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Game modification: Loot Boxes
Loot Boxes
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Loot Boxes is a mod which, as the name suggests, allows you to purchase Loot Boxes! And with over 100 possible rewards, there's plenty of variety! You can do this via a decision as any nation. You will then get an event with a handful of Loot Boxes to pick from! The mod also includes a 'Lottery' system which allows you to purchase 'lottery tickets!'

Types of Loot Boxes[edit | edit source]

Power Box[edit | edit source]

The power box is the best to purchase if you're running behind on monarch points. If you're lucky, you may just get 250 of all monarch points. If you're unlucky, it might just be 25 administrative points. This box offers over 15 combinations of monarch points!

Military Box[edit | edit source]

Fighting a war and need some help? This might be the box for you! This box offers anything from generals of varying quality, to army tradition to a discipline modifier!

Economic Box[edit | edit source]

Strapped for cash? Well, you probably shouldn't be buying Loot Boxes! But if you insist, this is the box for you. You could get your money back, or maybe a goods produced modifier, or so much money that your monarch is crushed to death...

Political Box[edit | edit source]

Did your monarch die without an heir, and destroy any semblance of legitimacy your dynasty had? Step right up and purchase yourself a political box, you may just get that legitimacy back... or the heir you've always dreamed of.

Mystery Box[edit | edit source]

Do you embrace chaos? Do you treat the fate of your country and people as nothing more than a game for your amusement? Then you might just love the mystery box. With over 40 possible rewards, you never know what you will get out of it.. perhaps a cheap advisor? A new religion? A coup? Maybe you'll embrace a far-off technology group? Only one way to find out...

Lottery System[edit | edit source]

The mod also includes a lottery system, which is designed primarily for multiplayer, however will somewhat function in single player as well. In order to participate, you must wait for the "Great Lottery of *year*" event to spawn. After, you may purchase an unlimited amount of tickets for 100 ducats each. Be careful though, as after around 30 tickets, the odds of winning from purchasing more tickets provides drastically diminishing returns. Once a winner is chosen, they will get an event and all of the money spent on tickets, as well as some prestige. In multiplayer this means that if you bought 5 tickets, and the other players bought 15 between them, you will get 2,000 ducats. The lottery will then have a cool down of roughly 25 years before the next Great Lottery.