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Patch 1.10 was released on 2015-02-26 alongside El Dorado.[1]

Expansion features

  • Added Religious Reform system for new Nahuatl, Inti and Maya religions. Each of these religions have 5 reforms each that they can pass by achieving certain conditions. Upon passing all 5 reforms and bordering a Western country, they can reform their religion, which jumps them up on par with that Western country in technology and disables the special religion mechanics such as Doom and Authority. The reform bonuses are kept permanently even after reforming.
  • Added Maya cycle mechanics. Maya countries can expand very rapidly to pass reforms, but upon passing a reform will collapse back into a smaller state. Each reform passed allows them to retain more territory on collapse.
  • Added Inti authority mechanics. Inti countries will have a ticking authority value based on their size, and can use this value to pass religious reforms. Each reform they pass will spark a civil war, which if lose, revokes 2 reforms.
  • Added Nahuatl doom mechanics. Non-subject countries with the Nahuatl religion will have a Doom value that ticks towards 100 based on their size, if it ever hits 100 they lose all monarch points, their ruler and heir dies, all subjects break free, they lose a religious reform and a 0/0/0 ruler takes over. Each reform passed makes Doom go up slower.
  • Added events for Maya, Inti and Nahuatl religions.
  • Now possible to create an entirely custom nation by clicking the 'Custom Nation' button during game setup. You can set your custom nation's starting location, provinces, culture, religion, government, ruling dynasty, national ideas and more. Up to 32 custom nations are supported in single and multiplayer.
  • Added options for custom setup where you can randomize or flatten province base tax and manpower, play in an uncolonized world with only custom nations, or play with a world populated by randomly generated countries.
  • Colonial Nations will now accumulate the gold they get from their mines, no longer benefit from it themselves, but instead sending a treasure fleet to the homeland whenever enough gold has been accumulated. Non-friendly privateers in the tradenode-path will steal parts of it, depending on privateer power.
  • Larger Colonial Nations (10 provinces or more) now provide a merchant
  • Fleets with with big & light ships can now be sent hunting pirates in trade nodes, reducing the privateer efficiency with up to 99% depending on gun ratio in the tradenode.
  • Treaty of Tordesillas: The first catholic nation to form a colonial nation in a colonial region will now get a bonus to colonisation there, while other catholic nations gets penalties for colonising it.
  • Can now set a conquistador in a colonial region to Hunt for the Seven Cities, this will make them automatically explore their surroundings in search of the legendary Seven Cities of Gold.
  • Can now order a fleet with an explorer to circumnavigate the globe if diplo tech is at least 9, this will have it attempt a journey from the Straits of Magellan to the Cape of Good Hope. If it successfully makes the journey and you are the first to circumnavigate the globe, you get 100 prestige.
  • Can now order fleets with explorers to automatically explore uncharted territories and coasts.
  • You now get access to Privateers if you own El Dorado, even if you do not own Wealth of Nations as well.
  • You now get access to Support Independence if you own El Dorado, even if you do not own Conquest of Paradise as well.

Free features

  • MP: Faster savegame transfers.
  • Added lots of new DHEs (dynamic historical events) for South and Central American countries.
  • Added Inti, Nahuatl and Mayan religions.
  • Autosaves in MP now have the prefix "mp_" so that mp autosaves don't overwrite your singleplayer autosave.
  • The Dacke Feud for Sweden is now a disaster instead of an event-chain.
  • Added a new disaster for the Ottomans, called the Janissary Decadence, which replaces some parts of the old event-chain for Janissaries. Enjoy a disaster without unrest.
  • All subjects now have Liberty Desire towards their Overlord based on factors such as relative strength, war exhaustion and tariffs. Their attitude towards Overlord is determined by their level of Liberty Desire, with subjects at >50 liberty desire refusing to pay taxes and contribute to wars, while subjects at 100 liberty desire are likely to declare an independence war.
  • Added dynamic tricolors for revolutionary countries
  • Major rework of terrain map to better reflect reality (Iberia no longer all desert, etc). How a province appears on the map should now be much closer matched to its actual terrain.
  • Added four new terrain types: Drylands, Steppe, Highlands and Farmlands.
  • Added ten new achievements!

Game balance

Autonomy & cores

  • Your own claims on your own provinces no longer expires until you have cored the province.
  • Centralisation and Decentralisation modifiers from events now affect autonomy instead of income.
  • Conquering primitives no longer gives nationalism for non-primitives.
  • Colonized provinces no longer contribute to overextension even after they finish.
  • Non-core provinces no longer contribute forcelimits.


  • Players are no longer blocked from changing capital due to having a fixed capital.

Colonial nations

  • Provinces within two provinces of a Colonial Nation's colonial region can now be sold to that Colonial Nation.


  • Breaking a Royal Marriage with a rival is no longer a stability hit.


  • Reduced prestige gained on province discoveries.


  • Can now join a league even if you have a truce with the Emperor.


  • Innovative lost Knowledge Transfer.
  • Innovative gained Dynamic Court (+1 advisor pool).
  • Aristocracy: Noble Officers are no longer +1 shock but instead -1% army tradition & -1% navy tradition decay.
  • Economic: Centralization is no longer +1 advisor pool, but instead -0.05 Monthly Autonomy.
  • Reduced Mercenary cost reductions for some national ideas.
  • Reduced the reduction in cost of reducing war exhaustion for some national ideas.
  • Finisher for Offensive is now +2.5% Army Morale Recovery.
  • You can no longer pick a new idea group of a certain type (ADM/DIP/MIL) if more than 50% of your current groups are of that type.


  • Conquistadors and Explorers now have slightly fewer pips on average than Generals and Admirals.


  • One of the ways to end Religious Turmoil now requires full humanist ideagroup, not just picking it and discarding it immediately.
  • Will now get 'Occupation of Rome' penalty if you are Catholic and a subject of yours who is not the Papal States holds Rome.
  • Will now get a penalty to diplomatic reputation if you are Catholic, have subjugated the Pope and have not formed Italy.
  • Italy no longer gets a penalty when holding Rome.


  • Pretenders no longer increase local autonomy when they win.
  • Polish Magnate Rebels added as a type, replacing the noble rebels in Poland with a resilient tougher breed, hellbent on elective monarchy.
  • Particularist Rebels can now happen even if you don't have economic ideas.
  • Patriot Rebels can once again defect provinces to subject nations.
  • Subjects who have provinces defect to them now get a large increase in their Liberty Desire.
  • Rebels revolt against the province owner rather than the province controller (but will still siege the controller).


  • Revolution and Aspiration for Liberty disasters can no longer happen to subjects.


  • Primitives are no longer based on religion, but rather all countries with a tech group penalty of 100% or slower are considered primitives.
  • Primitive tech groups are no longer allowed to build ships.
  • Force March is no longer an effect gained through national ideas, but instead given from adm tech 9.


  • Reworked inland trading mechanics to have a caravan power based on your base tax that is given in your home node if its inland, or in any node where you try to pull to or from inland, modified with your caravan power. This replaces previous inland and transfer towards inland modifiers.
  • Trade companies now give a -2% missionary strength penalty, to compensate for the fact that they ignore non-accepted culture missionary strength penalty.


  • No longer have automatic access to allies while at war if those allies are not a part of the war themselves.
  • You now have automatic access to any countries that are granting military access to those you are at war with.
  • Its no longer possible to explore open seas before you have the Quest for the New World idea.
  • Your armies can now shatter-retreat to any province controlled by anyone fighting in a war together with you.


  • Can now transfer occupation to countries whose subjects control an adjacent province



  • Can now raise and decrease autonomy.


  • Now has a penalty to allying countries that are allied to its rivals.
  • No longer has a penalty to allying multiple Great Powers.
  • Will now only join coalitions if there is a sufficiently large coalition in place or enough other countries interested in joining such a coalition that they would have a chance at challenging the coalition target.
  • Less passive against countries that border it through vassals.
  • Hard AI is now less willing to ally with countries it is neutral towards.
  • More reluctant to grant military access to those that are at war with its allies.
  • No longer willing to give military access to much stronger nations they dislike if they have a powerful overlord.
  • More priority on relative power when considering whether to grant military access.


  • Emperor now less willing to peace out of wars where he is defending the Empire.
  • Will now wait a bit before starting League War, so player has a chance to join.
  • Electors are now more likely to vote for the League Leader when determining who should be Emperor after a League War is won by the opposition religion.


  • Will now pick idea groups dynamically based on ai_will_do if AI_USES_HISTORICAL_IDEA_GROUPS define is set to 0 or game is using custom/random setup.
  • Will no longer pick trade ideas unless it has at least 6 provinces or is a merchant republic.
  • Portugal now takes Expansion before Religious.
  • Chinese minors will no longer take Expansion ideas.


  • Now more reluctant to separate peace out of a war where their side is winning.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would always treat a peace offering of others' trade power as something it wanted, despite the UI saying otherwise.



  • Unrest alert opens stability view instead of cycling provinces.

Launcher / frontend

  • Frontend map starts in political mode when entering SP or MP.


  • Autonomy macrobuild interface will now show true unrest number instead of setting negative unrest numbers to zero.
  • Autonomy macrobuild interface will no longer show provinces with no unrest if their autonomy value cannot be lowered due to minimum autonomy limitations.
  • Overseas provinces are now always hidden in autonomy macrobuild interface
  • Macro builder template building accurately shows reason like single unit building does.


  • Added warnings/reminders for army and fleet maintenance lower than 100% to war declaration dialog.
  • There's now a message when a truce involving your country expires.
  • Battle sounds are now less loud.
  • Tech mapmode now also says the technologygroup of the owner of the province in the tooltip.


  • Fixes to allied objective selection popup: Easier to close without reselection, and no more odd empty space.
  • National Monuments are now visible in political mapmode.


  • Tooltip for personal union offer is now probably correct.
  • Added tooltip explaining monthly advisor cost.
  • Added benefits for joining crusade to tooltip for Crusader Target in Papacy view.
  • Province-condensed tooltips now gives a province prefix at all lines.
  • It is now shown how to stop a disaster and why it is or isn't progressing in disaster tooltip.
  • Tooltip now explains that you can't declare war on your senior union partner while he fights a war of succession for your throne.
  • Toggled tooltip for "allow allied armies to load fleet" button.
  • Integration/annexation DP costs show up in DP gain tooltip.
  • Consolidate Regiments tooltip displays information about shift modifier.
  • Rebel factions in outliner now have tooltip.
  • You will now get tooltip saying if you got ships that can be upgraded or not, even if at sea.
  • Claims' tooltip corrected with regards to expiration of owned uncored provinces.
  • Privateer mission button tooltip displays the current activity, just like the Protect trade mission button.


  • Moved leader stars for navies to be consistent with armies.
  • Holding shiftdown when consolidating regiments now keep the empty regiments around.
  • Nicer privateer button alignment for certain DLC combinations.
  • Friendly rebel units in battles on map get correct color (instead of enemy).



  • Added epicfail cheat to provoke immediate spy discovery.
  • Support for revolutionary flag texture/colors in country files.


  • Added effects add_doom and release_all_subjects.
  • Added claim (legitimacy) to define_ruler effect, similar to claim for define_heir.
  • Added a "add_disaster_modifier = { name = key disaster = disaster_key duration = x }" effect.
  • Now possible to save event targets inside hidden_effect blocks
  • Effect add_prestige now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect add_legitimacy now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect add_core now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect remove_core now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect add_claim now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect remove_claim now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect discover_country now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect discover_province now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect undiscover_country now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect undiscover_province now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect to add unit now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect define_ruler now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect define heir now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect form_coalition_against now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect change_primary_culture now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect add_accepted_culture now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect remove_accepted_culture now takes all scopes and saved event target
  • Effect change_culture now takes all scopes and saved event target


  • Can now set religions to allow declaring war through regency.
  • Added modifier global_tax_income that grants tax income on a national level


  • Added country-scope triggers has_hostile_reformation_center & has_friendly_reformation_center.
  • Added trigger has_doom.
  • Added trigger is_variable_equal
  • Added trigger has_reformed_religion = yes
  • Added trigger num_of_ports_blockading = <int>
  • Added is_playing_historical_setup = <yes/no> as a condition that can be entered at root level, to add the same trigger to all following events in the file.



  • Royal Palace is now +0.5 legitimacy (up from 0.1)


  • Added decision to form the Polish Nation.
  • Ruthenia can now be formed even if Russia exists.
  • Forming Manchu no longer changes you out of Horde government/tech.
  • Forming Qing now changes you out of Horde government/tech.
  • Restore Byzantine Empire now gives claims instead of cores, similar to most other country formation decisions.
  • reestablish_the_theme_system and make_constantinople_capital will now only increase the base tax and manpower of Constantinople if the other decision didn't do so already.
  • The Kiel Canal is now cheaper than other canals, and will trigger fewer bad events during construction.
  • Canals can now also be built if a subject of yours owns the provinces needed.
  • Added decision to reform the League of Mayapan (ie change into the Maya tag).
  • Added decision to form Australia.
  • Reforming the Byzantine Empire now also requires Biga and Epiros.


  • Fixed EUIV - AoW - Database - Reservatum Ecclesiasticum (tyw_event.1) does not check for Westphalia Peace to see if it should trigger. Added trigger "hre_religion_treaty = no".
  • Changed event war_of_the_roses.10 from country_event to province_event as triggers and effects indicated that this is a province event.
  • Nobles Demand Recompensation is less lethal now, and is less likely to happen if the noble loyalty act is active.
  • Rise of the Tiger (Flavor Event 6 for Bengal) no longer reduces legitimacy and will now notify the player that changing dynasty using the event will result in low legitimacy.
  • Persian Shiism Event now won't trigger if Persia is a subject.
  • Manchu events The Appointment of Heshen and The Expulsion of the Jesuits now no longer requires you to own the island of Ternate.
  • Chinese flavor events now updated to take Qing into account.
  • Flavor Event 6, Sindicat Remenca, for Aragon is now more lenient.
  • Counter Reformation now triggers a bit later.
  • All catholics can now get the events for ceding Malta to the Knights, and not just Spain.
  • Rebalanced the Turkish DHEs according to the new design vision. Each DHE should always happen if triggers are true in a game, and all options should be viable to pick.
  • Rebalanced the Portugese DHEs according to the new design vision. Each DHE should always happen if triggers are true in a game, and all options should be viable to pick.
  • Rebalanced the Spanish DHEs according to the new design vision. Each DHE should always happen if triggers are true in a game, and all options should be viable to pick.
  • Rebalanced the Swedish DHEs according to the new design vision. Each DHE should always happen if triggers are true in a game, and all options should be viable to pick.


  • Malayan Ideas renamed to Malayan Sultanate Ideas to avoid ambiguity about who gets them.
  • Added National Ideas for Candar.
  • Added Vindhyan Ideas (Bundelkhand, Bagelkhand, Gwalior)
  • Added Brazilian Ideas, forming Brazil will now give Brazilian Ideas.
  • Added Kurdish Ideas
  • Added Carib Ideas.
  • Added Ideas for Benin.
  • Added ideas for Bremen.
  • Added ideas for Holstein.
  • Added national ideas for Wurzburg.
  • Added national ideas for Ceylon.
  • Changed order of Norwegian national ideas.


  • Rulers of Pagan Theocracies are now High Priests, not Arch-Bishops.
  • New flags added for Utrecht and Friesland.
  • Fixed one of the fields of the Spanish flag being inverted.
  • The province modifier for the Schwaz Silver Mine is now permanent.


  • Fixed EUIV - AoW - Database - "Securing the Imperial Border" mission for Austria should only show up if Burgundy is not a Rival.
  • Province 1898 (Tonie Sap Lake) now properly named Tonlé Sap Lake.
  • claim_on_rival mission will now no longer abort due to a regency.
  • Mughal/Timurid Conquest missions will now no longer be available against allies.
  • Mughal mission "Defend the Frontier" now adapted to the new map.


  • Black Chamber Act now gives -0.05 global autonomy reduction instead of -10% AE Impact.
  • Dissolution Act now gives -0.05 global autonomy reduction and +10% tax instead of -20% AE Impact.


  • Provinces 111 - Friuli, 1769 - Görz and 1774 - Treviso are now AQU cores from 1444 start.
  • Kurland is no longer the primary tag for Old Prussian culture.
  • Added Important Natural Harbor modifier that replaces Coastal CoTs in provinces that start uncolonized in 1444.
  • Added Important Natural Harbors in Manila, Eora, Picunmapu, Cartagena, Panama, Tlapanec, Havana, Barahonas and Massachusetts.
  • Added Inland Centre of trades in Hochelaga, Pueblo, Potawatomi, Honniasont, Tamaroa, Winnipeg, Asuncion, Manaus, Bohemia, Borno, Gao, Chengdu, Girin, Nihny Novgorod and Köln.
  • Added Estuaries in Chinook, Lenape, Chesapeake, Santee, Guayaquil, Cayor, Quelimane, Pegu/Pathein, Alagoas and Hai Phong.
  • Mangaeza now gets an estuary instead of a Centre of Trade.
  • Ganges Estuary now broken into 2 less powerful modifiers (one in Dhaka and one in Bengal Delta).
  • Irrawady Estuary broken into 2 less powerful modifiers (one in Pegu and one in Pathein).
  • Kanem Bornu now starts with Kanuri primary culture.
  • Provinces in Central America up to southern Yucatan are now considered Tropical.
  • Provinces Banten and Buton now produce Spices.
  • Split Catalan into Catalan and Aragonese Culture.
  • Added new names for monarchs and advisors for Alodia.
  • Muisca now have starting maps of a slightly larger area.
  • Added a few more leader names for Muisca, removed Zipa and Zaque as potential leader names.
  • Added Carib Tag.
  • Province 874 - Salish now has Salish culture.
  • Provinces Pampas, Wukari, Xhosa, Natal, Matsolo, Inhambane, Boina and Yola, now all start with 1 manpower instead of 0.
  • Added Modifier for the Great Silver Mine of Potosí
  • Changed the trade goods for some central central american provinces (mainly added more gold)
  • France, Portugal and England no longer start with far more leaders than their cap in 1444.
  • Added Jewish Religion.
  • Added Norse Religion.
  • Johor and Perak now have starting cores in 1444.
  • Added Nuremberg Tag.
  • Added Ichma Tag.
  • Added León Tag.
  • Added Leonese Culture.
  • Ingil and Yedisan are now part of the Crimea Trade node, making the Kiev node truly inland.
  • Added female, male and dynasty names for each culture.
  • Removed the Guyana colonial region, as it was much smaller than all other regions, and moved their provinces to Colombia and Brazil.
  • There are now fewer Green countries in the Middle East.
  • Updated the flag and ruler lists for Canada.
  • Yao now produces Grain.
  • Moved Cyprus to the Aleppo tradenode.
  • Removed Byzantine Cores on Chios, Naxos, Trebizond and Corfu to try and keep it from constantly popping up again after annexation.
  • Added Province Modifier for the Oracle of Pachacamac.


  • Fixed immediate at start hotjoin OOS.
  • You no longer get all your AE removed when making a peace offer that was supposed to remove a very small amount of AE.
  • Fixed a bug where saving and loading after winning a League War could result in two Protestant Leagues existing simultaneously.
  • AE gained for demanded vassalization now can't get higher than base value unmodified by distance, and AE drop off is centered on vassal capital.
  • You can't revoke a march while march is at war anymore.
  • Colonial subjects taken over by annexation will now get their new overlord's map color instead of retaining their old overlord's color.
  • New command line option -localoos that enables OOS checks every game frame (comparing previous and after frame checksums), indicating if gamestate has been modified when it shouldn't.
  • New command line option -commandoos that emits a post-command checksum in executedcommands.log, indicating if a command caused OOS.
  • Fixed Database - Reduce the MTTH of cultural_event.3 and flavor_gra.1
  • If a disaster is ended by rebels enforcing demands it now also clears flags and modifiers associated with that disaster.
  • Battle position for the province of Chiquitos is now inside the province.
  • Fixed missing spaces in the country file of Garhwal that would make some monarch names display with #0 at the end.
  • Cacique is no longer a possible leader name for the Tupi tags.
  • The decision to form Bukhara now properly checks that Bukhara doesn't exist already.
  • The game will no longer list autonomy increases for provinces where autonomy can not grow above 0.
  • Supply range is now properly updated when exploring prior to having Quest of the New World.
  • Repair speed is now properly displayed, and not always at 0.
  • Protectorates now increase naval range as suggested by request fleet basing rights tooltip.
  • Fixed bug in actual monthly manpower change differing from displayed.
  • Revolution target clears properly when annexed, thus also restoring flag.
  • Center of Reformation placement within a country is now actually random, and not fake-random.
  • If a disaster is ended by rebels enforcing demands it now also clears flags and modifiers associated with that disaster.
  • Disaster progress now stays, even if it does not progress, unless it fulfills a can_stop trigger.
  • Revolution target now properly carries over on tag change, such as when forming a nation.
  • It's now possible to expand existing client states even when you have reached the max number of client states.
  • Can no longer kill transported units by leaving Create New Unit window open prior to boarding and reassigning transports afterwards.
  • The ruler name for a new client state is chosen from culture rather than dynasty, making rulers with the same name (and numerals) much less probable.
  • Countries created via event through the cede_province effect (going from 0 provinces) inherit the previous province owner's tech level.
  • Can no longer merge units of different countries (preventing a sell ships exploit).
  • Discoveries are properly cleared when loading a different save.
  • Trigger sieged_by now works when using rebel_type as argument
  • Leaders are properly cleared from history database, meaning they will not overwrite leaders in your savegame (no more randomly substituted leaders).
  • Fixed EUIV - Text - Event 885 (Colonial Discovery!) references New World, but can fire for any colony
  • Fixed Castile always overextended in later starts.
  • Fixed Database - Error in trigger The Heretic Kin
  • Fixed EUIV - ED - Text - Privateering message title is too long and gets truncated
  • Armies are exiled during daily tick if not having access at their current location (solving hard edge cases of armies getting stuck).
  • Election lost opinion modifier will actually decay properly (max and min had been inverted).
  • Fixed spawn_rebels event effect's historical leader name being ignored.
  • Effect change_technology_group no longer crash from faulty argument
  • Effect change_technology_group now takes all scopes as right-side arguments
  • Effect change_primary_culture now takes all scopes as right-side arguments
  • Fixed EUIV - Event - Event to change Netherland governement type should probably have an option to keep current government.
  • Fixed EU4 - Event - USA DLC event usa_dlc.EVTOPTA46 creates coalition against yourself
  • Fixed EUIV - Event - Influenza can happen in the new world prior to Europeans arriving
  • Fixed EU4 - AoW - Text - Tooltip for build all mercenaries
  • Influenza (random_event.23) now no longer triggers for primitive nations (without ships).
  • Laws of Burgos (flavor_spa.1001) and New Laws (flavor_spa.1002) no longer gives one global modifier to tariff efficiency per province, potentially resulting in a huge loss of tariff efficiency for Spain.
  • Rewa Kantha is no longer part of the Indian Trade port and East Asian Trade Port regions despite not being a port.
  • Fixed Inconsistency in "The Horrible Plague in Lithuania"-event for Poland and Lithuania.
  • Fixed EUIV - ED - Gameplay - Primitives should not be able to get mission "Create a Proper Fleet" when not able to build ships
  • Fixed EUIV - Text - Custom Nations - Hindusthani culture group typo
  • Fixed Localization - Jewish Archbishop
  • Trade companies and merchants are properly transferred on tag change (form nation).
  • Consolidate button only enabled if consolidation will actually yield any effect.
  • colony_claim trigger should now consider papal grants, e.g. causing colonial war CBs for the same.
  • Freethinking Leads Away From God (ideagroups.1908) now won't change European Christian provinces to Coptic religion.
  • Colonize X missions will now no longer trigger for primitives.
  • Options for flavor_rus.1011, Grand Embassy Arrives in CAPITAL, are now less alike.
  • Colonial nations will be renamed if they carry a default name when their overlord changes tag (forms new nation).
  • Fixed an exploit where you could move units quickly by reorganizing them into a farther moved army.
  • French missions to retake their lands from England will now also work if England has turned into Great Britain.
  • English missions to conquer Aquitaine and Normandy now won't be available as long as you have a truce or alliance with France.
  • Fixed part of collected typos in event files (.txt), from Plaza and 'la Pléiade'
  • Modifiers related to the sickness (event 722) of your monarch are now not only positive.
  • Fixed Spelling Error Circassia (
  • Fixed [1.9.2] Chahar and Khorchin, two tags, one primary culture, ONE COLOR. (
  • Tabarestan will no longer use the name lists of Circassia.
  • Gazikumukh will no longer use the same names for leader last names and first names.
  • Fixed some National Idea sets using province_trade_power_modifier instead of global_prov_trade_power_modifier
  • Fixed Education of Heir event shouldn't fire for Hordes.
  • Ottoman flavor event flavor_tur.3750, Fate of the patriarchate, will now only happen if the Ottomans are Muslim.
  • The map color of Zhungar is now less similar to Russia.
  • Fixed missing capitalization in the "Protestantism Entrenched" event.
  • Fixed "Naval Research Wrong!" event can be triggered in nations without ports
  • Fixed Hjälmaren is covered by Mälaren
  • Fixed Eu4 - AoW - Text - "Faction TakeOver" doesn't take plurals into account
  • Fixed EUIV - database - Khorchin and Chahar have the same primary_culture and colour
  • Fixed CTD if auto-transporting no longer existing army.
  • Fixed EUIV - database - Portuguese missions give claims on allies, which is likely to turn relations sour
  • Fixed EUIV - ED - Event - "Educate heir" event has continuous "if" codes, resulting in all three cases coming true.
  • Retreating armies don't use auto-transport anymore.
  • Fixed EUIV - Event - Genroku-era culture (Japan) only requires 100 ducats
  • Land and Naval attrition modifiers are now sanity checked so you can't have -100% attrition.
  • Country ruler_flags now loaded properly (it was loading flags instead).
  • War reparations properly included in monthly change calculated in top bar gold tooltip.
  • Fixed infinite war reparations after annexation.
  • Correct icon shown on peace offer alert for warleader offers and separate demands.
  • Fixed ironman crash related to FoW calculations.
  • War reparations properly transferred on tag change (form nation).
  • Your tradepower transfers from a nation is no longer cancelled because a 3rd party forces them to cancel beneficial treaties.
  • Observer will no longer enter coop mode if he was viewing a tag change (formed nation).
  • Fixed an odd bug where whole map would be TI for observer at start.
  • Description for the Kilwa Chronicle Modifier will now show up in the game.
  • Corrected missing " in several Chinese country files.
  • Province 543 is now named Velanadu in all four game languages (instead of Kosta which is also the name of province 2083).
  • flavor_vij.15, Revolt of Chellappa will now remove the Tamil Grandee modifier when it triggers.
  • Siberian Clans now use Asian unit gfx.
  • 'Die Please Die' can no longer trigger while in a regency.
  • Removed duplicated part of colonial mapmode province tooltip.
  • Workaround for font height calculation bug in engine that made peace offer description sometimes get truncated.
  • Claims are cleaned up from old tag when changing tags (e.g. when forming a nation).
  • Clicking rebel shield in province view now opens correct rebel faction in stability view.
  • Minor fix to economic mapmode icon tooltip.
  • Fixed infinite loop in auto transport.
  • Refactored unit splitting logic to make it more maintainable and solve issues such as a 1/1/1 army not wanting to split into two.
  • Pasted multiline text in chat box will not freeze game.
  • Troops on the emperor's land not having access after the emperor leaves war will now be exiled rather than get stuck.
  • Added anti-save corruption check against regiments being in navies and ships being in armies.
  • You can no longer give away provinces of an already peaced ally just because you had negotiation window open.
  • Cancelling constructions in released nations to prevent resource-transferring exploits.
  • Opening and then closing macro builder fast does no longer leave map in macro mode.
  • Fixed white peace truces taking far longer than 5 years.
  • Fixed OOS resulting from use of deleted power projection modifier.
  • Countries with zero provinces can no longer be part of war declarations (for whatever reason it happened and caused CTD).
  • Randomlog is synchronized at game start with host.
  • Fixed EUIV - AoW - Localisation - Event "counts_feud.100" has bad localisation linking for button
  • Fixed EUIV - AoW - Localisation - Event "civil_war.4" doesn't write out province names - changed it to a province event and changed triggers and effects to work in province scope.
  • Fixed Database - 2 provinces have same capital. Changed the capital of province 462 - Mingrelia to "Zugdidi" and the capital of province 422 -Imereti to "Kutaisi".
  • Fixed aow_events.32 (Neither [Religion] nor Catholic) doesn't check if country is not Catholic. Added trigger OR = { religion = protestant religion = reformed }.
  • Fixed Events about heirs that don't check for heir's age. Added "heir_age = 4" to event 9453 and removed "son" from option EVTOPTB9453: "They are merely crying, son."
  • Fixed a bug where potential disasters would linger in the interface even after they stopped being able to happen.
  • Fixed Database - Error in trigger of mission Mocha (removed owns = 386 as it also contained NOT = { owns = 386 }.
  • Fixed WotR changes unrest in non English provinces (added "owned_by = ENG" to every_neighbor_province in events war_of_the_roses.3 and war_of_the_roses.4).
  • Fixed Dynastic events 9457 and 9490 don't check for regency when they should (Added "has_regency = no" to the two events' triggers.).
  • Fixed Events that address ruler as "father" when heir can also be a brother or ruler a mother (9488: Removed "father" from localisation. 9452: Changed "Father" to "$MONARCH$" in localisation.).
  • Fixed Database - Wrong adjective for rebels from Tyrol [AoW] (Changed from "Tyrolian" to "Tyrolean".).
  • Fixed Hindu decisions haridasa_movement and advaita_movement don't show that only one can be taken (advaita_movement allow now contains: NOT = { has_country_modifier = the_haridasa_movement } and haridasa_movement allow now contains: NOT = { has_country_modifier = the_advaita_movement })
  • Fixed Soirée (9455) has options written for male ruler, but doesn't include a trigger to be limited to males (Added a trigger - is_female = no - to EVTOPTA9455 and a new option with the same effects as EVTOPTA9455 but with "Good evening, My Lord!" instead of "Good evening, My Lady!")
  • Fixed Turkish Ruler Names.
  • Fixed Database - Inconsistency in lake names.
  • Fixed Database - Missing estuaries.
  • Fixed Database - Missing annex mission for DUL and RAM.
  • Fixed EUIV - AoW - Gameplay - "Revolt!" event (5005) option 2 does not reduce the amount of unrest unless "Base Unrest" is higher than 0.
  • Fixed flavor_bur.3 not giving the Burgundian capital to France.
  • A military alliance is cancelled immediately on an accepted vassalization offer, not giving a negative opinion modifier.
  • Culture conversion will no longer be blocked due to the primary nation of that culture existing if said primary nation has a different culture.
  • Fixed bug with unit stack sizes set to 1 instead of 1000 in Ironman saves.
  • Save name box now gets focus when opening Ironman save select window.
  • Fixed flawed tooltip on merge unit button when merging is unavailable due to Automatic Transport Mission.
  • Diplomats will no longer get stuck if you migrate while they are travelling home.
  • Annexation: Ships owned by the target country are now removed if the annexing country don't have the technology to build them.
  • Fixed crash in main menu upon unlocking computer. (This happened if you had resigned to menu after viewing a combat result window.)
  • Subsiding a rival's enemy no longer adds to power projection if the rival's enemy is your subject.
  • Ships will get names suffixed by Roman numerals rather than broken (and possibly erroneously localized) prefixed ordinals.
  • Construction bar for units no longer turns invisible after a finished construction with more in queue, and cancel button now disappears after finishing queue.
  • Quickfixed outside revolt button "Handle them!" text in French by removing exclamation mark.
  • Added tooltip explanations for blockade reasons and changed so that you can't detach blockades when there's no ongoing blockade.
  • Fixed bug where automatic transportation using one ship could cause game to freeze.
  • Fixed bug where army on auto transport mission would board the wrong ship.
  • Liberated territories no longer shown in demand window (since selecting demand option had no effect), clarified tooltip.
  • Selling fleet that disappeared while diplomat was traveling no longer crashes.
  • Religious rebels actually spawning because they locate correct unit type (code was using outdated function).
  • MP: Client states now have the same country and flag colors on different clients.
  • Flags on map in client state provinces now how the correct color.
  • Fixed missing local autonomy mapmode icon (and made code/file naming consistent).
  • Fixed non-republics using the opinion modifier for republics.
  • Privateers with "Go home at war" enabled will no longer give PP for pirated rivals at war w/ privateers' country.
  • Explorers/admirals now can't be reassigned while at sea.
  • Subscribing and unsubscribing mods (or viewing an unsubscribed mod) in Steam workshop will not cause a crash.
  • Game will not notify you about already owned DLCs that happen to be disabled.
  • Spanish Inquisition tutorial chapter had arrow pointing at wrong location for boost stability; corrected.
  • Send gift opinion calculation has been simplified to solve problem with negative diplomatic reputation.
  • Fixed EU4 - ED - Gameplay - Aztecs start with 76% overextension in 1508 and 1492
  • Fixed a bug where naval attrition would be twice the amount of displayed on the fleet
  • Coalition wars no longer give 100% warscore just from occupying warleader
  • Disabled autotransport in tutorial