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Patch 1.12 was released on 2015-06-09 alongside the Common Sense expansion.[1]

Expansion features

  • Theocracies now have heirs that are chosen by event, with each choice having a different effect and unlocking certain events that can happen once that heir becomes monarch.
  • Theocracies now have Devotion, which is similar to Legitimacy and Republican Tradition. Devotion goes up from high stability and pious acts and goes down from low stability and low religious unity. Devotion affects your Papal Influence, Church Power, Prestige and Tax Income.
  • Constitutional Monarchy, Constitutional Republic and English Monarchy now have Parliaments. Countries with Parliaments have to grant a certain number of their provinces Seats in Parliament, which then allows those seats to vote on issues. The country with the parliament can choose between a few randomly picked issues, and then have a number of years to secure enough votes for the issue to go through. Votes are secured either through events or by bribing parliament seats with things which that particular province wants. After five years of an issue being debated, there is a random chance that the vote will go through at the end of each month, with the chance of winning the vote depending on how many seats are backing it. If the vote goes through, the country gets the benefits of that issue for 10 years, otherwise it suffers a penalty to prestige.
  • Protestantism now has Church Power. Church Power accumulates over time and can be used to buy aspects, which are permanent modifiers added to that country's particular version of Protestantism. A country can only have 3 aspects, after which Church Power can be used to trade in an existing aspect for a new one.
  • The diplomatic action Remove Electorate is now available to the Emperor, to remove an elector at the expense of worsened relations with other electors and 10 IA. This action is not available unless the HRE has an official religion.
  • Implemented Government Ranks feature. Each Government type can now have up to 3 ranks, with higher ranks conferring better bonuses, and higher government ranks lowering cooldown on changing your National Focus. Players with the Common Sense expansion can dynamically change their government rank through the Government screen and various events and decisions while those without are locked to rank 1 or 2 depending on whether they are independent, unless they are playing a historical empire such as Byzantium and Ming.
  • Buddhists now have Karma. Karma decreases from aggressive conquest and increases from honoring alliances and releasing nations. Rulers with too high Karma become detached from the world and suffer a penalty to diplomatic reputation, while rulers with too low Karma will lose the trust of their mind and get a penalty to discipline. Rulers with balanced Karma get a bonus to both discipline and diplomatic reputation.
  • Can now return an owned province to another existing nation that has a core on it for an opinion boost, at the cost of 10 prestige. Doing so will remove your own cores and claims on the province. This cannot be done while at war.
  • The Emperor can now grant Free City status to nations in the HRE that only own one province. Free Cities get a special republican government, a bonus to tax income and will always be able to call in the Emperor when they are attacked, even in internal HRE wars. The Emperor gets a bonus to tax income, manpower and imperial authority for each Free City in the HRE, but there can only be 7 Free Cities in total at any given time. A Free City that gains a second province or leaves the HRE will lose their Free City status. Free Cities cannot be Electors.
  • Can now Pause Westernization. While it is paused, no monarch power will be spent towards westernization progress and no westernization events will fire, but the country will continue to experience unrest.
  • Added Subject Interactions for all subject types. These are special actions and toggles you can enact on your subjects, such as forcing a colonial nation to declare war on another colony, placating a vassal to lower their liberty desire or forcing a lesser union partner to adopt your culture. Subject interactions are accessed through the country subjects screen.
  • You can now increase the base tax, base production and base manpower of your provinces at the cost of admin, diplomatic and military power respectively. Cost of developing a province depends on the terrain, the climate, and how many times the province has previously been developed. Certain ideas and modifiers will also increase or decrease development cost. For those without the expansion, reduced development cost ideas will instead give other beneficial effects.[2]
  • If you have money to burn, you can now dismiss an advisor from the pool, allowing greater control of the advisors you can select.
  • Numerous new events for Buddhists, Protestants, Theocracies, The Papal State, Subject Interactions and Parliaments.
  • National Focus is now also available for players with the Common Sense expansion, even if they do not own Res Publica.

Free features

  • Added 25 new achievements.[3]
  • Added Tengri and Zoroastrian religions.
  • Split Buddhism into the Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana religions.
  • Major update to missions, where many missions were reworked and some pointless and impossible ones were removed. Most missions should now give much more interesting rewards.
  • Fort system was completely reworked. Most provinces no longer have forts and unfortified provinces will fall after a single month's siege. Forts are now expensive buildings that cost monthly maintenance, but now have a zone of control in your adjacent provinces that will block the passage of hostile troops and automatically recapture provinces taken by the enemy. You can mothball forts to reduce their maintenance, and your capital always has an extra fort level that costs no maintenance but also does not have a zone of control (unless there is also a fort building there).
  • Building system was completely reworked. The number of buildings in the game were reduced and their cost increased, but all buildings should now have a significant effect on their province. Monarch power cost for buildings was removed, but the number of buildings you can build in each province is now restricted by the province's building slots, based on its total development level and terrain.
  • Provinces now measure their economic power in development instead of base tax. Development is a combination of base tax (tax income), base production (production income & trade value) and base manpower (manpower).
  • Looting was reworked. Provinces now have a 'loot bar' that goes down while regiments hostile to the owner are present in the province. Each regiment loots a certain amount per month depending on their type (cavalry loots the most, artillery the least) and this money is added directly to the looting country's treasury. The province will suffer penalties that get worse the more depleted its loot bar is, and once fully depleted, cannot be looted any further. Provinces that have not been looted for the last 6 months will begin to recover their loot bar.
  • Major update to the peace system:
    • Annex option removed. To annex, you now have to select all of the target’s provinces.
    • It is now possible to demand any province from the enemy War Leader. Demanding unoccupied provinces cost +10% and Capitals +20% War Score. Demanding provinces from others work as before.
    • Revoking cores no longer cost Diplomatic power.
    • You can now demand gold from a country you are annexing.
    • Can now use Humiliate peace option even if you're also taking other things from your rival, but it costs more.
  • Numerous bug fixes and updates to peace interface.
  • Added Time of Troubles Disaster.
  • Added English Civil War Disaster.
  • Added French Wars of Religion Disaster.
  • Added French Revolution Disaster.
  • Added Castilian Civil War Disaster.
  • Added 10 Spanish Flavor Events.



  • Advisors are now more balanced in the strength of bonuses they provide.


  • It is now more expensive to build buildings in rough terrain and harsh climates.


  • Moving your trade capital now costs 200 diplomatic power (to match cost in ADM for moving actual capital).


  • Natives no longer boost basetax+mp when colony is finished, but instead provide a permanent reduction of development costs.

Cores & Claims

  • Creating cores and diplomatically annexing countries is now more expensive.
  • Administrative Efficiency now also affects core creation and diploannexation costs, but only goes up to 50%.
  • Reduced effect of having a claim on core creation costs from 25% to 10%.


  • Overseas provinces no longer count towards cultural acceptance.


  • You now lose 10 prestige for selling a province, same as returning provinces and abandoning cores.
  • Historical Friends at war may now lose their historical friendship when their armies do battle.


  • Autonomy now reduces the amount of gold a province produces.
  • Fish no longer reduces unrest, but instead decreases culture conversion cost.
  • Force Limit calculations were changed to be based on development and number and type of subjects. Force limit calculations should now be much less opaque in the interface.
  • Gold provinces no longer get increased production from merchant republics and trade companies trading in the province.
  • Gold production is now reduced by local autonomy.
  • Independent nations now get a basic tax income of 1 ducat/month.
  • Independent nations now start with higher base force limits.
  • Removed tax income bonus from capitals.
  • Base Price of Salt is now 3.
  • Trade Power bonus for having transferring merchants is now capped at 100% (10 transferring merchants)
  • Reduced inflation from treasure fleets by about 33%.
  • Embargoing subjects of rivals no longer gives you a trade efficiency penalty.
  • Gold Mines with base production over 10 now have a yearly chance of being depleted and lose half their production.
  • Cost for Missionaries now grow over time, like advisors do.


  • Reduced frequency of exploration events from naval exploration.


  • Steppe Hordes lost their relation penalty and instead got better loot ability.
  • 'Inward Perfection' modifier for Ming is now gone.
  • Effects of Ming factions on country are now much smaller.


  • Grant Electorate now gives a +50 opinion modifier.
  • Removed Imperial Integrity bonus.
  • The Emperor can now demand unlawful territory while at war, as long as they're not at war with the country they're demanding it from.
  • Buffed HRE reforms for member states.
  • Italy will now leave the Empire around 1500 if the entirety of the 'Northern Italy' region isn't brought into the HRE by then. Player nations have the option to choose to remain.
  • Releasing HRE member states, HRE members converting, winning defensive wars and HRE members being annexed no longer affects Imperial Authority directly. Instead Imperial Authority is mostly a ticking value that grows when the Empire is peaceful and there are numerous member states, and shrinks when the Empire is religiously divided and under the control of non-HRE nations.

Ideas & Policies

  • 'Grand Navy' is now +50% naval forcelimits (up from +25%)
  • France lost diplomatic relations as tradition and instead gained diplomatic reputation.
  • Added new modifiers to numerous ideas and policies.
  • Boosted Bavarian ideas.
  • Boosted Naval Ideas significantly.
  • Burgundy now starts with +1 diplomatic relations instead of +5% cavalry combat ability.
  • Quality: Quality Education now gives +1 Army Tradition instead of 5% Morale Recovery.
  • Quality: Naval Drill is now +10% Naval Morale instead of 5% Morale Recovery
  • Quality: Escort Ships is now +5% Ship Durability instead of 10% Naval Morale.
  • Economic: Finisher was changed to -20% Development Cost.
  • Quantity: Forced Labor System is now +25% Garrison Size instead of Development Cost.
  • Austria: Military Border is no longer +25% Defensiveness, but 15% Garrison Growth & -10% Fort Maintenance.
  • Ming now have -20% Fort Maintenance as a tradition instead of +10% Province Trade Power.
  • Milano: lowered_power_of_barons is now -10% Development Cost.
  • Tuscany now starts with -10% development cost as part of their traditions instead of +10% tax income.
  • Swiss idea 'Oasis of Peace and Prosperity' now reduces development cost by 10% instead of war exhaustion reduction cost.
  • Swiss idea 'Alpine Defensiveness' now reduces fort maintenance by -20% instead of increasing defensiveness.
  • Swiss idea 'Swiss Tolerance' now increases tolerance to heretics by +2 instead of increasing religious unity.
  • Italian Idea Heir to the Empire now gives +1 Prestige instead of +Imperial Authority.
  • Most ideas that used to give +25% heir chance now give +50% instead.
  • Vindyan Traditions now has -20% fort maintenance instead of +1 diplomatic relations
  • Ottoman Traditions now give +3 Tolerance. -33% core creation cost moved to the first Ottoman idea.
  • Various ideas that gave more than 20% reduction to land/navy maintenance were brought down to more sane levels.
  • Scotland now starts with +33% land forcelimit instead of +5% morale recovery speed.
  • Standardized effects of hostile core-creation ideas, most are 25-50% now.
  • Boosted Neapolitan and Aragonese ideas.

Nation Designer

  • Terrain now affects Nation Designer province points cost.
  • Now saving custom gender and names to influence future monarch conception.

Power Projection

  • Reduced effect of Power Project on legitimacy and republican tradition.


  • You can now store 200 Papal Influence.
  • Slightly buffed Inti reforms.
  • Missionaries converting a province now gives it zeal.
  • Province development now slows down the conversion speed of Centers of Reformation.
  • Religious Zeal now blocks conversion completely.
  • Centers of Reformation can no longer target provinces with Religious Zeal.


  • Reduced a few impacts of unrest reduction to balance out for having great buildings for it.
  • Liberalism Disaster now only appears if you have no Parliament.
  • Revolutionary Rebels now wants to enact Constitutional Republics.
  • Merged nationalist and patriot rebels into Separatist rebels that will fight to belong to their target tag.
  • Rebels that enforce their demands or have them accepted will now apply the 'Recent Uprising' modifier to all provinces that support them.
  • Separatists will now spawn even for accepted cultures if your country is a Celestial Empire without the Mandate of Heaven.


  • Randomly generated rulers of Theocracies now start out as old as republican rulers on average.


  • Nations supporting independence now only increases liberty desire for vassals they are supporting and their allies.
  • Marches now count less towards total power of vassals for the purpose of calculating Liberty Desire.
  • Subjects will no longer allow themselves to be annexed if their liberty desire is high. Existing annexations will be paused until liberty desire drops.
  • Subjects no longer get higher liberty desire while being annexed.
  • Primitives can no longer create or become Marches.
  • Having a Royal Marriage with a subject now lowers their Liberty Desire slightly.
  • March now reduces Liberty Desire by 15% (down from 25%).
  • Marches will no longer lose their March bonuses due to growing too large.
  • Temporary liberty desire now decays more slowly.
  • Released vassals will now keep their faith. The release vassal screen will show which religion they end up with.


  • The first idea group now unlocks at Administrative Technology 5, and levels when buildings and other various effects unlock were tweaked.
  • High levels of Administrative Technology now give Development Efficiency, which reduces the cost of developing provinces.
  • Force March is now unlocked at Administrative Tech 15 (up from 9)
  • Constitutional Republics now appear at Administrative Tech 22 just like Constitutional monarchies.


  • Increased base mercenary pool size from 12 to 20.
  • Doubled the time it takes to build ships, but buildings will greatly reduce it.


  • Allies in an independence war are no longer blocked from declaring war.
  • Farmlands and Drylands now count for giving Nomads their home shock bonus.
  • You can no longer abort movement to the next province once an army has moved more than halfway.
  • You now have military access to any country that is granting military access to your war allies.
  • Assaulting now requires a breach.
  • Assaults on forts can now only employ five times the amount of infantry that the fortress can hold at the same time.
  • Artillery-modifier in siege now impacts chances of breach, making it more likely, but each breach gives +1 up until its been +3 in total.
  • Forts now block advance into territory they protect. You can only enter territory adjacent to what you already control.
  • Occupation impact on WE is no longer scaled to amount of provinces lost, but to amount of development lost.
  • Provinces without fortifications now give much less warscore when occupied.
  • You must now have 3x the garrison size to siege.
  • Non-Military Constructions are now stalled at province occupation, instead of destroyed.
  • You now get 50% more Aggressive Expansion for taking provinces from countries that are not co-belligerent in the war.
  • When besieging a fort, a natural roll of 1 will now result in a disease outbreak that reduces the attacking army by 5% of its max strength.
  • Declaring a country who is in a coalition against you co-belligerent will now call the entire coalition.
  • Attacking a member state in a coalition against you when the Emperor is in the same coalition will now have the Emperor join as a coalition member (but still able to call allies).
  • It is no longer possible to declare war while bankrupt.
  • War leader can no longer be vassalized by enemies in a war unless they're the other side's war leader.



  • More reluctant to accept vassalization if they are a member of the HRE.
  • More reluctant to accept vassalization if they have a higher government rank.
  • More willing to accept vassalization by higher ranked states, and less willing to accept vassalization by lower ranking ones.
  • Now much more aggressive against revolution target if they are adversely affected by its existence.
  • No longer willing to join wars that have been going on more than 30 months.
  • Will now always refuse to ally a country that recently dishonored an alliance with it.
  • The Pope will no longer accept diplomatic vassalization.
  • Added proper AI acceptance logic for asking to be a March.
  • AI will now designate and revoke Marches.
  • Will now be willing to give military access to a country if it gave that country's enemies access in the same war (fixes the "using access to trap AI" exploit)


  • Fixed a bug where the AI would not build ships unless its capital was connected to the sea.


  • More reluctant to burn Legitimacy on fighting off foreign heirs that aren't significantly worse than their own alternative in Elective Monarchies


  • AI Hordes are now more likely to pick Administrative, Innovative or Economic ideas when picking randomly.


  • Should now be more wary about having their armies lured into traps.
  • Should now be more reluctant to lift sieges with significant progress.
  • Now more likely to end a war when affected by Call to Peace.
  • Subjects will now raise maintenance before going off to fight their overlord's rebels.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing AI from bringing home exiled splinter armies.
  • AI will no longer use force march on armies that are not located in a war zone.
  • Fixed an issue where AI splinter armies would suicide into much larger enemy stacks.



  • Replaced troops in foreign territory alert with an alert for exiled units.
  • Added an alert for when you can pass a religious reform.


  • Added buttons for mothball/activate all forts along with status label showing number activated of total to country military view.


  • Corrected and added a bunch of missing hints.


  • Added a column for total development in the first page of the ledger.


  • Added macrobuilder interface for development.
  • Updated macrobuilder interface for new building system.


  • Fortlevel mapmode now colors forts, with green for friendly, red for enemy and blue for neutral.
  • You can now see your subjects unrest in unrest-mapmode.
  • Added province adjectives.


  • Papal elections are now more authentic.


  • Income in province view is now displayed on a monthly rather than yearly basis.
  • Renamed Nationalism to Separatism to better fit new separatist rebels.


  • Added sounds for raising and lowering autonomy, developing provinces, the election of a new Pope, the election of a new Emperor and for increasing your Government Rank.
  • Added sounds for converter religions.


  • Separate icon/tooltip for marches in subjects view added.
  • Disasters heading tooltip added.
  • Fort mapmode now have better tooltips.
  • Aggressive Expansion tooltip now displays what countries might join a coalition and what alliances will be lost instead of impact on all countries.



  • Implemented the "make_obsolete" code for buildings, which makes buildings replace older ones.

Console & Commandline

  • Added a "version" console command that prints the current game version and checksum.
  • Removed "show_error" commandline argument as it's covered by "debug".
  • Console stats command now dumps development level as well.
  • Console command 'nudge' was retired.
  • Launching game with command line option -nudge will now enable nudger access from main menu.


  • Made female/male chance for custom nations moddable through the defines DEFAULT_MALE_CHANCE, ALL_FEMALE_MALE_CHANCE, ALL_MALE_MALE_CHANCE.
  • Defines NO_SLOTS_R, NO_SLOTS_G, NO_SLOTS_B added to specify macro build color in provinces with no more available building slots.
  • Added CARAVAN_FACTOR to defines.
  • Added define CHURCH_POWER_RATE_SCALE to control rate at which church power is gained.


  • Added effects add_church_power = {val}, add_church_aspect = {aspect_tag} and remove_church_aspect = {aspect_tag}. The last can also have = random.
  • Added set_karma and add_karma effects.
  • Added 'add_scaled_local_adm_power, add_scaled_local_dip_power, add_scaled_local_mil_power' effects to province scope, affecting the owners power scaled by base tax,prod, mp levels in that province.
  • Added kill_units effect
  • Setting a regency from define_ruler effect now works again
  • Added set_local_autonomy effect
  • Added add_culture_construction effect
  • Added send_missionary effect
  • Added excommunicate effect
  • Added add_historical_friend effect
  • Added remove_historical_friend effect
  • Added add_historical_rival effct
  • Added remove_historical_rival effect
  • Added exile_ruler_as effect
  • Added exile_heir_as effect
  • Added set_ruler effect
  • Added set_heir effect
  • set_in_empire effect can now handle country scope, and removes/adds all provinces in a country to the HRE.
  • Added define_leader_to_ruler effect.
  • Added create_march effect.
  • Added support for dynamic names to exile effects.
  • When using dynasty=tag in define_ruler or define_heir, heir's dynasty will now be used if there is no valid ruler
  • When using dynasty=tag in define_ruler or define_heir, previous ruler's dynasty will now be used if there is no valid ruler or heir
  • Added effect set_seat_in_parliament = yes/no (province
  • Added effect back_current_issue = yes/no (country)
  • Added 'add_devotion = x' effect.


  • manpower and production effects & history commands in a province are now consistently named compared to tax. (add_base_x)
  • Added history commands for creating seats of parliament.


  • Added a fort_maintenance_modifier modifier.
  • Added a 'allowed_num_of_buildings' modifier.
  • added a local_development_cost modifier for province scope.
  • Added modifier female_advisor_chance that governs chance of getting female advisors
  • Implemented local_build_cost modifier.
  • Added new modifiers global_trade_goods_size_modifier and trade_goods_size_modifier and refactored many cases of trade_goods_size/global_trade_goods_size to use them instead.
  • Added church_power_modifier, loot_amount and garrison_size modifiers.


  • Nudger positions are now saved to <UserData>/map/positions.txt and any files in <UserData>/map will be loaded first instead of ones packaged with the game.

On Action

  • Removed hard-coded opinion limit for annex and integrate diplo actions, now controlled by script.
  • Added a four-year event pulse for special government types.
  • Added on_bankruptcy on action.


  • Added scripted_functions folder
  • Added scripted_triggers folder
  • Added the trigger num_of_rebel_armies to complement num_of_rebel_controlled_provinces.
  • Added 'base_production', 'base_manpower' & 'development' triggers.
  • Added 'devotion = x' trigger.
  • Added is_previous_papal_controller trigger similar to is_papal_controller.
  • CanJoinHreLeague and CanLeaveHreLeague are now partly scriptable
  • Added a 'num_of_times_improved' trigger.
  • Added trigger has_seat_in_parliament = yes/no (province))
  • Added trigger has_active_debate = yes/no. (country)
  • Added trigger current_debate = <issuetag> (country)
  • Added trigger current_size_of_parliament = num (country)
  • Added employed_advisor trigger with type, home_culture and home_religion as qualifying parameters (any combination is permitted).
  • Added trigger government_rank = x
  • Added effect set_government_rank = x
  • Added church_power = {val} and has_church_aspect = {aspect_tag} triggers.
  • Added the following subject interaction triggers (require subject's country scope except promote_investments): has_embargo_rivals = yes/no, has_subsidize_armies = yes/no, has_send_officers = yes/no, has_support_loyalists = yes/no, has_scutage = yes/no, has_divert_trade = yes/no, has_promote_investments = "trade_company_tag"
  • Added 'has_parliament = yes/no' trigger.
  • Added num_of_units_in_province trigger
  • Added has_ruler_leader_from trigger
  • Added has_heir_leader_from trigger
  • added has_influencing_fort = yes/no trigger for province scope.
  • added fort_level = x trigger for province scope.
  • Implemented trigger karma = x to check current Karma.
  • Added total_development trigger for checking country's total development level.
  • Added province-trigger is_backing_current_issue=yes/no
  • Implemented is_in_deficit = yes/no, is_federation_leader = yes/no, federation_size = x, num_of_aspects = x, num_of_war_reparations = x and subsidied_percent_amount = x triggers
  • Added trigger num_free_building_slots
  • Added trigger is_overseas_subject



  • Achievements should now be more accurate in describing their actual requirements.
  • 'The Princess is in this Castle' achievement now requires you to get a female heir while having a Castle in your capital.
  • Prester John achievement now requires you to be Coptic.
  • Hessian Mercenaries achievement now requires you to have no loans.
  • The Re-Reconquista achievement now requires you to form Andalusia.
  • Most achievements that require you to own provinces will now also require you to core them.


  • Increased cost of native buildings.

Casus Belli

  • Colonial Nations now have the 'Colonial Conquest' CB on neighbouring primitives.
  • 'Tribal Conquest' CB now allows all provinces to be taken.
  • Added Chinese Reunification Casus Belli.


  • Forming the Maya nation now requires your religion to be reformed
  • Hindustan formation decision now broken up into Bharat for Dharmic tags and Hindustan for Muslim tags.
  • Various nation formation decisions now change your government rank.
  • All country formation decisions that change rank to Kingdom will now mean leaving the HRE unless you are an Elector.
  • No longer possible to form Qing if you're having a tribal succession crisis.
  • Added decision to become Western for countries in the Eastern or Ottoman tech groups if they own Prague, Wien or Danzig without any separatism.
  • Added decision for Elector-Bishops to move up in rank.
  • It is now considerably harder to form Germany.
  • Added some additional requirements for forming Italy.
  • Creating Italy or Germany out of the Empire will now make the Emperor cranky as well as cut sharply into his authority.
  • Decision to form Prussia now gives claims rather than cores.
  • Forming Arabia now requires 10 ADM tech and additional provinces.
  • Added decision for Protestant or Reformed Theocracies to secularize.
  • Removed the 'Demand Viceroy Elections' decision as colonies already decide over their own elections.
  • Added decisions to increase missionary strength for Totemism, Nahuatl, Maya, Shamanist, Animist, Zoroastrian and Tengri religions.
  • Countries of the Central Indic group can now form Hindustan & Bharat.


  • Added an event that can specifically grant a female Heir when you have no heir.
  • Added Muslim coup event for some Indian tags.
  • Various Random events now have ai weights for their choices.
  • flavor_per.1 related to the recovery of Persia under Safavid rule will now boost the tax and manpower base of a number of Persian provinces.
  • Tweaked a few events which hurt base manpower and prestige too much.
  • Janissaries now trigger the first time you have 50 army tradition.
  • Moved some events from tri-yearly to pulse to bi-yearly and four-yearly, tri-yearly is now purely for generic government-related events.
  • 'The Highlanders Arrive' event no longer gives far more troops than Scotland could possibly support.
  • Austria and Hungary will now lose their historical friendship if Hungary raises Mattias Corvinus to the throne.


  • Added Monastic Order Government, used by Teutonic Order, Knights and Livonian Order.
  • Reforming Iqta no longer requires you to be Western (but AI won't do it unless Western).
  • The Archduchy, Imperial Government, American Republic and Federal Republic government types have been removed due to the new government ranks system handling them dynamically.


  • Added static provincial modifiers applied if a city is port, or overseas_port.
  • Added static country modifiers applied for each march, vassal, union or protectorate you have as subject if you got CS.
  • A Muslim power that owns Mecca and Medina will now get the Custodian of the Holy Mosques triggered modifier.
  • Removed Scottish 'Highland Charge' modifier.
  • Jewish religion countries will now also get the bonus for holding Jerusalem.

New Ideas & Policies

  • Added Mayan Ideas
  • Added Kiche Ideas
  • Added Somali Ideas
  • Added Sadiya Ideas
  • Added Manipur Ideas
  • Added Pegu Ideas
  • Added Kutai Ideas
  • Added Sulawesi Ideas
  • Added National Ideas for Pagarruyung.
  • Added National Ideas for Miao.
  • Added National Ideas for Catalonia.
  • Added Laotian Ideas.
  • Added National Ideas for Champa.
  • Added Arakanese Ideas
  • Added Northumbrian Ideas
  • Added Münster Ideas
  • Added Thüringian Ideas.
  • Added Semien Ideas.


  • Hundred Years' War is no longer raging in 1444 as the countries had a 5-year truce at the time.
  • Albania and the Ottomans no longer start at war, to give Albania a chance to survive as they did historically for 20 years.
  • Burgundy is no longer a coherent state, but instead has several different subjects.
  • France is now more integrated at the start and no longer has a huge number of vassals.
  • Removed a large number of pre-scripted buildings from history files.
  • England now starts with English Monarchy, a new government form unique for them.
  • Added in some historical forts.
  • Added Meath tag.
  • Added formable Andalusia tag.
  • Rey province renamed to Teheran as Rey was in ruins by 1444.
  • Sarvestan province renamed to Shiraz to better match the relative importance of the two cities.
  • Rebalanced development levels. England, Germany, Iberia, South-East Asia, South America and North America lost development, while Eastern Europe, Italy and India had theirs boosted.
  • Added new provinces to Germany, Poland, Ukraine, the Low Countries, Italy, Spain and Bohemia.
  • Added the island of Sao Tome in Africa.
  • Added Ravensburg Tag.
  • Added Montferat Tag.
  • Added Lucca Tag.
  • Added a new province for the Island of Djerba.
  • Added Memmingen tag.
  • Added Bremen tag.
  • Added Nassau tag.
  • Various provinces had their terrain changed to better match the map.
  • Ohio is now an inland tradenode.
  • Hejaz now starts guaranteed by Mamluks.
  • Kexholm, Neva and Ingermanland now start as Karelian culture
  • Renamed Novgorod-Siverskyi province to Severia
  • Khazak culture is now called Kazakh.
  • Austria and Hungary are now historical friends.
  • Ardalan now starts as a vassal of the Timurids.
  • Added Omani Culture.
  • Added Yemeni Culture.
  • Kurils are now uncolonized.
  • Sinop now Turkish and Sunni.
  • Tabarestan now gets Persian ideas.
  • All non-tribal Muslim tags in the Muslim tech group are now Iqta, Muslim Feudal Monarchies in other tech groups are Iqta, All Ottoman tech tags are despotic monarchies.
  • Saxony now starts unified before 1445.9.10.
  • Silesia now starts out owning all Silesian provinces.
  • Teutonic Order now starts with Königsberg as its capital.
  • Removed Seazones to make claim fabrication easier in some areas.
  • The Knights are now no longer Maltese.
  • Added more provinces in Pomerania.
  • Added more provinces in South Eastern Europe.
  • Added province for the island of Ormuz.
  • Added Ormuz tag.
  • Added Sameland revolter tag.
  • Added Livonia revolter tag.
  • Added Estonia revolter tag.
  • Added Karelia revolter tag.
  • Removed Old Prussian Culture.
  • Added Pontic Greek Culture.
  • Breton moved to French Culture Group
  • Sevilla now leads to Genoa instead of reverse.
  • Champagne now leads to Genoa instead of reverse.
  • Bordeaux is no longer an end node, but instead leads to Champagne.
  • Genoa is now an end-node.
  • Lombard culture split into Piedmontese, Ligurian, Venetian, Romagnan, Sardinian and Tuscan culture.
  • Sicilian culture split into Sicilian and Neapolitan.
  • Renamed Hannoverian culture to Westphalian.
  • Added Swiss, Swabian and Franconian cultures.
  • Removed Rheinlander Culture.
  • Added historical female advisors that used to be commented out.
  • U-Tsang is now a Tribal Monarchy.
  • Culture names should now be in English when possible.
  • Renamed Cosmopolitaine culture to Francien.
  • Added Turkish, German and Andalusian Dynamic Province names for new map setup.
  • Khuzestan is now Mashriqi culture.
  • Croatia's map color is now less hideously green.
  • Ming is now a cultural union for the Chinese Culture group.
  • Starting Mughal revolter cores in Afghanistan removed.
  • Removed Castilian cores on Granada.
  • Provence CoT moved to Lyon (The Estuary remains in Provence)
  • Firenze is now an Important Center of Trade.
  • Added Euboea province (with strait connections to Athens and Naxos).


  • Sped up loading of the game. Checksum now calculates on a separate thread and you won't be able to start playing until it's done.
  • Misc optimizations, game should run a bit faster than 1.11.


  • Ships patrolling trade nodes that end up outside trade or supply range will now abort their mission.
  • Rebels will no longer randomly teleport to Hälsingland after being defeated in combat.
  • Fixed a bug where nation select would display the wrong value for tax & manpower when loading saves if random province values was enabled.
  • Truce lengths with released states when passing Maya and Nahuatl reforms are now correctly set to 5 years.
  • Non-Enforcement Ordinances will now only happen to states larger than 1 province.
  • Primitives no longer receive islands in random nations mode.
  • All modifiers specified on a Terrain now works when applied to a province.
  • Fix to another case of TI only being seen after selecting custom country in lobby.
  • Fixed: Many text elements assume advisors are male.
  • Correct tech levels for newly created custom country in save game are now shown while in lobby.
  • Fixed: Player status (e.g. "is not ready") added several times to Play button tooltip.
  • MP: Options on client are now correct after transferring/loading save game.
  • Fix for colonial claims remaining after a country is annexed/integrated/inherited.
  • Fixed: Custom Nations not deleted when clicking Historical Start after loading save (player needs to confirm delete).
  • "Historical" countries in random/empty setup games no longer have historical leaders or advisors.
  • Leaders added by event without specific historical names will now have random names rather than zero length names.
  • Minor exploit fix: It is no longer possible to raise opinion quicker than normal by resending Improve Relations.
  • being able to load bookmark with save loaded (after canceling custom nation).
  • Chinese events now really don't require you to own Ternate anymore.
  • Pol event 15 "The Radziwill Bible & the Reformation in Poland" will now work correctly.
  • Flag for Caramurus marriage now correctly set by Tupi Event 13: "Caramuru's life among the Tupi"
  • Natives can no longer rise up in uncolonized provinces taken by custom nation.
  • Dynamic nations losing all flag colors after save (colors will be randomized if loading a save created before the fix).
  • Fixed: Wrong custom colors for units after loading save game.
  • Cuenca is now a core of Quito.
  • Fixed: Male heirs sometimes getting female names.
  • Colonial nations of custom nations ruled by a succession of regency councils.
  • CTD when creating client states from Custom or Dynamic Nations.
  • Fixed: Assigning merchant to main trading port no longer removes caravan trade power.
  • Detach Siege can no longer remove your general.
  • Incan civil war should now not end if there are still pretender rebels in the Inca Empire.
  • Disabled country shield for "observe" console command since entering some country view tabs would result in CTD.
  • Fixed CTD when exiting nudge mode.
  • add_disaster_modifier now works as intended.
  • Fixed: Custom Nation ships have rebel flags (background is now correct, emblem still not shown).
  • Fixed: Mughal mission annex_berar targets Brabant.
  • Warning about QftNW being missing added to province tooltip to explain why you can't yet explore the oceans.
  • Added tooltip for Custom Nation button when disabled.
  • Trade steering bonus to home node is now shown properly.
  • Fixed: Graphics * Certain colour combinations in religious mapmode turn psychedelic
  • FIxed: Event 5071 Nobles demand increased pensions does not check for tax_income_loss
  • Fixed: Unrest mapmode tooltip still refers to "revolt risk" which no longer exists
  • Fixed: cultural_event.3 should only target Europe
  • Fixed * At least one advisor event refers to advisor as "he", even when said advisor is female.
  • Aztec Flavor Event 16 * Disloyal Altepetls will now no longer trigger if you have reformed your religion (for those that have El Dorado) or if you are no longer in the Mesoamerican tech group.
  • Moved provinces owned by Maya states into Mexico tradenode
  • Fixed some 1492 bookmark oddities for Poland and Muscovy
  • Fixed some strange color choices for nations' unit sprites
  • Battle Animation for the Azores is now on the same island as the standing unit position.
  • Metz is no longer blessed with an abundance of moose.
  • A few isolated non-winter provinces now get the same winters as their surroundings.
  • What should hopefully be the last treasure fleet bug fixed. Also fixes merchants "has downstream office" mechanics.
  • Fixed grammar mistake in Faster Colonists (Expansion Idea 3).
  • Displayed discipline value in combat will now match tooltip (and thus be correct).
  • Changed so that intro theme always plays to the end.
  • All European provinces now have natives defined.
  • Girin is now an inland centre of trade.
  • flavor_spa.1005 * Discovery of the New World, can now only happen in starts before 1492.10.12
  • Exploit fix: Can't cancel alliance while Call to Arms dialog is open.
  • flavor_por.11 'Vasco de Gama' now only triggers when Portugal has range to Goa.
  • Fixed CTD occurring on integration involving countries having units with zero sub units.
  • Incan Civil war and a few other Incan flavor events now won't trigger unless you are a monarchy.
  • Bay of Alexandria terrain no longer overridden to be counted as a marsh (as it is in fact an inland sea).
  • You can no longer order move through and cancel to avoid arrival attrition.
  • Hausa now has the correct culture.
  • Fixed decision to adopt aristocratic administration spelling error
  • War Taxes tooltips are now correct.
  • Stopped exploit: Selling ships while at war (that used to enable you to circumvent blockades, etc.)
  • Having a truce with the shogunate will no longer give a stab hit to a daimyo for declaring war on another daimyo.
  • You can't send colonists while in bankruptcy anymore (less frustrating than having colonies disappear after completion).
  • Fixed bug where date could be changed for ironman save game.
  • You no longer receive a reinforcement speed bonus in a province owned by your war opponent.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible for Jewish religious rebels to force convert a country under any circumstances.
  • Ottoman Tech Group is now called Anatolian.
  • Combat icon is displayed while in "limited FoW" (such as when fighting rebels after peacing the province owner) to better indicate your army is fighting.
  • Custom nations will now use historical idea groups of rebels when created at a later date (rather than none at all).
  • Cristopher Columbus will no longer appear in start dates where he already exists.
  • Forming Qing no longer requires you to be a non-tribal.
  • ND: Dynasty names for random selection will now properly include all possible names specified for culture and culture group in 00_cultures.txt.
  • Improve relations with a March is now capped at +200 similar to a regular vassal.
  • Lot of substitutions with higher precision point in AI strength calculations to prevent numeric overflow (hopefully fixing suicidal war declarations).
  • Some country colours adjusted to avoid likeness to close by countries (French Minors, Turkish Minors).
  • An event will now remove the Janissary modifier if the tag is no longer TUR.
  • Wokou event (flavor_jap.4) will no longer give opinion modifiers to non-existent tags.
  • Ships with manpower still always have 100% strength.
  • Tooltip in navy view now shows manpower.
  • Colonial Nations and Client States now start with maxed out Republican Tradition/Legitimacy.
  • The option for pagan countries to change religion when encountering the Temple Complex at Cholula or the Oracle of Pachacamac will no longer be available to colonial pagan countries.
  • The End of the Hundred Years' War event will no longer trigger if England has a personal union with France.
  • Fixed: Event text for Heir falls ill (9456) is inappropriate in case of regency
  • Tooltip for trade steering home node power bonus now gives the correct information.
  • Fixed some Women in History events with very weak modifiers (0.05 prestige etc.)
  • Modifiers from disasters should no longer be able to linger after the disaster ends.
  • Fixed a bug where countries would decline joining wars because of another war they could not actually be called into.
  • Effect leave_league now works properly.
  • You now get the Cleansing of Heresy CB inside the HRE if Art of War is not enabled.
  • Correct inflation for privateers are now displayed when intercepting treasure fleets.
  • Siege ability is now displayed correctly in siege-timer tooltips.
  • Warscore when peacing out a nation that is not a warleader now includes occupation of that countries subjects.
  • Nanaks Journeys can now no longer try to convert an already Sikh province to Sikh.
  • Fixed odd island near Sulawesi belonging to the wrong province.
  • Fixed a bug where accepting rebel demands could crash the game under rare circumstances.
  • Drunk explorer event (exploration_events.12) can no longer trigger if you already have the modifier.
  • Appended script flags (@root) should no longer cause crash/freeze
  • Navigating the ledger with the arrow keys no longer pans the map
  • Fixed: Dacke Feud disaster had issues with scope and targets
  • Can no longer set a country as a rival unless both countries have discovered each other.
  • Rivals mapmode is now correctly named and described as such.
  • Fixed a CTD caused by quickly and repeatedly clicking harsh treatment in MP.
  • Navies that are mothballed, in combat or retreating can no longer be picked for auto transport missions.
  • Ndongo no longer governed by 7/7/7 ruler in 1681.
  • Fixed improved rendering and removed artifacts on coastlines in Simple Terrain Map Mode.
  • Fixed issue where arrow progress did not correspond to movement Progress
  • Entering a province with TI now uncovers FoW immediately
  • When combatting rebels in a province with FoW due to army being exiled, both armies' 3d models are now shown
  • graphical issue where 3D movement arrows would have a sharp cutoff at the front of the arrow
  • Not having reformed your religion no longer blocks Westernization if you're not a primitive tech group.
  • Nations converting to and from Inti, Maya and Nahuatl would not have their reform groups correctly set.
  • Trade view tooltip no longer incorrectly states that privateer fleets give trade power to their parent country.
  • Inactive rebel factions will no longer enforce their demands when a country breaks.
  • Can now reassign leaders in hostile territory that you control.
  • Random Setup will now also generate countries for 'orphaned' cultures, so that separatists always have someone to want to defect to.
  • Annexed countries will no longer continue to westernize.
  • Annexed countries will now have their active policies removed.
  • A lesser union partner will after breakage on monarch death have their own dynasty and heir as opposed to the ex-partner's.
  • Added check against sending multiple missionaries to the same province.
  • Vassal annexation will no longer be shown as PU integration in province view.
  • Migration to an inland province will no longer attempt to move ships to it (which caused CTD).
  • kill_leader works with leader name as an argument.
  • Estimated time of when you can buy a new technology or ideas is now just month, year, instead of showing a constanting moving day.
  • Friendly rebels no longer reduce a country's war enthusiasm.
  • Can now reform government/reform religion if you have a Western neighbour who is not ahead of you in technology.
  • Provinces can no longer get duplicate Religious Zeal.
  • Nations will no longer get the Coalition War bonus to war enthusiasm in other, non-coalition wars they are participating in.
  • Tolerance to Heretics no longer affects Centers of Reformation that are converting provinces to their owner's religion.
  • Can no longer avoid the exploration with 3 ships rule by detaching sub-units.
  • Colony time calculation will using closest port. Should reduce number of split-by-Mexico coast vs coast oddities.
  • Modded unit size taken into account for ranks/flanking/maneuver
  • kill_leader can no longer kill an heir leader
  • Rebel uprising messages should now appear in all situations where you or your subjects have a revolt.
  • "Enforce fleet basing rights" peace option is no longer available against landlocked/primitive nations.
  • Units that are loaded on ships can no longer use the autotransport system when disembarking.
  • Tooltip for months_of_ruling no longer shows country name instead of ruler name.
  • Major cleaning of history databases to remove meaningless entries.
  • If subject type changes (e.g. on Designate March), subject interaction window now updates.
  • Event colonial.15 * Roman Fever, will now be able to trigger.
  • Genoese Flavor Event 3 will now only apply modifiers to provinces owned by Genoa.
  • "Kaffa and Azow" region retired for a new wider Crimea Region. Genoese events formerly using the old region will now instead target all provinces owned by Genoa in Crimea. Events will now clear the modifiers if Genoa loses their Italian possessions and relocates to Crimea or if the Ottomans lose Constantinople again.
  • Scrolling with the scroll wheel in the cardinal list in papacy view now works.
  • aow_events.25 no longer gives a core when controller already has a core.
  • Caravan Power tooltip now displays correct total % for Caravan Power modifiers.
  • When a country becomes a subject, any coalition against them will now be cleared on the next day.
  • Random Nations no longer start with low Legitimacy/Republican Tradition
  • Migrating from a province where claims are being fabricated will cancel the fabrication the next daily tick.
  • Heirs of a different dynasty will now get the correct amount of Legitimacy if they have a decent claim.
  • Enemies tooltip now displays correctly for countries that nobody has set as a rival.
  • Decrease Tariffs interaction now correctly shows effect on Liberty Desire.
  • Clicking shield icons on chat window when entering game will no longer open diplomacy window.
  • Random event 836 and 837 can now no longer fire for countries that cannot build ships.
  • Rebel leaders turned monarchs now get complete surnames.
  • Monarchs created from rebels now get correct attached leader.
  • Native_size trigger tooltip now correctly shows value in hundreds.
  • No longer impossible for Civil War event 3 * Unscrupulous in-laws to fire.
  • Ottomans will no longer start with cores on Wallachian provinces in starts after 1453.
  • Changed all instances of is_core = yes to is_core = owner in events, decisions and missions.
  • You can no longer start multiplayer if you pressed Singleplayer button or hosted/joined another multiplayer game at any point during a session. (This would always OOS due to altered gamestate.)
  • Lesser union partners now show up in subject military focus view.
  • Can now move directly from a ship to an inland province (disembarking in the process).
  • Taking land from a rival for a vassal now gives Power Projection bonus to the negotiator instead of the vassal.
  • Nation Designer: Heir now gets a proper name instead of "No Heir" when switching from (default) female to male
  • Nation Designer: Expanded Government group items now correctly shows "-" when group is expanded.
  • Dynamic nation flags now have correct colors in tooltips.
  • Added tooltip when Custom nation button disabled after loading Ironman save game.
  • Automated Rebel Hunting will no longer ignore your own provinces controlled by foreign rebels.
  • Rebel factions will no longer gain instant revolt progress when their parent country forms a different country.
  • Pressing the backspace key while typing into an input box in the frontend ( like the filenaming box when starting an ironman game ) will no longer center on the selected country
  • Nation Designer: Wrong nation name, etc. after creating multiple custom nations and selecting a previously created.
  • Unite Japan decision in random dynamic nation now creates "Japan" instead of custom named country.
  • When a dictatorship reverts to being a republic, you will no longer get two rulers on the same day.
  • March status now shown in diplomatic map mode province tooltip.
  • Fixed numerous typos and grammar errors.


  1. Forum:860476
  2. With patch 1.28 the development of provinces is avaiable without DLC, see Developer Diary - Golden Century Feedback & Changes.
  3. See development diary 15th for further informations: EU4 - Development Diary 15th of May 2015