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Kingdom rankNavarra
Primary culture
Basque (Iberian)

Capital province
Navarra (210)

Feudal NobilityGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Navarran ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+20% Naval force limit modifier
−20% Light ship cost

Fort defense.png Dorretxeak

+10% Fort defense

Mercenary maintenance.png Navarrese Company

−15% Mercenary maintenance

Global settler increase.png Intrepid Pioneers

+20 Global settler increase

Production efficiency.png Transatlantic Whaling

+10% Production efficiency

Trade steering.png Cross-Pyrenean Trade

+25% Trade steering
+5% Institution spread

Idea cost.png Royal Basque Society

−10% Idea cost

Autonomy change cooldown.png End of the Fueros

−25% Autonomy change cooldown

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Trade efficiency

Navarra is a one-province nation in northern Iberia. It is the only Basque nation in the game and starts off with the same dynasty as Flag of Aragon Aragon and Flag of Castile Castile, either of whom usually vassalize Navarra. Navarra is the only country that can form both Flag of France France and Flag of Spain Spain without culture shifting. Historically most of Navarra was incorporated into Flag of Spain Spain in 1512, while the northern part entered into a personal union with France in 1598, being merged into the kingdom proper in 1620.


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Execute decision.pngForm Spanish Nation Militarily

Global expansion in newly discovered areas and the establishment of colonies is transforming Spain into one of the most powerful and wealthiest nations of our time. Spanish explorers are constantly moving into new lands and extending our borders. Immense amounts of gold and silver are being brought back to our motherland, filling the coffers of our state Treasury.

Potential requirements Allow
  • Flag of Spain Spain does not exist.
  • Has an administrative technology of at least level 10.
  • Is not a subject nation.
  • Is not at war.
  • Is not a nomad nation.
  • A Muslim nation does not own a province in Iberia region.
  • Owns the core Province icon.png provinces: Barcelona (213), Zaragoza (214), Valladolid (215), Salamanca (216), Sevilla (224), Toledo (219), València (220) and Granada (223).

  • Change country to Flag of Spain Spain.
  • Gain new Mission.png missions.[1]
  • If Duchy rank duchy, set government rank to Kingdom rank Kingdom.
  • If a member of the Imperial authority.png HRE and not an elector / emperor, all own provinces are removed from the HRE.
  • Gain a permanent claim on all not owned provinces of Iberia region, except the areas of: Alentejo, Beira, Macaronesia.
  • Gain Prestige.png25 prestige
  • Set country flag “formed_spain_flag”
  • Gain “Increased Centralization” modifier for 20 years:
    • −0.05 Autonomy.png Monthly autonomy change
    • +1 National unrest.png National unrest


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Since the Golden century patch, Basque in Golary achievement has been added, attracting many ambitious players to attempt. The basic strategy is to stick Castile and France at the start, so that the player could claim the Aragon Throne with allies (also Naples if lucky enough).

Afterwards, the player may plan to attack Castile by asking France for Iberian lands. Ideally, since Castile and Navarra share the same dynasty, it may be better to claim their throne instead of conquering them slowly.

Portugal and Moorish states are relatively easy targets, if you control Aragon (and Naples) as the player's partner.


Basque in Glory icon
Starting as Navarra, ensure that most of Iberia is Basque culture before the Age of Absolutism.

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  1. Having Catalan or Aragonese culture gives Aragonese missions while any other culture gives Spanish missions