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Movement speed is a measure of how quickly an army or navy can move between different provinces. Movement speed of a particular army or navy is affected by local and global movement speed modifiers, as well as by the general or admiral leading it.

Global movement speed modifiers[edit]

Several national idea sets give increased global movement speed.

Movement speed.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Air traditions
  • Kaffan traditions
  • Najdi traditions
  • Cornish idea 6: The Gear Rout
  • Great Yuan idea 5: A Thousand Miles as if at Home
  • Ilkhanid idea 4: The Yam
  • Isshiki idea 6: Upgrade the Road Network
  • Kitabatake idea 7: March of Kitabatake Akiie
  • Mahri idea 5: Mahra Camels
  • Saluzzo idea 4: Alpine Engineering
  • Sonoran idea 7: Taking the Fight South
  • Texan idea 4: Vaqueros
  • Toki idea 1: Genji of Mino
  • Mongolian idea 6: Mongolian Mobility
  • Rajput idea 3: Marwari Horses
  • Rajputana idea 3: Marwari Horses
  • Offensive-Trade: Public Road Act
  • Evenk idea 1: Family Brigades

Government steppe horde.png Steppe nomads government bonus: Movement speed.png +20% movement speed.

Army movement speed modifiers[edit]

Scaling up to 100, average of subunits drill for entire army gives:

Movement speed.png +20% Movement speed

Local movement speed modifiers[edit]

Several events from El Dorado.png El Dorado can affect the local movement speed in a particular province. Each event adds a province modifier with the stated effect for a duration of Time Icon.png one year. Multiple modifiers' effects stack. Local movement speed modifiers only affect movement into the affected province; movement out of the province is unchanged.

Movement speed.png Event
+33% Faster, slowpokes!
+10% Province produces wool

Scorched Earth gives:

Hostile movement speed −50% Local hostile movement speed

Leader-based movement speed modifiers[edit]

Leader maneuver[edit]

Main article: Military_leader#Maneuver

Each pip in maneuver that a Land leader maneuver.png general or Naval leader maneuver.png admiral has increases the movement speed of the army or navy they are attached to by +5%.

Leader traits[edit]

The “Goal Oriented” trait for land leaders and the “Accomplished Sailor” trait for naval leaders both give +10% Movement speed.png movement speed to the army or navy the leader commands.