Liberum Veto events

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This is a list "Liberum Veto" events:[1]


Msg event.pngFurther concessions demanded

As we have graciously granted the Liberum Veto, our nobility are demanding further concessions or they will use their right of confederation against us.
Trigger conditions
  • Country flag librium_veto is set
  • Is not at war
Mean time to happen

1000 months

  • Stability.png Stability
    • is -1 or less: ×0.7
    • is -2 or less: ×0.7
    • is -3: ×0.7
  • Ruler's Administrative power.png administrative skill: is:
    • is 2 or less: ×0.95
    • is 1 or less: ×0.95
    • is 0: ×0.95
  • Has country modifier “The Nieszawa Privileges” : ×0.8

Event button 547.png
We grant these concessions.
  • If the country has a stability of less than +3,
    • then it gains Stability.png1 stability,
    • else it gains Administrative power.png50 administrative power.
  • Gain country modifier “Increased Decentralization” for 10 years, giving:
    • Autonomy.png +5% global autonomy
    • National unrest.png -1 global unrest
  • Gain country modifier “Increased Aristocracy” for 10 years, giving:
    • Cavalry cost.png -10% cavalry cost
    • Trade efficiency.png -5% trade efficiency
  • One random owned non-colony provincewith at least 2 Base tax.png Base tax:
    • Lose Base tax.png 1 base tax
Event button 547.png
I fear no confederation.
  • Lose Stability.png 1 stability
  • Four random owned non-colony provinces:
    • Noble rebels.png Noble rebels (size 1) rise in revolt

Msg event.pngNoble Support

Our nobles fear that should their lands be lost to the enemy they will no longer enjoy the Liberum Veto. Thus they are making contributions towards the war effort.
Trigger conditions
  • Country flag librium_veto is set
  • Is at war
  • Any owned province:
    • Province is controlled by an enemy
    • Is not under siege
Mean time to happen

800 months

  • Has country modifier “The Nieszawa Privileges” : ×0.8
  • Country flag pol_pact_conventa_flag is set: ×0.8

Event button 547.png
  • Lose Icon war exhaustion.png 1 war exhaustion
  • One random owned province which match the trigger conditions:
    • One cavalry regiment loyal to us spawns
    • Two infantry regiments loyal to us spawns

Msg event.pngReform

For a long time the power of the government has been seriously restricted by the granting of the Liberum Veto. Now the government finally feels strong enough to consider reform. However, our neighbors may not look too kindly on our attempts to strengthen the state.
Trigger conditions
  • Country flag librium_veto is set
  • Stability.png Stability is +3
  • Yearly prestige.png Prestige is at least +50
  • Is not at war
  • Ruler's Administrative power.png administrative skill is at least 3
  • Ruler's Diplomatic power.png diplomatic skill is at least 3
  • Ruler's Military power.png military skill is at least 3
Mean time to happen

300 months

  • Does not have country modifier “The Nieszawa Privileges” : ×0.8

Event button 547.png
Yes, we must.
  • Clear country flag librium_veto
  • Tree random owned non-colony provinces:
    • Gain Base tax.png 1 base tax
  • Every neighbouring countries where country flag librium_veto is not set
    • Get the country event “End of the Liberum Veto”
Event button 547.png
No, it's not the right time.
  • Lose Yearly prestige.png 25 prestige
  • Lose Legitimacy.png 25 legitimacy

Msg event.pngEnd of the Liberum Veto

One of neighbors had very kindly kept itself weak and divided by having the policy of the Liberum Veto. Now, however, they have started to reform and so will greatly strengthen.
Trigger conditions
  • None
Is triggered only by

Msg event.png event “Reform” - option "Yes, we must."

Event button 547.png
Time to take action.

Gain a claim on every neighbouring provinces of the former Liberum Veto country

  1. These events can be found in /Europa Universalis IV/events/libirumveto.txt.