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Primary culture
Swahili (East Bantu)

Capital province
Kilwa (1196)

Tribal Monarchy Government tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
East AfricanEast African technology group
Swahili ideas

For countries with Primary culture.png Swahili primary culture.

Traditions.png Traditions:

−20% Light ship cost
+25% Trade range

Trade efficiency.png Indian Ocean Trade

+10% Trade efficiency
−10% Sailor maintenance

Naval leader maneuver.png Monsoon Season

+1 Naval leader maneuver

Tolerance of the true faith.png Great Mosque of Kilwa

+1 Tolerance of true faith

Idea cost.png Indian Ocean Melting Pot

−5% Idea costs

Mercenary maintenance.png Recruit the Unbelievers

−15% Mercenary maintenance

Production efficiency.png Ivory Trade

+10% Production efficiency

Diplomatic reputation.png Familiar Presence Abroad

+1 Diplomatic reputation
+1 Diplomatic relation

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Global trade power

Kilwa is a nation in East Africa. Along with its vassal, Flag of Sofala Sofala, it owns most of the Swahili Coast. Aside from Sofala, it only borders Flag of Makua Makua to the west and Flag of Mombasa Mombasa to the north, while the Malagasy states lie across the sea. Due to relatively high development for this part of the world and better technology than most neighboring countries it starts in a perfect position for early expansion.


Main article: Kilwan events

Kilwan events focus on the conflict between orthodox Islam brought by foreign traders and its liberal interpretation prevalent in Kilwa.


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Queen of Mercury icon
Queen of Mercury
As Kilwa, own and have cores on Zanzibar and Bombay (Thana).
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