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Duchy rankNovgorod
Primary culture
Novgorodian (East Slavic)

Capital province
Novgorod (310)

Veche Republic Government republic.png

State religion

Technology group
EasternEastern technology group
Novgorod ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
−15% Mercenary maintenance
+1 Diplomatic reputation

Yearly prestige.png Northern Center of Arts

+1 Yearly prestige

Missionary strength.png City of Churches

+1% Missionary strength

Yearly republican tradition.png Ivan's Hundred

+0.3 Yearly republican tradition

Merchants.png Control of the Hanseatic Kontor

+1 Merchant
+5% Global trade power

National manpower modifier.png Grand Duke's Army

+20% National manpower modifier

Yearly navy tradition.png Funding the Ushkuiniks

+1 Yearly navy tradition
+15% Privateer efficiency

Light ship cost.png Baltic Shipyard

−20% Light ship cost

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+20% Fort defense
For the area, see Novgorod (area).

Novgorod is the trading merchant republic of the Russian peoples. Novgorod was the original capital of the Rus, until it was transferred to Kiev in 882. After the Novgorodian uprising of 1136 against its prince, Vsevolod Mstislavich, a unique form of government, known as "boyar republic" or "merchant republic", was established in the city. The Novgorodian republic gradually expanded north and east, and continued to prosper as a center of trade, mainly in fur. While it was mostly spared the terror of Mongol invasion that befell the rest of Russia between 1223 and 1240, it still had to pay tribute to the Khan. The republic continued to be relatively prosperous, but its sovereignty was being gradually undermined by the more and more powerful Muscovite princes; first by the Treaty of Yazhelbitsy in 1456, then after the disastrous Battle of Shelon in 1471. Novgorod was fully annexed by Moscow in 1478, after Ivan III sent his armies against the city. Novgorod continued to be an important city within the Muscovite and subsequently Russian state until the famine of 1560s and the Massacre of Novgorod in 1570, when Ivan the Terrible slaughtered thousands of inhabitants, ransacked the city, and had its elite killed or deported. From a city that once rivaled Moscow, Novgorod was reduced to a provincial town.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Novgorodian missions

With Third Rome.png Third Rome Novgorod has a unique set of missions.

Events[edit | edit source]

Main article: Novgorodian events

Upon forming Flag of Russia Russia they will partake in Russian events.

Decisions[edit | edit source]


Execute decision.pngForm Russian Nation

Through conquest and diplomacy Russia has managed to transform from a mere settlement into a dominant principality. After several eastern expeditions the Mongol hordes have finally been subdued and a centralized Russian state, ruled under the suzerainty of the Tsar, is emerging. Influences from Western Europe are helping us modernize and reform our nation and Western style of education is being adopted.

Potential requirements
  • Playing with normal or historical nations
  • Was never an end-game tag

The country:

If the country is AI-controlled, then it:


Flag of Russia Russia does not exist

The country:


If is Flag of Novgorod Novgorod:

  • complete missions "Invade Novgorod" and "Conquer Novgorod"

The country:

  • changes to Flag of Russia Russia.
  • gets new Mission.png missions.
  • gets Empire rank empire government rank.
  • gains a permanent claim on all unowned settled provinces in the regions:
  • gains Yearly prestige.png25 prestige.
  • gets the modifier “Increased Centralization” for 20 years with the following effects:
    • Autonomy.png−0.05 monthly autonomy change,
    • National unrest.png+1 national unrest.

If the country:

  • is not a Government monarchy.png monarchy and not revolutionary
  • is not revolutionary
    • then it enacts the Level 1 Government Reform Tsardom[1].
  • is a member of the Holy Roman Empire but not the emperor or an elector
    • then all its provinces are removed from the HRE.
  • does not have custom ideas

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Strategy The below is one of many player suggested strategies for Novgorod. Bear in mind, due to the dynamic nature of the game, it may unfold differently for other players.

Early survival[edit | edit source]

Securing Alliance[edit | edit source]

With no allies and the imminent threat of Muscovite invasion, Novgorod must get as many allies/vassals as it can, and quickly. A Statesman advisor will help a great deal. If none is available, fire the other advisors until a statesman becomes available (Common Sense.png Common Sense DLC is required). The stronger the army, the more likely it is that powerful nations will agree to become an ally. Novgorod can afford to maintain an army up to its force limit. Improving relationships with potential allies helps as well. Immediately returning Velsk will delay the Muscovite invasion slightly giving you more time to get allies, though this is not necessary.

Novgorod should choose the same rivals as its potential allies and find allies among the rivals of its enemies. For example, Flag of Poland Poland often rivals the Flag of Teutonic Order Teutonic Order. If Novgorod declares the Teutons as its rival and improves relations with Poland, they might accept an alliance. Also, the Flag of Great Horde Great Horde is a natural enemy of the Muscovites, so the player is likely to be able to secure an alliance after improving relations.

Surviving from Muscovy[edit | edit source]

One strategy that the player can adapt is by allying to the (Government steppe horde.pngsteppe nomad that rival Flag of Muscovy Muscovy which may include Flag of Great Horde Great Horde or Flag of Kazan Kazan. By promising lands, these countries are likely to accept your offensive call of arm, which will allow you to declare an early reconquest war against the Muscovites. Go to your force limit and build Mercenary manpower.pngmercenaries (free company is a good choice). Siege down the war goal and as many capitals as possible (particuarly Moscow and the capital of Flag of Perm Perm), as well as picking off small stacks from Muscovites vassals when possible. One way that player may consider is to station your troops close to Flag of Pskov Pskov and Flag of Beloozero Beloozeroso that the player can take down the small stacks from them as early as day 1 of the war. Also, placing 1k army to your ally's territory and allowing friendly troops to attach to your army will allow you to maneuver your ally's army to siege down the capital/ take down enemy stacks to your favor. Flag of Great Horde Great Horde will peace out if they are sieged down by the Muscovite armies, taking their negative war score away. Be sure to peace out as soon as possible and ideally taking as many of your core provinces (4 in total) back from Flag of Perm Perm and Flag of Muscovy Muscovy if possible as this will allow you to finish the Mission.png first mission(Third Rome.png Third Rome DLC is required), giving you claims on many provinces in the Russian region. Alternatively, the player may also adapt this plan of attack if he/she is declared by Flag of Muscovy Muscovy early on.

Alternatively, the player can, in certain scenarios, secure the alliance with Flag of Poland Poland before Flag of Muscovy Muscovy declaring on the player. This will be sufficient to deter Flag of Muscovy Muscovy from declaring a war against the player. The player can wait until 10 favors are gained with his/her allies, and declare a war on Flag of Muscovy Muscovy. However, even if this alliance cannot be secured before the first war, it is likely that Flag of Poland Poland will turn friendly after improving relations, thus this strategy can still be adapted in the subsequent wars.

If Novgorod decides to annex Flag of Muscovy Muscovy and become Flag of Russia Russia, it can be done with the help of allies in several wars. In the final war, Novgorod can choose to vassalize Muscovy, which can be useful if other nations have taken land from it. Returning cores produces less aggressive expansion making conquest and unrest not issues. However, Muscovy will have great liberty desire, since it is a historic rival of Novgorod and previous wars have most likely reduced trust between nations. If Novgorod forms Russia, historic rivalry with Muscovy is removed, and with it the liberty desire.

Another thing that will help is to begin a fort in Kargopol on day 1 to block access to your backyard. Take out loans until you can build this fort and max your force limit. Forcing Muscovy to siege forts helps drain their manpower, while also preventing the war score from sliding too quickly.

Expansion outside Muscovy[edit | edit source]

While alliances are pursued, Novgorod can scavenge. For example, in the early game Flag of Tver Tver has no allies and can be rivaled and subsequently conquered. The Muscovites may vassalize or declare on Tver before the player has the chance to attack them, though. Also, if the Flag of Livonian Order Livonian Order does not rival Novgorod, it may agree to become an ally. If it is hostile, it will likely ally with the Teutons, and if Flag of Poland Poland or Flag of Denmark Denmark attack the Teutons or Livonians, they will weaken the Livonian Order. This can allow the player to take provinces from Flag of Livonian Order Livonian Order or Flag of Riga Riga for expansion into the Baltic Sea trade.

Mid-game challenges and prospects[edit | edit source]

Particularities of any middle game may vary greatly, therefore this chapter examines the most common themes.

Big merchant republic?[edit | edit source]

Patch 1.30 introduces Governing capacity.png governing capacity, as well as greatly changes the mechanics of Government republic.png merchant republic and Subject tradecompany icon.png trade company region. In patch 1.30,Government republic.pngVeche Republic, the government form adapted by Novgorod, will no longer have the republican tradition penalty after owning 20 fully cored (in a state) provinces. Instead, Merchant republics will

1. Receive an extra +25% Governing capacity.png governing capacity cost for a fully cored province.

2. Receive a -25% reduction of Governing capacity.png governing capacity cost for a province assigned to Subject tradecompany icon.pngtrade company (thus making the governing cost for a trade company province identical to that of territory.)

3. (Government republic.pngVeche Republic only) Has a fixed duchy rank and does not allow upgrading to kingdom or empire rank that can increase Governing capacity.png governing capacity.

Moreover, provinces can now be assigned to Subject tradecompany icon.png trade company even at trade node including Lübeck, North Sea and English Channel, further increasing trade power in the European region. Thus, the playstyle of Government republic.png merchant republic encourages expansion via trade company and emphasises on the proper management of governing capacity. While this is not a problem for income, as tax and production for Novgorod is far less important than trade (which suffers less from the 90% Autonomy.pngLocal Autonomy cap), this severely limits manpower and force limit for army. This makes Novgorod reliant on allies to help expand further.

To solve these issues, Novgorod can try to switch government type to avoid the problem of fixed duchy rank. One way for government switch is to change the tier 1 govnerment reform at the cost of 50 reform progress to Government republic.pngPlutocracy, which retains most of the upsides of Veche Republic except that plutocracy allows upgrading to kingdom and empire at the cost of giving up the Russian interaction panel. Alternatively, the government can be changed to dictatorship. Fastest way to drop republican tradition is to reelect the same ruler and to add all provinces to states. Low republican tradition will fire an event to become a monarchy (if the Res Publica.png Res Publica DLC is active).

Note that Novgorod can form its own trade league from local one province minors such as Flag of Odoyev Odoyev, Flag of Riga Riga and later to wealthy free cities including Flag of Lübeck Lübeck and Flag of Hamburg Hamburg (requires Mare Nostrum.png Mare Nostrum DLC). This will increaseGoods produced.png good produced and Trade steering.png trade steering power of Novgorod. Note that trade league helps with defense and income, but not with expansion.

Forming Russia[edit | edit source]

After the defeat of Muscovy and perhaps taking some land from the Flag of Great Horde Great Horde, Novgorod can get all the necessary provinces to form Flag of Russia Russia. Apart from listed benefits, Novgorod can choose to keep its trade oriented ideas, or adopt more expansionist standard Russian ideas. This decision will change government type to Tsardom but will not prevent the player from getting the Frozen Assets achievement.

Frozen assets[edit | edit source]

To get this achievement, the White Sea trade node must be the most valuable trade node in the world and Novgorod must have at least 90% trade power there. Note that this achievement is triggered based on retained value, not total value - if some trade is diverted away from the White Sea, this can mean the difference between the achievement triggering and not.

The trade capital of Novgorod must be moved to the White Sea trade node, which requires Wealth of Nations.pngWealth of Nations DLC. Before New World and Africa colonization, it is easy to make White Sea trade node the most valuable, especially if Novgorod has gotten Trade idea group.pngtrade and Plutocratic idea group.pngplutocratic ideas. Even after colonization, it is still possible, as almost all Asian trade can be forced to flow through the White Sea, but doing this will require the player to conquer parts of Asia, which can include China, Indian and Persian region.

To achieve 90% trade power, Novgorod has to protect trade with a large fleet of light ships and/or increase control in North Sea trade node, usually by taking territories from Norway and Scotland and assigning provinces to Subject tradecompany icon.png trade company (Wealth of Nations.pngWealth of Nations DLC required). To increase trade power and force limit, all provinces in the White Sea and North Sea trade nodes can be states (not territories) and have low autonomy. Embargoing competing nations can help too.

If the player forms Flag of Russia Russia and owns Soroka (313), then Flag of England England will get the Muscovy Trade Company event that gives them +20 trade power in the White Sea until the end of the game. To deal with this, either remain as Novgorod until the achievement is earned, or destroy England entirely, or release Soroka as a trade city before forming Flag of Russia Russia (Wealth of Nations.pngWealth of Nations DLC required) or build yet more light ships to keep your trade power high.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Frozen Assets icon
Start as Novgorod and control 90% of the trade power in the White Sea trade node while it is the highest valued trade node in the world.
All belongs to Mother Russia icon
Start as a country of Russian culture and form Russia.
Relentless Push East icon
Starting as a Russian nation, By 1600 own the East Siberian Coastline.
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  1. If the country is not orthodox, the tsardom reform is removed immediately.