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Modifiers are an aspect of the game like decisions, events and missions. In Europa Universalis 4 the modifiers are split into four files.

Triggered modifiers[edit]

Main article: Triggered modifiers

Triggered modifiers are modifiers which can affect any nation which fulfils the requirements.

Event modifiers[edit]

Main article: Events

Event modifiers are modifiers which are the results of events, these are separate from the opinion modifiers below.

Opinion modifiers[edit]

Main article: Relations#List_of_modifiers

Opinion modifiers include being a rival or releasing a vassal.

Static modifiers[edit]

Main article: Static modifiers

Static modifiers are fixed modifiers which are based either on features such as terrain or being under a blockade.

Permanent modifiers[edit]

Main article: Permanent modifiers

Permanent modifiers are fixed modifiers which apply to a nation until the end of the game once activated.


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