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Missions are composed of a series in which missions are contained. A series controls various aspects of the mission within, such as which column they appear in the interface.


<series> = {
    slot = <int>                    # Which column the missions will appear in. 1 to 5.
    generic = <boolean>             # Whether missions within this series are considered generic.
    ai = <boolean>                  # Whether the AI will claim missions in this series.
    has_country_shield = <boolean>  # Whether to display the country shield on the icon.    
    # Determines whether a series is loaded at all. Used to limit series to DLC.
    potential_on_load = {
    # Determines when a series appears for a country. Country scope.
    potential = {
    # The name of the mission, used for localization
    <mission> = {
        icon = <gfx>            # The icon to use for the mission
        generic = <boolean>     # Whether this mission is considered generic.
        position = <int>        # Which row the mission appears in. 1 is top.
        completed_by = <date>   # Automatically completes mission in history. 
        # Which missions must be completed before this mission is active.
        required_missions = {
        # Determines which provinces to highlight. Acts like all_province scope. Optional.
        provinces_to_highlight = {
        # Determines when the mission is completed. Country scope.
        trigger = {
        # The effect executed when the mission is claimed. Country scope.
        effect = {

Missions are split into two types, generic and specific. If a mission without the generic attribute wants the same row and column, then the specific mission overrides the generic mission.

Each mission will appear in the order they are scripted, i.e. the first mission appears in the top position, the second position below top, and so on. This can be overridden with the position attribute.

The mission series potential triggers can be re-checked by using swap_non_generic_missions = yes, which will re-evaluate the triggers and swap series to match the country's current state.


Slots are the columns each mission appears in. By default, there are five columns, with 1 being the leftmost column, and 5 being the rightmost column.

The number of columns is defined in countrymissionsview.gui, under countrymissionsview_missions_gridbox by the attribute max_slots_horizontal.

The number of rows is unset, adding more will cause the listbox to start to scroll.

The mission icons are found in countrymissionsview.gfx. To add your own icon, you must follow this format: spriteType = { name = "<name>" texturefile = "gfx//interface//missions//<name>.dds" } and you must also put an icon in the gfx/interface/missions folder called <name>.dds

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