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A march is a military orientated subject nation, which receives bonuses to its army, navy and forts at a cost of paying no taxes to its overlord and being more difficult to annex. Marches are more helpful subjects in wars, and can make an excellent buffer state between an overlord and its enemies.

Benefits of a March[edit | edit source]

A march doesn't pay taxes to their suzerain and cannot be annexed as long as they are designated a march. In exchange, they have Liberty desire.png-15% Liberty Desire and receive the following military bonuses:

Military bonuses[edit | edit source]

National manpower modifier.png +25% National manpower modifier
Land force limit modifier.png +30% Land force limit modifier
Naval force limit modifier.png +30% Naval force limit modifier
Fort defense.png +20% Fort defense
Fort maintenance.png −20% Fort maintenance
Manpower recovery speed.png +20% Manpower recovery speed
Land maintenance modifier.png −20% Land maintenance modifier
Naval maintenance modifier.png −20% Naval maintenance modifier

A march only receives these bonuses as long as it has less than 25% of the Development.pngdevelopment of its overlord.

March force limit contribution[edit | edit source]

Marches increase the suzerain's Land forcelimit.png land force limit by 1 and 20% of its army limit. This contribution can be increased by the following.

Ideas and policies:

Vassal force limit contribution.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Influence idea 7: Marcher Lords
  • Andalusian idea 2: Taifa Administration
  • Ashikaga idea 7: Reform the Shogun - Shugo System
  • Bosnian idea 5: Land of Princes
  • Herzegovinian idea 5: Land of Princes
  • Latin idea 1: Emperor of Constantinople
  • Majapahit idea 1: Nusantara Tributaries
  • Horde-Influence: Kharash
  • Influence-Aristocratic: Autonomous Estates
  • Influence-Economic: Vassal Obligations Act
  • Plutocratic-Influence: Unified Army Command
  • Mercenary-Influence: Client State Act
  • Tongan idea 2: Pulotu's Creation

Decisions and events:

Vassal force limit contribution.png Event modifier Trigger Duration
+100% Firm Hand Influence ideas event: “A Firm Hand for 10 years.

Creating a March[edit | edit source]

Marches are created from a Vassal.png vassal via the "Designate March" button under the "Influence actions" section of the vassal's diplomacy window. Vassals are usually keen to become marches, and will sometimes ask their overlord to make them one. As of the Common Sense DLC, there is a -1000 malus towards an overlord accepting a request from a vassal to become a march if the vassal is next to colonizable territory, not bordering any of the overlord's rivals or enemies, or the vassal is in the overlord's culture group.

Although Art of War is required to designate a march, sometimes it is possible to have a march subject without the DLC.

  • Flag of Poland Poland or Flag of Hungary Hungary both have a chance to get Flag of Moldavia Moldavia as a march through the Roman's Invasion Event
  • Flag of Ottomans Ottomans starts with
    • Flag of Crimea Crimea as a march from 1 May 1478 to 20 July 1774.
    • Flag of Tripoli Tripoli as a march from 1516 to 1710.
    • Flag of Algiers Algiers as a march from 1516 to 1821.
    • Flag of Tunis Tunis as a march from 1593 to 1704.
  • Any eligible country can get Flag of Habsan Habsan as a march through the Siddi State of Habsan event.
  • Flag of Ottomans Ottomans can get Flag of Crimea Crimea as a march through the Fate of the Crimean Khanate event.
  • The Flag of Mongol Empire Mongol Empire, Flag of Yuan Yuan, or Flag of Golden Horde Golden Horde can release Flag of Ilkhanate Ilkhanate as a march if they conquer Persia.
  • Any country controlling Kuma (province), can get Flag of Kalmyk Kalmyk as a march by event
  • If the Golden Age of Piracy event has fired, the player controls Madagascar, and have some other requirements met they can get Flag of Libertatia Libertatia as a march. Requires Golden Century
  • If a country controls the right province in North Africa and many other requirements are met they can release Flag of Salé Salé as a march by event. Requires Golden Century.

Revoking a March[edit | edit source]

The status of a march can be revoked for the price of Stability.png −1 stability and Icon diplomacy relations.png −50 relations, decaying at a base rate of 2 per year. Revoking a march returns the subject to vassalage, allowing diplomatic annexation by the overlord 10 years after the revocation. Note that the stability cost penalty can be negated by completing the Diplomatic idea group.

Subject interaction[edit | edit source]

Main article: Subject_nation#Subject_interactions

In addition to the generic subject interactions, marches have the following unique options:

Icon Interaction Effect
Fortify March.png Fortify March Build a fort, paid for by the overlord
Send Officers.png Send Officers
  • Liberty desire.png-10% Liberty Desire
  • Overlord pays 33% of subject's Land maintenance modifier.png army maintenance
  • Subject gets +20% Morale.png Land Morale and +5% Discipline.png Discipline
Subsidize Armies.png Subsidize Armies
  • 10% of the overlord's Manpower.pngmanpower is sent to the subject
  • +50 Icon diplomacy relations.png relations with subject

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Full House icon
Have 3 Vassals and 2 Marches at the same time.
Holy Trinity icon
As the Papal State, own Jerusalem and have Livonian Order, Teutonic Order, and The Knights as Marches.
Marshy March icon
Have a march with at least two marsh provinces.