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Patch 1.13.X are all patches beginning with 1.13. There have been two 1.13.X hotfix patches so far.


Main article: Patch 1.13


Patch 1.13.1[1] is a small hotfix released on 2015-08-31, and it fixed a math error and an interface inconsistency. The checksum is 13a0.


  • Fixed a bug where Buddhists releasing countries/returning cores would pay diplo cost despite the interface saying they wouldn't.
  • Fixed a bug where AE generation was lower than intended amounts due to the enemy size modifier being multiplicative instead of additive.


Patch 1.13.2[2] is another small hotfix to fix a freezing issue related to Client States, as well as fix some issues with save game compatibility for the 1.14 patch coming in late 2015 and a few AI issues. AE was also slightly adjusted upwards, as 1.13.1 levels were still not quite right. The checksum is 04fe.


  • Fixed a game freeze caused by client states that were annexed under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed "oldautosave" and "olderautosave" always saved to cloud as 50MB files.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would refuse to sue for peace due to conflicts between cede province and release vassal logic.
  • Fixed a rare case where AI would 'dance' with its armies caused by attached units.
  • Fixed an issue with settings/save game compatibility in 1.14.
  • Fixed a bug where switching nations sometimes did not give you the idea groups it was supposed to give you.
  • Can no longer declare war on a country when you have a pending call to arms against them.
  • Increased base AE slightly.