert_female_heir_to_general
  • Great Projects no longer need to be scripted with is_canal = yes to apply modifiers
  • Added male parameter to define_heir effect
  • Added dissolve_parliament effect
  • Added reinstate_parliament effect
  • Added defines ESTATE_LOYALTY_DECAY_BASE_MIN and ESTATE_LOYALTY_DECAY_BASE_MAX to control how fast estate loyalty drifts towards middle value.


  • Added can_increase_autonomy scripted function
  • Added can_decrease_autonomy scripted function
  • Added can_westernise scripted function
  • Added can_claim_defender_of_faith scripted function
  • Added can_change_national_focus scripted function
  • Added can_move_capital scripted function
  • Added can_move_trade_port scripted function
  • Added can_order_assault scripted function
  • Added can_order_force_march scripted function
  • Added can_scorch_earth scripted function
  • Added can_garrison_sorties scripted function
  • Added can_seize_colony scripted function
  • Added can_improve_tax scripted function
  • Added can_improve_production scripted function
  • Added can_improve_manpower scripted function
  • Added can_make_core scripted function
  • Added can_harsh_treatment scripted function
  • Added can_reduce_war_exhaustion scripted function
  • Added can_change_culture scripted function
  • Added can_burn_colony scripted function

Nation Designer

  • There are now custom ideas for Devotion and Horde Unity.
  • Added custom ideas for female advisor chance and ability to have female rulers as generals.

On Action

  • Added on_monarch_death on action
  • Added on_heir_death on action
  • Added on_new_heir on action
  • Added on_adm_development on action
  • Added on_dip_development on action
  • Added on_mil_development on action


  • Now possible to define 2 different shortcuts for a button.


  • Terrain types are no longer hard-coded


  • Added can_revoke trigger for Estates[2]
  • Added trigger has_custom_ideas=yes/no
  • has_heir can now also take a name as arguments
  • has_dlc trigger now works with portrait and monuments dlc
  • Added province_group scope trigger
  • Added province_group trigger
  • Added superregion trigger
  • Added superregion scope trigger



  • The Emperor can no longer form the Kingdom of Jerusalem.
  • Western Focus will now trigger a major event informing everyone of what has happened.
  • The Forbidden City Decision can now also be taken by Qing.
  • AI Tengri countries will not be interested in the "Adopt Vajrayana" decision if the Cossacks DLC is active as they use Syncretic faith instead.
  • Forming Manchu no longer changes your religion to Confucianism.
  • Forming Qing now changes your religion to Confucianism.
  • Added tooltip to the Western Focus decisions to show that it can only be taken if no other country has already done so.


  • Added event to change government type for countries with the Iqta government that are no longer muslim.
  • Venetian flavor modifiers will now have a much weaker effect on Republican Tradition.
  • If rejected Columbus will now seek out other countries with the Quest for the new World Idea.
  • Women in History event 11, "Isabella of Castile", will now give Isabella as an heir rather than a ruler.
  • An event will now clear unreachable Seven City hunts after at most 5 years.
  • It is now possible to revoke the offending claim in the Border Friction events for a small prestige hit.
  • Muslim Piety event "The Clergy are Demonstrating" will no longer have switched options.
  • The Estate specific events that lower loyalty when at high loyalty will no longer trigger on the Estate Pulse but are now normal MTTH events.
  • Buddhist Events for conversion of your country to Theravada or Vajrayna will no longer trigger for Tengri countries with Cossacks enabled as these use Syncretic faiths instead.
  • Picking a Theocratic heir will now change relations with estates negatively as well as positively (which estates depend on choice).
  • Changed the Estate loyalty impacts of many events.


  • Subjugation of Bohemia will no longer happen if Bohemia has grown to over 140 development.
  • Personal Union Missions will no longer target human players.
  • Turkish Missions to Conquer Egypt and the Levant will now no longer hinge on them being owned by the Mamluks.
  • Missions to colonize provinces will now also require the colony to have a population above 400.


  • Religious Rebels will now be a bit more likely to go for provinces where a missionary is trying to convert members of their faith.
  • Lübeck, Hamburg, Bremen and Riga are now historical friends.
  • Hillah (Karbala) and Kandy now have the Religious Center modifier.
  • Lhasa is now a religious center.
  • Boosted some East African coastal province development levels slightly.
  • Siberian Tribes will now use Inuit GFX for their lvl 1 infantry level.
  • The Sinai province is now Bedouin culture.
  • Hedjaz is now a Tribal Monarchy.
  • Mesopotamia is now slightly more Sunni.
  • Added Lost Cultures culture group for use with Nation Designer.
  • Echtemins province is now part of the Notre Dame area.
  • The Low Countries are now considered to be part of the European super region.
  • Removed 3 starting Timurid forts.
  • Many events that have an effect for Estates if you have The Cossacks DLC will now have better AI weights that apply if you have the DLC.
  • Timurids will now consider Delhi and Multan historical rivals.


  • Parallelized map updates which improves GUI responsiveness when using macro builder and changing map modes somewhat.


  • Non-existing and wasteland provinces are no longer checked in all_province (fixes World Discoverer achievement).
  • Prestige loss for losing provinces as losing side's negotiator fixed.
  • Fixed bug in Tradegoods Mapmode (removed stripes from provinces that already had a tradegood assigned).
  • Fixed bug where events window wouldn't show after loading save in game if the same event was shown before loading the game.
  • Performance: Map is no longer updated if selecting the same map mode that is currently shown.
  • Fixed wrong offset for "glow" on Map Graphics button in Nation Designer interface.
  • Set correct province for siege won effects tooltip (e.g. religious rebels).
  • Fixed build-to-trade fleet join up.
  • Tooltip for revoking the statute of restraint of appeals will now notify you of the loss of clergy loyalty.
  • The tooltip in the Build Ship panel in the province view now shows the correct maintenance cost.
  • Fixed world being covered by Terra Incognita if selecting Observer mode after loading a save game.
  • Building slots no longer flicker when building units or selecting the same province.
  • Annexing provinces that are your cores is now free.
  • Horde Unity is now hidden in events if The Cossacks DLC is disabled.
  • Fixed misleading achievement tooltips.
  • Better tooltip for Ideas icon in Country Diplomacy View.
  • Ironman games can no longer be continued in offline mode (would previously cause game to freeze).
  • Fixed separate peace tooltip showing "former subject" instead of "former overlord" in certain cases.
  • "Give up claims" peace option no longer shown for provinces without owner.
  • Country Military View now correctly shows base cost & modifiers for land units.
  • Fixed issue with date selection widget shown on top of save game list when selecting save after creating Custom Nation.
  • Peace View: Fixed not being able to humiliate an enemy and annex its vassal at the same time.
  • Fixed some history file inconsistencies.
  • Clarified tooltip for Shadow Kingdom Decision.
  • Fixed bug that would make it possible for the event Education for a King to trigger without any available options.
  • Exploit fix: you can no longer return or sell provinces that are held by an estate.
  • Peace: Force change government/religion peace options no longer selectable if annexing country.
  • Provinces will no longer be automatically assigned to estates that are invalid for them at game start.
  • Fixed game freezing under certain conditions due to more than one trade node in same province in Random New World.
  • Fixed issue with "secondary" heirs having negative age.
  • Fixed issue where "Block Nation Ruining" option could be applied in single player game.
  • CTD fix in army recruit.
  • Fixed bad tooltip for the Disloyal Clergy event.
  • A great number of duplicate names have been purged from the culture file.
  • RNW now has original culture set properly, meaning nations there are no longer offered to convert to noculture.
  • Added tooltip explaining local autonomy exemptions of certain estates of LA text in province view, and fixed exemption effect on additive LA.
  • Tribal Flavor events will no longer show estate effects unless playing with the estate they have an effect upon.
  • Tribes will now also take offense to being raided by Cossacks.
  • Generate a new heir name if the heir doesn't have one already (can happen if the heir in the save file is broken).
  • Fixed allies in war not getting Aggressive Expansion when getting provinces.
  • The Risks of trade event is now less powerfull.
  • Fixed some duplicate assignment of areas into regions.
  • The event strong Clergy no longer gives 1500 piety.
  • Can no longer demand ships from your merchants unless you can build them yourself.
  • Fixed missing wastelands in Tile Fryz F.
  • Fixed teleportation province in Tile Ofa 3.
  • Fixed some detached pixels in Tile Elmorte 1.
  • Fixed another issue with Tile Danubian 3.
  • "Transfer Trade Power" button no longer shown in trade interface if the trade node is an end node.
  • Added an indication in the Call to Arms dialog if the caller promises to give territory to the player.
  • Fixed exploit: Can no longer build troops in subject's land using macro unit templates without paying for manpower.
  • Fixed a number of confusions in with macro unit template in interface tooltips.
  • All Random New World provinces will now get Native Types.
  • Warning that achievement cannot be earned in a session will now show up in red rather than Green text in German.
  • When running a hands off game with the "observe" cheat full morale bar colors will be shown.
  • Dutch Mission to colonize the Carribean will now check if they have subjects there.
  • Byzantine Mission to recover Greece will now have higher priority than their other conquest missions.
  • You can no longer offer or demand tribute that requires more than 100% War Score.
  • Fixed bug where armies that should have been exiled weren't due to ZoC access calculations.
  • Missions to take land in the Spice Islands will now correctly check that you are in range to complete them.
  • Fixed issue where you could erroneously offer "Enforce Rebel Demands" in peace deals.
  • Colonial regions will now longer be removed from the Old World when randomizing the New World.
  • You no longer have to be connected to Steam to be able to start an Ironman game.
  • Favors are now hidden if The Cossacks DLC is disabled.
  • Friendly rebels will no longer be predicted to do battle with your troops with battle icon.
  • Retreat date tooltip on battle view no longer flickers between two dates on daily tick.
  • Minor correction of bankruptcy message.
  • The spread of the Castilian Civil War event should now work properly and also never retrigger within the same area.
  • Alliances broken by adding rivals will now properly create a truce.
  • Fixed CTD in the swap_free_idea_group effect.
  • Fixed Hagia Sophia minarets not showing up
  • Fixed issue with certain music playing too often/not often enough.
  • Mercenary recruitment as limited overseas is now consistent with definition of overseas.
  • Fixed custom flags not always shown correctly on save game entries and Continue button.
  • You can no longer declare war on your ally's subject.
  • There is no longer any overlapping text in the in-game settings view.
  • Removed articles in Random Province names as they don't work well with how the names can be used to create names for seazones, etc.
  • Province modifier for tengri event 5 is no longer costing you a global tax reduction.
  • Nullptr check versus evil save killing CTD.
  • Curtailing the Clergy no longer costs 2500 patriarch authority but rather 25.
  • Events that set estates in provinces should now avoid colonies (already avoided oversea provinces but could trigger for same continent colonizers).
  • Fixed being able to select units from another country and e.g. disbanding them.
  • Tooltip for warscore cost in Province View now shows correct values.
  • The Random Event Bourgeoisie Request Privileges will now correctly increase noble loyalty in option 2.
  • The Ottoman Flavor Event to Assume the title of Caliph now requires Muslim religion.
  • The Basileus Achievement updated to take newer provinces in the region into account.
  • Seven Cities Event 302, Attacked by natives, no longer triggers on owned provinces but rather on empty ones.
  • Estates Mapmode can no longer be accessed without the Cossacks DLC.
  • Regiments recruited by subjects no longer show up in the outliner.
  • Fixed CTD in construction map icon tooltip when subject status changed.
  • Tooltip for Core button in Province View now shows the correct effect of Administrative Efficiency.
  • Rebels will now return to their home province if having no other legal target; this prevents them being confused abroad.
  • Liberation casus belli will be removed when ceasing to be the emperor.
  • Liberation casus belli can now only be used on unlawful territories.
  • Number of ships built for a trade fleet now shown accurately even as the fleet moves and before it has merged.
  • Fixed odd scope use in the Reclamation of the Delta event for Bengal.
  • Naxos province name is now displayed more clearly.
  • Game no longer crashes with later start dates set in defines.
  • Fixed crash when displaying tooltip for navies.
  • Fixed a bug with manpower calculation for base value not showing without global modifier.
  • 'Rule unlocks' such as unlocking spy actions now works properly in custom ideas.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would call players into wars promising territory the player obviously had no interest in.
  • Fixed a bug where AI countries would never give provinces to player allies when The Cossacks DLC wasn't enabled.
  • Hide country religion panel when showing the Deity panel or Church Power panel.
  • Trade nodes in RNW now works as expected (trade value can be forwarded out of RNW).
  • Country Diplomacy Panel is now hidden when the Create Vassal dialog is open.
  • Colonial nations will no longer use their country adjective for names in separate regions.
  • Fixed infinite loop in threaten war skipping protectorates logic.
  • Fixed missing tooltips in the Peace View.
  • You can no longer demand territory in an independence war you started unless you also demand independence.
  • Siphon Income is no longer counted as a monthly income.
  • Fixed being able to move other countries' capitals by creating and then deleting Custom Nations.
  • Fixed receiver's opinion not improved when returning core in peace deal if receiver was controlling the returned province.
  • Mercenary limit can no longer be circumvented by building in occupied territory.
  • Fixed temporarily disappearing UI when accepting diplomatic offers while having the corresponding diplomacy dialog open.
  • Non-Enforcement Ordinances is now a choice between 15 autonomy or 50 ADM points.
  • Removed Dhimmi Loyalty bonus from recruiting from the Dhimmi.
  • Changed loyalty hit from the Ulema to the Amirs for the Recruiting from the Dhimmi interaction.
  • The Legitimacy modifier is now hidden if you play as a country that uses Horde Unity.
  • The completion date for Fabricate Claim is now calculated correctly.
  • You can no longer have merchants in trade nodes that are out of range.
  • Fixed bug that could cause countries to stay as electors in the HRE even after leaving the HRE.
  • Building names are now in some cases adapted to the country they're built in (it used to be like this but was broken at some point).
  • Fabricate claim no longer cancels due to target's capital being conquered.
  • Fixed blockade values between 0 and 100 percent being based on tax rather than development.
  • Can no longer create empty fleets via detach blockade.
  • Invested curia influence is now properly cleared when changing away from catholicism.
  • Probably fixed CTD in AI related to an AI army agent not having any armies.
  • "Client marches" (client states that are marches) are now correctly handled for subject interactions.
  • Unrest tooltips are now consistent.
  • Declare war screen now correctly shows why you can't call a human ally that is allied to the enemy.
  • Fixed an inconsistency issue between shown loyalty/influence values and tooltip in Estate view.
  • Estates in provinces are now cleared and dynamically reassigned when playing with custom or random setup.
  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes be able to rival far inferior countries, or rivalries with such countries would not expire.
  • Can no longer reassign leaders in combat.
  • Missionary zeal will now be added correctly to the first province in the world that becomes Protestant.
  • Fixed wrong use of the has_empty_adjacent_province trigger which made two colonial events trigger when they shouldn't.
  • Nobles Demand Old rights will now give a countrywide autonomy modifier rather than increase autonomy in every owned province, avoiding tooltip clutter.
  • The Second option of the sale of titles event will now be available even at 3 stability, giving 50 adm points instead.
  • Can no longer select observer if marked as ready in lobby.
  • Minor: Envoy travel time color fixed.
  • Minor: Colonization view modifier tooltip more accessible in correct rectangle of window.
  • The Parliament Issue Guarantee Minority Rights will now display correct information and will not target estate owned provinces.
  • Move capital tooltip now always shows cost and explains its derivation.
  • Reduced MTTH for many parliament events further.
  • Corrected displayed tax/income gain when building buildings.
  • Fixed navy view CTD during DevMP
  • The Local Imam option for Muslim theocracies now give the same devotion effect as the Christian local preacher option.
  • The "Heir is of our Dynasty" event now requires the other country to not already be of your dynasty.
  • Ottoman marches that are not muslim will no longer use the Pasha title.
  • Muslim Ottoman vassals that are not marches will now always use the Bey title.
  • Orthodox or Coptic marches will no longer use the Margrave title as default but instead will be referred to as Principalities.
  • Added check to all random events to prevent them from re-triggering while their modifiers are still active.
  • Manufactory type for Tropical Wood has been changed from Naval Supplies to Trade Company.
  • Fixed typo in the Portuguese Mission to conquer Tangiers.
  • France now accepts Gascon and Aquitanian culture.
  • Hamburg, Lubeck and Bremen now start out being ruled by a regency called the Stadtrat rather than Die Taghfart.
  • Rewrote unclear description text for AoW Event 47, Preparing our Defenses.
  • Ideagroup event 809, Fortification Effort can no longer trigger on occupied provinces.
  • Fixed typo in the "Suhrawadiyya" event.
  • Fixed regression for religion tooltip in province view.
  • Taking provinces for yourself using your subject's wargoal now correctly costs diplomatic power.
  • Fixed crash when loading "unsafe" IM cloud saves.
  • Joining a game where your name already is taken is now handled properly.
  • Exploit fix: You can't build an extra building between a construction finishing and the month's end anymore.
  • Corrected slid down army & navy macro tabs.
  • Macro builder "units in production" text can no longer become more than one row and jump outside dialog.
  • The event Excellent Supplies can no longer happen to countries who have no port or are unable to build ships.
  • The Harvest Failure event can no longer trigger if you don't have spice province which lacks the modifier it gives. Preventing it from triggering without an effect.
  • Enforcing serfdom in the "Peasants getting Uppity" Event will now reduce Burgher loyalty rather than increasing it for the Nobles.
  • Effects of increasing base tax/production/manpower displayed in tooltips now take multiplicative local autonomy into account.
  • Fixed difficulty, ai difficulty and luck set to high, high & historical respectively if their current value wouldn't allow achievements when starting Ironman game.
  • The event Cossack Aggression can no longer happen if the countries involved are at war.
  • Pretender Rebels will now spawn immediately in a tribal succession crisis if you have under 50 Horde Unity to avoid the ending event triggering immediately.
  • Study technology outliner tooltip fixed.
  • Progress is now correctly shown on map when building units in subject nations.
  • Fixed issue with being able to remove capital from custom nation after deleting a previous custom nation at the same location.
  • Rebalancing of Build to Army province selection algorithm.
  • Fixed issue where rebels spawned for vassal were friendly to both vassal and overlord.
  • Removed wrong in-game menu load button tooltip "This game cannot be started until missing DLCs are enabled again".
  • Fixed occasional crash in CSmallProvinceView::OnRestore when loading save in-game.
  • Guarantees now expire when the guaranteed becomes too powerful.
  • Unit production is now accurately counted for occupied territories and subjects in macro builder army/navy tabs.
  • Fixed various issues with selecting countries that were later changed/deleted when generating RNW.
  • Can no longer select countries in RNW via Random Nation when Terra Incognita is enabled.
  • Idea Group Event 101 - The Burghers Rise will now spawn Particularist rebels to be consistent with other uses of the word Burghers in relation to rebels.
  • Fixed numerous issues with Release Nation peace option. The country releasing the nation could e.g. be completely different from the one stated in the description.
  • Dynastic Event 9460 - Family Secret? can no longer trigger for theocracies.
  • Provinces can no longer be razed while under siege.
  • Separatists now use unit skins from the nation they want to form/join.
  • Fixed issue with EU4 interface freezing if logging out of computer due to inability to reset Direct3D device.
  • Clicking Call for peace alert now opens peace view for the correct war.
  • Tribal Succession War event tooltip will no longer state that all provinces owned will get separatist rebels in error.
  • Henry Tudor will now be a bit younger when he appears.
  • Names for dip tech 6 and 8 are no longer switched around.
  • Rivalry Between Popes should no longer fire without available options.
  • Text explaining why Papal actions are no longer possible after 1650 will no longer only reference the Crusades.
  • Colonial Event 17, Colonial Migration, should no longer result in colonists migrating back to the same colony they left.
  • White Peace offers can now be considered "better than expected" and cause stability hit.
  • Abandon Game button in in-game lobby now works.
  • The Absenteeism Parliament Event should now always apply effects to two different provinces.
  • Lancaster and York kings in War of the Roses will now be 31 years of age.
  • Declining to do anything about the situation in subject interaction event 31, A question of rights, will now cost 10 prestige.
  • Removed some outdated information in the tutorial in German and Spanish.
  • AoW Events 15, The Families Left Behind, now requires you to not be at war any longer.
  • Mamluk Flavor Event 14, Revenue Administration, will cause a revolt in their capital rather than a revolt in Cairo regardless of who owns Cairo.
  • The Achievement, Sweden is not overpowered, will no longer be completeable with a broken Baltic Coastline.
  • Fixed bad tooltip for why a new fleet could not be created from a trade fleet.
  • Cruelty of Mercenaries will now cause more unrest but only apply to provinces in one area.
  • Guild Restrictions on Goods will now only apply to provinces of the same good in the same area.
  • Tooltips in Peace View are now displayed for selected provinces as well.
  • Mercenary limit can no longer be circumvented by building in occupied territory.
  • Fixed a bug where units would become exiled from walking into a province they had access to due to being previously entered province while at war.
  • Fixed exploit due to being able to send several Peace Offers on the same day. You must now wait a day between sending offers.
  • Fixed issue with unit movement arrows persisting on screen.
  • Fixed on_colonial_reintegration action to only trigger when restoring colonial status after a failed independence war.
  • Fixed case of AI units not being capable of returning by transport navy when there's no land path.
  • AI now 'cheats' on maintenance for border and capital forts (there is a define to disable this) and won't mothball these.
  • Completion date & progress for Fabricate Claim is now calculated correctly, even when the agent has been discovered.
  • Peace: Fixed issue with Shogun getting Aggressive Expansion from its Daimyos taking land.
  • Fixed exploit concerning Random New World map files.
  • Fixed occasional AI-related crash on OSX.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on units in naval combat would show "uncolonized province" view.
  • Fixed bug involving AI regiments getting stuck as splinters of exploration armies.
  • Fixed case of AI ignoring the presence of a unit in a province if it was moving out of it.
  • Fixed issue with textures disappearing after multiple hours of play.


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