Neither Holy, Nor German

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Neither Holy, Nor German
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Possible if
Achieved if

The player’s country:

  • is Holy Roman Emperor
There are 7 Imperial Free Cities, and their primary culture isn't Germanic.

For this achievement, Flag of Austria Austria is a natural choice since they start as Holy Roman Emperor. The goal is to revoke or otherwise remove Free City status from at least seven of the eight initial Free Cities and designate seven non-German one-province minors as Free Cities.

The name of the achievement is a play on the below quote which was used to describe the Holy Roman Empire.

Neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire
— Voltaire

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Eliminating the German Free Cities[edit | edit source]

There are four ways to get rid of the German Free Cities.

  • Revoke Free City status in the Diplomacy menu. This costs 5 Imperial Authority, and gives a -100 opinion penalty with that country.
  • If the Free City conquers a second province, it ceases to be a Free City. This can be done by allying a Free City and going to war with one of its neighbours, transferring occupation of a neighbouring province to the Free City, and giving that province to the Free City in the peace settlement.
  • Annex the Free City. This doesn't have to be the player's nation; by transferring occupation, the Free City's single province can be given to an ally to avoid Aggressive Expansion.
  • Revoke the Privilegia does this automatically and for no cost in relations or imperial authority to all free cities in the empire.

Right away, Austria can ally Flag of Memmingen Memmingen and forge a claim on Flag of Augsburg Augsburg (not a Free City), and give the conquered province in the peace treaty, revoking Memmingen's Free City status with no Imperial Authority reduction. After that, Flag of Ulm Ulm can be allied and a claim fabricated on Flag of Ravensburg Ravensburg, though conquering this province requires revoking its Free City status to avoid the stability hit. Similarly, Ulm's Free City status will be revoked upon conquering Ravensburg.

Creating new free cities[edit | edit source]

From there, Austria will need to find or make seven non-German one-province minors in the Empire and convince them to become Free Cities.

The reluctance depends mainly on the following modifiers: Monarchy: -50, theocracy: -100, merchant republic: -1000, having a militarist ruler: -1000, a subject: -1000

The possible methods are:

  • A friendly or threatened republic should accept right away.
  • A one-province nation released in a peace settlement. (This works even if the country has multiple cores, as long as the war target(s) only hold one of them.) These nations will be monarchies by default, but will have a large opinion modifier from being released in peace. (Forcing the release of an existing vassal does not give the same effect.)
  • Building up Trust, Diplomatic Reputation and opinion modifiers with a one-province monarchy.
  • Returning a HRE province to a non-existing nation, and following the previous method.

Waiting until Diplomatic tech 23 is also an option, as newly created republics do not switch to merchant republic anymore. They then need to be released from vassalage, at a cost of -25 prestige.

Alternative strategy[edit | edit source]

It's possible to create all seven non-German Free Cities without needing to build up Trust with a one-province minor.

  • Flag of Lucca Lucca and Flag of Siena Siena are eligible to become Free Cities right away (although it might not be best to give it to both right away, to tempt Florence into giving Austria a casus belli.)
  • Force Flag of Ferrara Ferrara to release Flag of Modena Modena. Austria can forge claims on Ferrara right away to have a casus belli.
  • Force Flag of Burgundy Burgundy to release Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg. Austria can forge claims on Franche-Comté right away, or get them from a common day 1 mission by setting Burgundy as a rival. This needs to be done quickly, so that the Burgundian succession crisis event chain doesn't happen, either giving Austria Luxembourg as a core province or giving it to Flag of Castile Castile which would make the war much harder.
  • Force Flag of Florence Florence to release Flag of Pisa Pisa. By not setting one of either Lucca or Siena as a Free City right away, Florence will usually conquer one. If they do, Imperial Liberation allows Austria to release both Pisa and the conquered Italian minor. If Florence ends up with only one province after Pisa is released then they can also be made into a free city.
  • Force Flag of Milan Milan to release Flag of Parma Parma. (Milan is often aggressive early on, allowing Imperial Liberation, or Brescia can be returned to Milan in a war with Venice, allowing forged claims.)
  • Force Flag of Provence Provence (or whoever else holds Barrois, it's a turbulent region) to release Flag of Bar Bar. (Pass the first Imperial reform to use Imperial Ban on Provence. Barrois is frequently conquered by Burgundy or France, at which point Imperial Liberation works.)
  • Force Flag of Genoa Genoa to release Flag of Corsica Corsica. (There's no easy way to do this; Genoa is on the other side of Italy and doesn't typically expand in the Empire much at all.)
  • Flag of Mantua Mantua and Flag of Montferrat Montferrat are often conquered, so whoever conquers them can be forced to release them with Imperial Liberation.

All of this will need to be done before 1490, or else the player will need to prevent the Shadow Kingdom event from removing Italy from the Empire or resort to making and releasing Client State republics.

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