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Army tradition and navy tradition (collectively military tradition) are long term, floating measures of the pool of experience of a nation's military forces on land and sea. They give bonuses depending on their strength, are gained through actions of the appropriate forces and decay over time if not increased. Army tradition provides higher morale and quicker manpower recovery, and naval tradition provides higher morale and better trade steering. High tradition significantly improves the skill of recruited military leaders.

Army tradition

Apart from increasing the chances of getting better generals (Military Leader), army tradition gives the following bonuses, scaling up to 100% maximum as below:[1]

Recover army morale speed.png +10%.00 Recover army morale speed
Morale of armies.png +25%.00 Morale of armies
Manpower recovery speed.png +10%.00 Manpower recovery speed
Siege ability.png +5%.00 Siege ability
Commanderies faction influence +0.10% Commanderies faction influence
Aristocrats influence +0.10% The aristocrats influence
Girondist influence +0.10% Girondists influence
Militarization of state.png +0.10% Militarization of state
Nobility loyalty equilibrium.png +5%.00 Nobility loyalty equilibrium
Marathas loyalty equilibrium.png +5%.00 Marathas loyalty equilibrium
Rajputs loyalty equilibrium.png +5%.00 Rajputs loyalty equilibrium

Gaining army tradition

  • Battles are the primary source of army tradition for small and medium-sized nations. You can view how much you gained in any particular battle on the battle result screen. The exact formula for tradition gain is not currently known, but you get more tradition the more losses you suffer, relative to your total force limit. Losing a battle will cause you to gain more tradition than winning.
Certain ideas increase the amount of military tradition gained from battles:
Army tradition from battles Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Defensive idea 1: Battlefield Commissions
  • Dhundhari idea 5: Battles in Foreign Lands
  • Mapuche idea 3: Mapuche Tactics
  • Miao idea 7: Legacy of the Miao Rebellions
  • Montferrat idea 5: Apennine Campaigns
  • Thomondian idea 6: Thomond's Army Reform
  • Fulani ambition
  • Each successful siege grants +2 army tradition, based on the fort's level versus the max fort level for the sieging army. For example, if the max fort level is 4 and you siege a level 4 fort, you will get 2 army tradition. If the max fort level is 4 and you siege down a level 2 fort, you will get 1 tradition. Successfully sieging forts is the primary source of army tradition for larger nations.
  • Some events can affect tradition.
  • Several ideas contribute to tradition:
Yearly army tradition.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Afghan traditions
  • Bahmani traditions
  • Karamanid traditions
  • Prussian traditions
  • Songhai traditions
  • Quality idea 2: Quality Education
  • Armenian idea 6: Nakharar Titles
  • Baluch idea 7: Baluchi Leadership
  • Bavarian idea 7: Found the Royal Order of Saint George
    for the Defense of the Immaculate Conception
  • Bayreuther idea 5: Ordre de la Sincérité
  • Beloozero idea 5: Officers of Beloozero
  • Bengal Sultanate idea 2: Promote Habshi Generals
  • Burmese idea 4: Chakravartin
  • Caucasian idea 6: Eastern Influence
  • Cossack idea 5: Military Society
  • Cypriot idea 2: Frankish Crusaders
  • Delhian idea 1: Afghan Nobility
  • Imperial German idea 5: German Junkers
  • Khorasani idea 2: Rein in the Turko-Mongol Emirs
  • Knights Hospitaller idea 7: Crusader Tradition
  • K'iche idea 2: Ilo'kab traditions
  • Leonese idea 1: Heritage of the Reconquista
  • Muiscan idea 3: Gueches Wrestling
  • Muscovite idea 2: Legacy of Dmitriy Donskoi
  • Nagpuri idea 4: Invite Maratha Warriors
  • Najdi idea 1: Bedouin Poets
  • Naxian idea 4: Legacy Of Crusaders
  • Nepali idea 4: Rajput Refugees
  • Ogasawara idea 5: Ogasawara-ryu
  • Satake idea 1: Hitachi Genji
  • Sistani idea 4: Loyal Service
  • Takeda idea 7: Koyo Gunkan
  • Telugu idea 2: Telugu Warrior Aristocrats
  • Trierian idea 1: Crusader Past
  • Uesugi idea 2: Yamanouchi and Ogigayatsu Branches
  • Yaroslavlyian idea 5: Cult of Generals
  • Anatolian ambition
  • Ashikaga ambition
  • Daimyo ambition
  • Ulmer ambition
  • Russian idea 6: The Table of Ranks
  • Other modifiers:
Type Yearly army tradition.png Yearly army tradition
Trade Company Investment “Township” (DLC Dharma.png required) +0.025 per Township[2] (limited to 1 per trade company charter area)
Active forts +1 per current technology fort per 50 development (capped at 1)
Flag of Mughals Mughals Government Reform “Rajput Kingdom” (DLC Dharma.png required) +0.50
Republic Government Reform “Noble Elite” +0.10
Joined League War (DLC Art of War.png required) +0.50 (for 100 years)

Losing army tradition

The base tradition decays at 5% of the current tradition annually. (This is not a flat –5; thus 20 tradition decays by 5% and will reduce 1 to 19.)

Ideas and policies that reduce yearly army tradition decay are:

Yearly army tradition decay.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
−1% yearly
  • Couronian traditions
  • Shimazu traditions
  • Traditions of Theodoro
  • Uesugi traditions
  • Utsunomiya traditions
  • Aristocratic idea 5: Noble Officers
  • Amago idea 1: Omi-Genji
  • Castilian idea 1: The Reconquista
  • East Frisian idea 2: The Saxon Feud
  • Mewari idea 1: Rajput Heartland
  • Prussian idea 2: The Soldier-King of Prussia
  • Shoni idea 6: Hagakure
  • Tapuian idea 4: Land of Mythology
  • Texan idea 5: Frontier Nation
  • Tupi idea 6: Head Hunters
  • Albanian ambition
  • Québécois ambition
−0.5% yearly
  • Espionage-Quality: The Deserter Act

Other modifiers:

Type Yearly army tradition decay.png Yearly army tradition decay
Flag of Mughals Mughals Government Reform “Mansabdari System” (DLC Dharma.png required) -0.3%
Monarchy Government Reform “Aristocratic Court” -0.3%
Active Parliament Issue is “Extend Officer Commissions” -1%
Innovativeness (scaling down from 100 innovativeness) -1%

Note it is still possible to maintain 100% army tradition with the hussite faith and various other modifiers static and non static.

Navy tradition

100 navy tradition gives 100% of the following bonuses:[3]

Recover navy morale speed.png +10%.00 Recover navy morale speed
Morale of navies.png +25%.00 Morale of navies
Trade steering.png +100%.00 Trade steering
Privateer efficiency.png +25%.00 Privateer efficiency
Blockade efficiency.png +100%.00 Blockade efficiency
Trade faction influence +0.10% Trade faction influence
Traders influence +0.10% The traders influence
Sailor recovery speed.png +20%.00 Sailor recovery speed
Burghers loyalty equilibrium.png +5%.00 Burghers loyalty equilibrium
Vaishyas loyalty equilibrium.png +5%.00 Vaishyas loyalty equilibrium

Gaining navy tradition

  • Some events directly affect navy tradition.
  • Battles are the primary source of navy tradition. You can view how much you gained in any particular battle on the battle result screen. The amount of tradition gained in battle is directly proportional to the casualties inflicted on the enemy, as well as the relative strength of the nations involved. Small weak nations will gain considerably more tradition when fighting large strong nations. The number of ships that you send into battle, the losses that you suffer, and the quality of your leader have no observable effect on your naval tradition gain.
Some ideas increase the naval tradition gain from battles:
Naval tradition from battles Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Malayan sultanate ambition
  • Light ships that are protecting trade or privateering grant +2 naval tradition per year for every 100% of your naval force limits utilized in this manner. The formula is
Some ideas increase the naval tradition from protecting trade:
Naval tradition from protecting trade Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Maritime idea 1: Merchant Traditions
  • Ships blockading ports grant naval tradition.
  • Each terra incognita sea zone revealed through naval exploration grants +1 naval tradition.
  • Several national ideas contribute to tradition:
Yearly navy tradition.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Breton traditions
  • Cham traditions
  • Galician traditions
  • Hadramhi traditions
  • Kono traditions
  • Luzon traditions
  • Mahri traditions
  • Mogadishan traditions
  • Mori traditions
  • Piratical traditions
  • Naval idea 4: Naval Glory
  • Al-Haasa idea 7: Legacy of Rahmah ibn Jabir
  • Berber idea 4: Corsairs
  • Canadian idea 4: The Maritimes
  • Catalan idea 1: Consulate of the Sea
  • Cebu idea 3: Protect against the Magalos
  • Greek idea 2: Maritime Heritage
  • Khmer idea 3: Cham Migration
  • Malabari idea 6: Mapilla Sailors
  • Montenegrin idea 5: The Call Of The Sea
  • Munster idea 6: Pirate Haven
  • Novgorod idea 6: Funding the Ushkuiniks
  • Sicilian idea 3: Noble Admirals
  • Siddi idea 2: Siddi Seamanship
  • Tunisian idea 3: Corsairs
  • British ambition
  • East Frisian ambition
  • So ambition
  • Administrative-Maritime: The Naval School Act
  • Malian idea 5: Lost Fleet of Abubakari II
  • Ragusan idea 1: Ordo Marinaritiae
  • English idea 1: A Royal Navy

Losing navy tradition

The base tradition decays are 5% of the current tradition annually. (This means –5% of the current tradition, not a flat –5; so if you have 20 tradition then decay will reduce it by -1 annually.)

Ideas and policies that reduce yearly navy tradition decay are:

Yearly navy tradition decay.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
−1% yearly
  • Mindanao traditions
  • Aristocratic idea 5: Noble Officers
  • Luzon idea 5: Luzon Sailors
  • Mahri idea 6: Book of Navigation
  • So idea 2: Wakou Tradition
  • Sulawesi idea 2: The Bajau
  • Utsunomiya idea 4: Cadet Branches in Western Japan
  • Candarid ambition
  • Aristocratic-Maritime: Noble Naval Traditions

Note: Battles lost will not reduce tradition. It is gained regardless of victory or defeat.

In addition Innovativeness reduces navy tradition decay up to -1% at 100 innovativeness.

Military leaders

Main article: Military leader#Formulas for point distribution

Tradition also improves the skill of military leaders. 100 Army tradition.pngarmy tradition gives, on average:

  • +3.6 to Land leader fire.pngfire, Land leader shock.pngshock, and Land leader maneuver.pngmaneuver
  • +1.2 to Leader siege.pngsiege

skill of a General.pnggeneral.


  1. See in /Europa Universalis IV/common/static_modifiers/00_static_modifiers.txt (Static modifiers#Army tradition).
  2. this is rounded to +0.03 Yearly army tradition when displaying the effect of one township in the game. But when calculating the total yearly army tradition, the real value +0.025 is used.
  3. See in /Europa Universalis IV/common/static_modifiers/00_static_modifiers.txt (Static modifiers#Navy tradition).

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