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Patch 1.12.X are all patches beginning with 1.12. There were two 1.12.X hotfix patches.


Main article: Patch 1.12


Patch 1.12.1[1] is a hotfix released on 2015-06-12, and it fixed some issues from Patch 1.12. The checksum is ae85.


  • Fixed a bug where the AI would declare suicidal wars due to incorrectly calculating defensive call acceptance
  • Forts can no longer take control of other provinces with forts (capital, mothballed or otherwise)
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would accept concede defeat as the only concession even when they had 100% warscore.
  • Fixed a bug where single player games started with the 'Only host can save' setting would be unable to be loaded (old saves with this issue will still be broken)
  • Fixed a bug where some AIs would constantly mothball and unmothball forts (this could cause serious performance hit on lower end machines as well)
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would continuously march back and forth between two provinces in a fort's ZoC
  • Fixed exploit where you could give away ally's provinces even if not occupied in coalition war.
  • Fixed a bug where rebels would spawn at very low morale when there were hostile units in their spawn province.
  • Fixed an issue with steam workshop removing supported_version from .mod files
  • Fixed an issue where .mod files would be printed with garbled data, resulting in CTD on launch
  • Fixed an exploit where you could give away the provinces of your war allies even if they were not occupied (you should only be able to give away your own unoccupied provinces)
  • Unit movement lock can no longer be bypassed by issuing another move order.
  • Fixed artillery models for several different unit packs to have the correct infantry model accompanying it.
  • Lowered cost of diplomatic annexation from 10 to 8 dip points per development (since there's more ways to decrease adm cost)
  • Autonomy from diploannexation is now 60 (down from 75)
  • Fixes issues using the MacBook trackpad when interacting with the map on OSX.
  • Fixed a CTD in AI province conquest weight calculation
  • Fixed a CTD related to rebels in uncolonized provinces
  • Game no longer crashes when forcing nations with subjects to revoke claims.
  • Save games saved in 1.12 no longer cause CTDs in 1.11 (only applies to saves made after this hotfix is applied)
  • The '+' key should now increase game speed correctly on US/UK keyboards.
  • Fixed issue where foreign Separatists defecting to your country caused your country to act as if it was just released.
  • Spain can no longer form Andalusia and vice versa (preventing endless nation forming loop for prestige)
  • 'One family to rule them all' achievement can no longer trigger in regency.
  • (Undocumented) Fixed some terrain. Arctic is now Glacial and has modifiers. Some provinces in the Moluccas were corrected to Coastline.
  • (Undocumented) Trade efficiency no longer effects trade power.[2]



Patch 1.12.2[3] is a hotfix released on 2015-06-18. The checksum is 551a.

  • Mods can now properly upload shader and pdf files.
  • Fixed a CTD related to releasing countries that are set to be in a PU in history files.
  • Fixed a crash related to display of completion text for “Keep Rival out of Italy” mission.
  • Fixes issues typing on OSX with a trackpad attached.
  • CIdler::OnAltF4 is now called again when Alt-F4 pressed (fixes Ironman not saved on Alt-F4)
  • Changed default anisotropic filtering to 4 (if supported) since "max supported" could cause performance problems.
  • Fixed bug where you would get 601 days travel time to any overseas inland provinces if your capital was inland.
  • Fixed some cases of startup crash (other cases were caused by outdated linux OS)
  • Fixed looting which was simply not happening.