One Night in Paris

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One Night in Paris
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The player’s country:

To get the One night in Paris achievement, the player has to start a game as Flag of England England (Start date 11 November 1444 in Ironman mode). The achievement is unlocked when the player, as Flag of England England or Flag of Great Britain Great Britain, owns Paris as a core province.


Start as Flag of England England in 1444. Focus on Admin points so you can core Paris faster. Try to ally strong nations like Burgundy or the Iberian powers, breaking the Portuguese alliance if necessary. Delete your forts in England to get more money. Build a few mercenaries in Normandy and start moving your other troops to the French mainland. Wait for the Surrender of Maine event to fire and pick the option to not surrender it (it should fire within 3 years of starting the game). If France presses the issue, a war is automatically declared (with England as the aggressor). Assign Richard Plantagenet to lead your troops and start sieging Paris. Let your allies do the heavy lifting in the war, but make sure you occupy Paris. In the peace deal take Paris. Use the admin points you stored to core Paris.

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