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Kingdom rankMewar
Primary culture
Rajasthani (Western Aryan)

Capital province
Chittor (518)

Rajput Kingdom Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
IndianIndian technology group
Mewari ideas
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Traditions.png Traditions:

−20% Infantry cost
+10% Infantry combat ability

Yearly army tradition decay.png Rajput Heartland

−1% Yearly army tradition decay

Yearly prestige.png Construct the Victory Tower

+1 Yearly prestige

Fort defense.png The Fort of Kumbhalgarh

+15% Fort defense

Development cost.png City of Lakes

−10% Development cost

National manpower modifier.png Recall the Purbias

+15% National manpower modifier

Land fire damage.png Mandatory Firearm Drills

+10% Land fire damage

Discipline.png Reorganized Rajput Regiments

+5% Discipline

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

−0.03 Monthly war exhaustion

Mewar is a HinduismHindu kingdom located in Western India. In 1444, the country starts with Separatist rebels.png Marwari separatists, trying to release Flag of Marwar Marwar as an independent nation. Flag of Hadoti Hadoti is the vassal of Mewar. Mewar is a landlocked nation surrounded by numerous countries. Flag of Sindh Sindh and Flag of Jaisalmer Jaisalmer border in the west. To the north is Flag of Jangladesh Jangladesh, Flag of Nagaur Nagaur, Flag of Dhundhar Dhundhar, and Flag of Mewat Mewat. To the east is Flag of Malwa Malwa, Flag of Gwalior Gwalior, and Flag of Jaunpur Jaunpur. To the south is Flag of Gujarat Gujarat, Flag of Kutch Kutch, Flag of Idar Idar, and Flag of Rewa Kantha Rewa Kantha.

As the primary nation of Rajasthani culture, Mewar can eventually form Flag of Rajputana Rajputana. As a Hindu nation in the Western Aryan culture group, it is eligible to form Flag of Bharat Bharat.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mewari missions

Mewar's missions are focused on developing and consolidating power in the Rajput lands, and expanding their territory across northern India.

Events[edit | edit source]

Main article: Mewari events

Mewar only has a few events ranging from events on Flag of Marwar Marwar independence to the plot against Rana Kumbha.

Decisions[edit | edit source]

Rajputana can be formed by a Rajasthani country that owns certain provinces. Unlike several other Indian formable nations, no specific religion is required. Since Flag of Mewar Mewar is in the Western Aryan culture group, it has the ability to form Flag of Bharat Bharat.


Execute decision.pngUnite the Rajputs

The lands of Rajputana have been shattered and weak ever since the Muslim invasion centuries ago. We must reclaim the great cities of the great dynasties that came before us and unite the princes of Rajputana!

Potential requirements

The country:

If the country is AI-controlled then it:

Playing with normal or historical nations.


Flag of Rajputana Rajputana does not exist.
The country:

Kannauj (4497) is part of a state.


The country:

If Kannauj (4497) is part of the HRE, but its owner is not a member then:

  • the province is removed from the HRE.
  • the Holy Roman Emperor:
    • gets the opinion modifier “Removed provinces from the Empire” towards the owner, worth Opinion.png−50 opinion with a yearly decay of 1.
    • loses Imperial authority.png1 imperial authority.

Kannauj (4497):

  • becomes the new capital of the owner country.
  • gains Base tax.png 1 base tax,
  • gains Production.png 1 base production,
  • gains Manpower.png 1 base manpower.

  • AI will always take this decision.
  • AI gives "high priority" (400) to this decision

Execute decision.pngForm Bharat (Dravidian, Hindustani, Western Aryan)

Form the mighty Bharat and bring all the lands of the Indian subcontinent under your rule.

Potential requirements

Flag of Bharat Bharat does not exist.
The country:

If the country is AI-controlled then it:

Playing with normal or historical nations


The country:

  • is not a subject nation other than a tributary state.
  • is not at war.
  • is not a nomad nation.
  • has Stability.png 3 stability.
  • has embraced Feudalism.png Feudalism
  • owns its core provinces:
    • Multan (506)
    • Surat (517)
    • Central Doab (524)
    • Madurai (536)
    • Daulatabad (545)
    • Cuttack (552)
    • Pataliputra (558)
    • Bidar (1948)
    • Halar (2052)
    • Kumari (4410)
    • Mansura (4503)
    • Tondainadu (539)
    • Kandy (2099)
    • Ujjain (4461)
  • owns core provinces if Primary culture.png primary culture is Dravidian:
    • Vijayanagar (541)
    • Seringapatam (4421)
  • owns core provinces if Primary culture.png primary culture is Hindustani:
    • Lahore (507)
    • Delhi (522)
  • owns core provinces if Primary culture.png primary culture is Western Aryan:
    • Chittor (518)
    • Mahakoshal (550)

Provinces map

All orange provinces must be owned and cored.
Additional provinces are required based on primary culture:

  • Dravidian green
  • Hindustani blue
  • Western Aryan red
  • Central Indian yellow
  • Eastern Aryan pink

Formation grants permanent claims on shaded area.


The country:

  • AI will always take this decision.
  • AI gives "small priority" (50) to this decision

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Strategy The below is one of many player suggested strategies for Mewar. Bear in mind, due to the dynamic nature of the game, it may unfold differently for other players.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Mewar is a somewhat misleading nation that at first glance may seem like a fairly minor nation in the grand scheme of things in India. However, Mewar starts with the only gold mine in the entire subcontinent, and has excellent military-focused national ideas as well as a mission tree that grants permanent claims over most of Northern India. These factors make Mewar potentially an extremely powerful nation capable of quickly securing dominance over most of India. The nation's Rajput Kingdom reform, combined with its first national idea, make it so that army tradition decays extremely slowly, making it so the player gets two or three star generals as early as the 1450s. Additionally, Mewar's gold mine gets even better after completing the Found Udaipur and Jawar Silver Mine missions, securing Mewar financially in the early to mid-game.

Opening moves[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the game, the player should rival Flag of Gujarat Gujarat and Flag of Malwa Malwa, as Mewar’s mission tree grants permanent claims over most of these countries. The player can choose any small Indian minor as their third rival. Oftentimes, Flag of Jaunpur Jaunpur rivals Mewar in 1444, if so, do not dispair. You should usually rival them back in order to facilitate an alliance with either Delhi or Bengal. (If Flag of Jaunpur Jaunpur is friendly at the start, feel free to ally them, although this will be a temporary alliance as they will rival you once either Flag of Gujarat Gujarat or Flag of Malwa Malwa is beaten in a war.) Immediately begin improving relations with either Flag of Bahmanis Bahmanis or Flag of Vijayanagar Vijayanagar, although Flag of Vijayanagar Vijayanagar should be prioritized as it is the stronger of the two and won’t demand much land in peace deals during your wars of conquest through Northern India. Once they are willing to, royal marry and ally them, not only does this protect Mewar from an alliance of rivals attacking at the start, it also gives a powerful long-term ally to start with. However, Flag of Bahmanis Bahmanis is much easier to get early game as an ally, and are just as strong too, and if they will ally or royal marry you, you should absolutely take it unless that would mean sacrificing an alliance with another strong power. The first mission requires annexing Flag of Hadoti Hadoti, and as such cannot be completed until 1454. However, calling the diet at the beginning can give you claims on provinces in your vicinity.

Ideally, you can get a claim over the province of Kutch, which is very useful because we want to attack the nation of Flag of Kutch Kutch very soon. The first thing you will want to do is get rid of the rebels that spawn in your nation. Once you do, attack Flag of Kutch Kutch and full occupy them. Usually Flag of Gujarat Gujarat will attack them after you do, and if they do I would recommend actually vassalizing them instead of annexing them, because that makes you the defender of a war against Flag of Gujarat Gujarat, and you can call in your allies, usually Flag of Bengal Bengal or Flag of Vijayanagar Vijayanagar, or whoever you allied before the war. In this defensive war, you want to take all of their centers of trade, and make sure everything has a land connection to your capital so you don't have to rely on transports to do everything. After this war, up until you can integrate Flag of Hadoti Hadoti, fabricate claims on and annex the minors in the Gujarat trade node.

Another way is to fabricate a claim or get a claim from your estates on a province of Flag of Malwa Malwa, and full annex them straight away. This may lead to a coalition, but an alliance with Flag of Vijayanagar Vijayanagar should be enough to stop them declaring. Take all of the small one or two province nations around you (assuming they didn't join the coalition) like Flag of Kutch Kutch. Afterwards Flag of Vijayanagar Vijayanagar will most likely attack the Flag of Bahmanis Bahmanis, so help them in that war. Afterwards attack Flag of Jaunpur Jaunpur with Flag of Vijayanagar Vijayanagar's help. Sometimes they ally Bengal and Dehli, in which case you can attack Gujurat. When one of those two have been defeated, start fabricating claims on Flag of Sindh Sindh. You are now in a strong position to attack Delhi and unite the Rajput lands.

After integrating Flag of Hadoti Hadoti, you will finally reach the beginning of your expansion mission tree, which will lead you to forming Flag of Rajputana Rajputana.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Maharana Pratap icon
Start as Mewar and field an army of 20 Rajput regiments.
Mewar Never Changes icon
Complete the Mewar Mission Tree.
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