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Patch 1.1.X are all patches beginning with 1.1. Including the release version, 1.1, there have been four 1.1.X patches.


1.1 was the release version, and as such had no changelog. The game was released on 2013-08-13.


1.1.1 was released on 2013-08-19


  • Lots of localisation fixes (including the localised tutorials)
  • Fixed crashes when failing to retrieve resolution (merged 8252)
  • Hints and tutorial textboxes can now have scrollbars (fixes for too long text for non English)
  • Sound are now disabled on standalone server.
  • Chat now works with standalone server.
  • Peasants' War more likely to end the longer it has been going on
  • Peasants' War will not happen again for at least 10 years
  • Fixed broken continent all trigger and fixed adding hidden modifiers.
  • Jihad achievement should now work again
  • African Power achievement should now work again
  • Ruina Imperii achievement should now work again
  • Correct version is now listed in serverbrowser
  • Fixed crashes when failing to retrieve resolution
  • Fixed issue with black areas on TI (bad/old graphics cards)
  • Optimized mission and revolt risk alerts
  • Optimized when we disable trees/terrain/water/borders
  • Multiplayer lobby: Keep scrollbar position when a new server is added
  • Fixed savegame lockup when having only one core
  • Fixed white glow on Linux cursors
  • Fixed some more broken localisations
  • Religious rebels can no longer flip the Papacy's capital province
  • Religious heathens breaking your country results in large prestige loss
  • Religious rebels breaking the Papacy results in a stability loss
  • MP: Renamed "Connect to IP" to "Connect to ID"
  • MP: Version should now be correct in server browser
  • Dx9: If we fail to determine refresh rate, default to 60
  • Normal borderfriction now only applies if its the home territory bordering each other.


1.1.2 was released on 2013-08-22.


  • Filter on tags now works
  • Fixed issues with joining/inviting friends from friends list
  • Server requests password if it ain't provided
  • Fixed dedicated server not displaying the correct version
  • Fixed sorting on server names
  • Improved joining server status message
  • Keep server browser scrollbar position when adding new servers to the lis
  • Fixed a better oos-message. The client now gets an error-code so we can know what it was that went oos. (revision 8323)
  • Supply, demand, total_produced, num_supply_provinces and num_demand_provinces for tradegoods are now saved in savegame (fixes hotjoin OOS).
  • Fixed pause-bug on standalone server.
  • Added better information for the client during hotjoin-request.
  • Connection popup no longer in front of password popup
  • You no longer get password rejected message when getting an invite to a password protected game
  • No longer possible to filter on empty tag, either all servers or some tags
  • If you search for a tag, steam will now return a global search enabling any player to find any game if his searching for the tag


1.1.3 was released on 2013-08-27.


  • Fixed game freeze when forming country and setting capital
  • Checksum now also include missions