One King to Rule!

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One King to Rule!
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Possible if
The player’s country:
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Not playing as a released vassal.
The player’s country:

This achievement is rewarded to players who manage to reform Flag of Poland Poland from an elective monarchy, characterized by its dependence on the Sejm and frequent changes of dynasty, to an absolute monarchy where the King has absolute rule, passing the throne to their hereditary heir upon death.

The title and icon are likely a reference to "One Ring to Rule [them all]" from J.R.R. Tolkien's popular series The Lord of the Rings.


Flag of Poland Poland begins the game in an interregnum. This doesn't last very long as the event ‘Successor of Wladyslaw III’ will soon fire.

The standard way to gain this achievement is via an event chain that begins by selecting the “We need a Jagiellon!” option, which also puts Flag of Lithuania Lithuania in a personal union under Flag of Poland Poland. Immediately upon selecting this option, the ‘Elective Monarchy in Poland’ event will trigger. Select the only option, “We'll trust the Sejm!”, to activate the elective monarchy government type.

Next, the ‘The Pacta Conventa and the Henrykian Articles’ event must be triggered. This can happen while Flag of Poland Poland is still under an elective monarchy and a King is elected who has a skill of 0 or 1 in any of the three monarch point categories. For example, a 1/6/6 or a 5/4/0 would trigger the event. This can be manipulated by keeping an eye on the possible heirs and building relations with countries who are attempting to provide a suitable heir. Doing so will give a reasonable chance that a suitable heir will be elected during the 156 years until the next series of events can fire. A side benefit to this strategy is that it will not be necessary to spend prestige on ensuring that the Polish heir succeeds (unless, of course, a qualifying heir spawns). In the meantime, continue to build the kingdom, wage wars, make and break alliances, and enjoy the historically interesting game play that Flag of Poland Poland offers.

Forming the Flag of Commonwealth Commonwealth does not invalidate this achievement. Feel free to enact the decision to do so if it fits in with the other goals of the campaign.

With the start of the Age of Absolutism a disaster will be triggered:

The Struggle for Royal Power icon
The Struggle for Royal Power
Conflict rages over the authority of the monarch versus the power of the Sejm.

This will only happen if ‘The Pacta Conventa’ has occurred (you can prevent that by ensuring ruler stats are not worse than 2 in any category or by keeping 4 nobility privileges active all the time). There is no real way for avoiding the disaster. The start of the disaster will affect stability by −3 and cause noble rebels to spawn in the capital and elsewhere. Prepare before hand by stockpiling admin points and ensure that the army is fit to fight a sizable rebellion.

What follows is, put simply, a very tumultuous time for Flag of Poland Poland / Flag of Commonwealth Commonwealth. Keep the army topped off at force limit and all forts activated. In addition to the following events, the +10 unrest will assure that rebellions are constantly springing forth.

First, the Konfederacja event will trigger, providing two options:

  1. “Try to negotiate with the konfederacja” will grant −2.00 unrest and +25% idea cost for the remainder of the current King's rule.
  2. “Reject their demands” will incite another rebellion similar in magnitude to The Struggle for Royal Power.

The first option can be chosen, keeping in mind that the current ruler will not be replaced when this chain ends and the government type is changed.

Once that is dealt with, after a bit of time has passed, Sandomierz Rokosz will trigger. Again, two options:

  1. “Confer with the rebel leaders” costs Administrative power.png −100 administrative power, Diplomatic power.png −100 diplomatic power, Military power.png −100 military power, and changes the opinion of every neighboring country by −25 by way of the Negotiated with Rebels modifier.
  2. “Suppress the rebels” will incite yet another rebellion and improve the opinion of every neighboring country by +25 by way of the Suppressed Rebels modifier.

You can chose the first options, but the ending you get for the disaster will change if you choose the first option in both events. In that case you will lose your monarchy completely and change to a republic. So you almost definitely don't want to choose both first options.

Somewhere in the area of three years after the second event, as long as no rebels currently control any provinces, the Pacify the Sejm event will trigger (if you have not chosen both first options), removing the government reform Elective Monarchy. Additionally, the negative modifiers from ‘The Struggle for Royal Power’ and ‘The Pacta Conventa’ events are removed and the player is granted 3 stability, 50 legitimacy, and 50 prestige. Now you only must earn 50 Absolutism to get the achievement.

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