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Duchy rankOda
Primary culture
Togoku (Japanese)

Capital province
Owari (1030)

DaimyoGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
ChineseChinese technology group
Oda ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+10% Morale of armies
+10% Infantry combat ability

Goods produced modifier.png Rakuichi & Rakuza

+10% Goods produced modifier

Core-creation cost.png Tenka Fubu

−10% Core-creation cost
−10% Province warscore cost

Land leader shock.png Oda Generals

+1 Land leader shock

Leader siege.png Influential Strongholds

+1 Leader siege

Land fire damage.png Triple Firing

+10% Land fire damage

Technology cost.png Patronization of the West

−5% Technology cost

National manpower modifier.png Kenchi

+20% National manpower modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Land leader fire

Oda is a Daimyo in Japan (region) starting out in the Owari province. Ruled by the Oda family, this Daimyo served an important role in the history of Japan. Though in the 1532 when the clan is formed in-game, Oda is a simple OPM. Albeit with Nobuhide's historically legendary 5/5/6 successor underneath. It might be best to start in 1552 if the player wishes to start as an OPM with Nobunaga as ruler. By 1568, Oda, will have acquired Mino. By 1570, Oda's acquisition of Settsu brings it to a 3 provinces. By 1574, its acquisition of Kyoto makes Oda shogun. It stays the most powerful clan in Japan until around 1598~1601, when Nobunaga's successor loses out to Tokugawa.


Main article: Daimyo missions


Flag of Oda Oda starts in 1444 as an OPM in middle Japan, holding the province of Owari. Oda is a Daimyo, a vassal of the Shogun. Daimyos are fixed Duchy rank Duchy rank. Oda is best-suited for a conquest game, based on its excellent military-oriented national ideas. Its first goal should be to expand, at the expense of its neighbors, in order to become big enough to grab the Shogunate for itself.

As a Daimyo[edit]

Oda is surrounded by other OPMs. It can expand by using the Sengoku Casus Belli on neighboring Daimyos. This CB lets Japanese Daimyos grab provinces with a 50% AE modifier. Oda's neighbors will do the same, so it needs to expand aggressively, weighing what wars can be won and what it can be obtained from them. The Daimyos will start creating alliances since the beginning of the game, so Oda needs to find allies too. In the long run, keeping alliances with as many of the three main Daimyos (Flag of Uesugi Uesugi, Flag of Yamana Yamana and Flag of Hosokawa Hosokawa) will prove useful. Those of them who don't declare Oda a rival can be allied, especially after getting a Royal Marriage with them. As Oda starts with an unmarried, heirless leader, getting royal marriages is a useful tactic. In the beginning, before Oda has favors on them, Daimyos will be more wiling to join one of Oda's offensive wars if promised land. Before declaring war, try to position armies so that a quick stackwipe will be possible. Being a Daimyo allows military access all over Japan, which means that it’s possible to chase an army even before a war starts. This will save manpower and time.

Neighboring OPMs of Oda include Flag of Tokugawa Tokugawa in Mikawa and Flag of Kitabatake Kitabatake in Ise. Flag of Toki Toki in Mino also borders Oda, but they start with a level 3 fort which requieres 9,000 troops (9 regiments) to be sieged, way more than the 3,000 soldiers Oda starts with, so this province might be left for later. If the clan is annexed, the fort turns into level 2, which is more than manageable (there's another level 3 fort in the farther province of Izumo, controlled by Flag of Amago Amago). Other close, non-bordering OPMs are Flag of Tsutsui Tsutsui in Yamato, Flag of Imagawa Imagawa in Suruga, Flag of Ogasawara Ogasawara in Shinano, and Flag of Shiba Shiba in Echizen. The Flag of Hatakeyama Hatakeyama clan controls two close, non-adjacent provinces, Kii and Etchu.

As an OPM, the initial economic conditions in Oda are far from ideal, so wars are likely to be funded with loans, and those repaid with the money Oda gets from peace treaties. As Oda doesn't control a lot of the Nippon trade node, there isn't a lot of money to get from it in the beginning. Another limiting factor for war is manpower - depleting it might severely hamper Oda's expansion. Developing Oda's initial province and those it conquers is a way to overcome those difficulties, as it increases tax income, produced goods, and manpower.

Oda starts with 6 ships, which can be used to blockade enemy coastal provinces and to block straits. As Japan is an archipelago, controlling the straits is necessary to move troops by land from one island to another.

Monarch points are important, but for different reasons :

  • Administrative power.png Administrative points are used for coring, and to spawn Renaissance (by developing provinces). It’s also important to keep tech up to avoid corruption penalties. It is used to unlocked ideas, which in turn activate the Oda national ideas.
  • Diplomatic power.png Diplomatic points are used for two purposes : annex vassals if the player decided to conquer Ashikaga before finishing off every other Daimyo, and unlock Exploration + diplo tech 7 quickly. It is also useful to spawn Renaissance.
  • Military power.png Military points are important because they will allow Oda to out-tech neighboring nations. Military technology is the most important one and the one in which the Oda player must never be behind. In particular, tech 4, 6 and 7 are all important timings, and reaching them before the rival clans will both deter them and make wars easier.

Once Oda has grown to a decent size, it can take the Shogunate by declaring war on the Shogun (Flag of Ashikaga Ashikaga in 1444) with the "War for the Emperor" CB and get control of the province of Kyoto. Oda doesn't need to be significantly big if it has powerful allies who'll join the fight against the Shogun, hence the importance of keeping the big Daimyos you didn't annex as allies. An advantage of declaring war on the Shogun before being too big is that the Shogun gets the "Annex Daimyo" CB on any vassal daimyo who controls at least 10 provinces. When declaring war on the Shogun, Oda needs to make sure to occupy the province of Kyoto before any allies do - without annexing Kyoto, it won't become the Shogun.

As the Shogun[edit]

As the Shogun, Oda will get the fixed Kingdom rank Kingdom rank. If the former Shogun isn't fully annexed, it'll become an Independent Daimyo. All of its former vassals, whether they were Oda's allies or fought with the former shogun, will become Oda's vassals. Oda can feed newly conquered provinces to its Daimyos to reduce Aggressive Expansion or Overextension.png overextension.

As the Shogun, Oda can annex these Daimyos if it wishes it so, either diplomatically (as with any vassals) or by declaring the "Annex Daimyo" CB. Daimyos will keep fighting each other, so one possibility for Oda is to only annex the winning Daimyo that will eventually assimilate the others. However, if the annexation is peaceful, this process can take decades (as the Daimyo will hold many provinces), so it requires choosing the winning horse in advance and devote a Diplomat to the annexation. In order to annex a vassal, they must have at least a 190 opinion of their overlord (so Oda might need to improve relations with them first) and a liberty desire lower than 50 (which can be easily managed by using Monarch Points to develop the Daimyo's provinces).

At this point, a choice must be made by Oda: stay as the Shogun or form Flag of Japan Japan. If it stays as the Shogun, Oda gets unlimited vassals, as Daimyos don't count towards the diplomatic relations limit. However, if it forms Japan, Oda will get the Empire rank Empire rank and access to the Japanese missions. If it forms Japan, Oda can choose to adopt Japanese national ideas or keep its own. As Oda ideas are regarded as extremely powerful militarywise, keeping them is a good strategy for a conquest-oriented game.

There are three decisions that switch the player's country to a united Flag of Japan Japan, but only two can be done by the Shogun (the third one is for a daimyo that is the only Japanese country remaining after the shogunate has been abolished). The first (Unite Japan!) requieres having at least 25 provinces, representing more than half of the Japanese region or else substantial conquests outside it. The decision releases all remaining Daimyos, turning both them and the shogunate into feudal monarchies. The remaining former Daimyos may then be attacked directly, without having to wait for relations to improve enough to diplomatically annex them. The second decision (Japan is united) is only available to a shogun that has united Japan without taking the first decision, and gives substantial Monarch Points as a reward for taking the longer and more peaceful path.

Execute decision.pngUnite Japan!

The time has come to unite Japan by force! The time for diplomacy is over and all these warring daimyo lords must be conquered.

Potential requirements

The country:


Flag of Japan Japan does not exist.
The country:


Flag of Japan Japan loses its core on every province of every subject daimyo of this country.
Every subject daimyo of this country:

The country:

  • becomes Flag of Japan Japan.
  • changes its government to feudal monarchy.
  • becomes an Empire rank empire.
  • set flag formed_japan_flag

If Flag of Japan Japan:

The AI will not take this decision with less than 30 cities.

Execute decision.pngJapan is united

The warring factions of Japan have finally been united under a strong emperor.

Potential requirements

The country:

Flag of Japan Japan does not exist.


Flag of Japan Japan does not exist.
The country:

No daimyo or independent daimyo exist.


The country:

  • becomes Flag of Japan Japan.
  • changes its government to feudal monarchy.
  • becomes an Empire rank empire.
  • gains Icon legitimacy monarchy.png100 legitimacy.
  • gains Administrative power.png100 administrative power.
  • gains Diplomatic power.png100 diplomatic power.
  • gains Military power.png100 military power.
  • set flag formed_japan_flag

If Flag of Japan Japan:

As Japan[edit]

Hopefully, the player should have conquered all of Japan or become Shogun and have loyal Daimyos by 1490. The next goals will be to colonize Aleut to spawn Colonialism, and to develop Renaissance.

The first idea group, if the player wishes to spawn Colonialism, should be Exploration. Colonizing the Kurils or taking out Ainu will open a path to colonize a province near one of the siberian tribes. Conquering them will then allow, with diplo tech 7 and the 3rd idea from Exploration, to colonize Aleut, which increases the player’s channces of spawning Colonialism. As far as later colonizing is concerned, it’s important to remember that the only regions in which will be beneficial are California, Mexico, and Alaska. Because of the way trade nodes are set up, it’s not as profitable to colonize South America or Eastern America, as if the player was in Europe.

Renaissance can be spread to Kyoto by developing the province until the institution appears. Some provinces (like Settsu) are well developed around Kyoto, so it should spread decently fast.

Without Mandate of Heaven, Ming will likely be a powerhouse and allied to Korea, making expansion difficult in this area. It is not recommended to expand into Manchuria for the time being either, because it’s usually better to colonize and conquer the islands south of japan which have way more value. This will also prevent Japan’s institutions to ever spread to Ming and Korea, and to trample them later with better tech and ideas.

Institutions can’t spread across sea tiles if relations are below 0. That means it’s recommended to keep relations with Korea (and Ming too, if the player chooses to colonize Taiwan) under 0 all the time. This can be done by building spy networks, fabricating claims, setting their provinces as of vital interest, and insulting them. The player should also avoid having a land connection to Ming for now.

It’s recommended to develop Printing Press as well, but if the player wishes to play tall, it should be possible to spawn Global Trade and Manufacturies in the Nippon node.


The Chrysanthemum Throne icon
Unite Japan as a Daimyo.
Kirishitan Japan icon
Start as a Japanese Daimyo, convert yourself and all of Japan to Christianity.
Made in Japan icon
Embrace "manufacturies" institution as Japan by 1655.
Sakoku Law icon
Go full isolationist in 6 Incidents.
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