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Kingdom rankKazan
Primary culture
Kazani (Tatar)

Capital province
Kazan (1082)

Steppe NomadsGovernment steppe horde.png

State religion

Technology group
NomadicNomadic technology group
Kazani ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+2 Tolerance of heathens
−10% Aggressive expansion impact

Religious unity.png Steppe Tolerance

+25% Religious unity

Core-creation cost.png Tribal Legacy

−25% Core-creation cost

Cavalry combat ability.png Warrior Society

+20% Cavalry combat ability

National manpower modifier.png Legacy of the Great Horde

+25% National manpower modifier

Land leader maneuver.png Steppe Warfare

+1 Land leader maneuver

Fort defense.png Settle Down

+15% Fort defense

Trade efficiency.png End Western Domination

+10% Trade efficiency

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+50% Cavalry flanking ability
For the area, see Kazan (area).

In 1444 Kazan is in a precarious situation surrounded by powerful neighbors with the Great Horde to the west, Uzbek to the east, Muscovy to the north, and Nogai to the south; all have nearly equal strength to Kazan. However, its national ideas make it a potential great power in the late game. Apart from the few neighboring hordes (which will eventually fall apart or be eaten by Muscovy), Kazan is surrounded by non-Muslim nations. With its increased religious unity and tolerance of heathens, Kazan can easily expand in any direction without taking the Humanist idea group. This leaves room to focus on economic and military ideas, which can ensure regional dominance if applied correctly. Kazan is by no means an easy nation to play, but if the player can weather the rough start long enough to reform government and westernize, the late game rewards can be extremely powerful.


Main article: Tatar missions


Execute decision.pngReform Golden Horde

Centuries ago our Great Father united our ancestors in their ancient homeland. He died leaving his sons to squabble and split his mighty empire into petty fiefs, small, weak and unworthy of his legacy! The disjointed remnants still sweep across the steppes instilling fear in the hearts of his enemies just like the Great Mongol army once did.
No more! A worthy people still carrying the banner of his legacy ride across these lands! While we now bow before a new God, the blood of Genghis Khan still flows through our veins. We are the Golden Horde and we are coming for what is rightfully ours!

Potential requirements

Flag of Golden Horde Golden Horde does not exist.
The country:

If this country is AI-controlled, then it:

  • can not be a custom nation.
  • has at least 20 provinces.

The country:

  • is not a subject nation.
  • is not at war.
  • has at least 30 provinces.
  • owns as core provinces:
    • Crimea (284), Tambov (302), Astrakhan (464), Nogai (465), Sarai (466), Kypshak (476), Chimgi-Tura (1075), Kazan (1082), Qasim (1778), and Mansur (2411)
  • owns or has a subject own:
    • Tver (294), Moscow (295), Ryazan (301), Vladimir (307), Yaroslavl (308), and Suzdal (1956)


The country:

  • changes to Flag of Golden Horde Golden Horde.
  • gets Empire rank empire rank.
  • removes all provinces from the HRE if it is a member but not an elector or the emperor.
  • gets permanent claims on all unowned provinces in:
    • Pontic Steppe, Nogai, Lower Yik, Bashkiria, Kazan, Samara, Ural, Ishim, Yrtesh, Ob, and Kazakhstan regions.
  • gets the modifier “Increased Centralization” for 20 years with the following effects:
    • Autonomy.png−0.05 monthly autonomy change,
    • National unrest.png+1 national unrest.
  • gains Prestige.png25 prestige.
Own core (yellow), own or subject own (orange), permanent claims after formation (pink)


Early game strategy[edit]

Kazan players will find it difficult to survive the early game without allies to protect them, as Flag of Muscovy Muscovy, Flag of Great Horde Great Horde, and/or Flag of Lithuania Lithuania frequently rivals them, and either can take an opportunity to declare war if Kazan finds itself bogged down in a war with weaker neighbors. Therefore, it is recommended to acquire at least one ally in order to deter such attacks. Flag of Poland Poland and Flag of Timurids Timurids make excellent allies, but usually fill out their relation slots too quickly for an alliance with Kazan to become feasible from the start. Instead, one of the weaker hordes like Flag of Chagatai Chagatai, Flag of Great Horde Great Horde or Flag of Crimea Crimea must often suffice even though ideally (for purposes of reforming the Flag of Golden Horde Golden Horde) they hold territory of interest. If allies cannot be acquired at all (i.e. Kazan is rivaled by all its neighbors) or all the neighbors form a thick web of defensive alliances, a restart should be considered.

Build up your cavalry, and get extra manpower, horses, and a general from the Tribes estate. Hordes do not receive penalties for having more cavalry than infantry and receive strong benefits to cavalry. Do not invest in diplomatic technology, as it will be used to quickly advance through ideas and unlock reduced coring costs faster. Only use them to raise base production in Bashgird, your gold producing province, or when you are approaching the cap. Also consider hiring a few mercenaries, as Kazan easily finds itself lacking in manpower rather than ducats. Make your ruler a general too, and hope for strong shock pips.

Once you have them both allied, declare war on Flag of Nogai Nogai. Nogai can have allies, but that is OK. If you have allied Flag of Uzbek Uzbek or Flag of Great Horde Great Horde and they in turn rival Nogai, they will frequently join your war for promises of land. The best strategy for your early wars is to let the enemy move into your steppe terrain provinces and then attack them. Hordes gain massive bonuses to Shock by attacking on your own steppe provinces and combined with the cavalry bonus, should allow you to easily defeat their armies. You will want to siege as many provinces as possible because soon after you start your war with Nogai, if they haven't joined already, Golden Horde and Uzbek will both declare war on Nogai. Golden Horde will defeat Crimea easily. Take as much land as possible in your peace deal, then raze and core it all. Use your new Diplomatic Points to raise the production in Bashgird. Do not raise it above 10, as that gives a chance for the gold mine to deplete.

Once you have razed and cored Nogai, turn your attention to the Golden Horde. They should be ally-less and can be defeated with proper strategy. Once you have defeated them, set a rival to Flag of Muscovy Muscovy and ally whoever rivals them, possibly Flag of Poland Poland or Flag of Lithuania Lithuania. While you wait to build up favors with Poland, vassalise Flag of Ryazan Ryazan. Once you have 10 favors with Poland, declare war on Muscovy. Poland will accept the call to arms and Muscovy will be defeated. After the peace treaty, raze the provinces and grant Ryazan the provinces they have claims on except Kasimov (which is needed for the Tatarstan achievement). Now you can focus on reclaiming any land in the Tatar culture group. If Timurids have exploded, they can be a very easy target for conquest.

Early game strategy points of interest[edit]

  • Fight major battles on your steppes land with a cavalry heavy army.
  • Conserve manpower by splitting your armies (when safe to do so) to avoid attrition.
  • Save diplomatic points until you unlock your first idea. Then spend them all upgrading it.
  • Raze every province, even if you plan to grant it to your vassal.
  • Ally Poland as soon as you can, then attack Muscovy.


Tatarstan icon
As Kazan or Nogai, own all Tatar culture group lands.
Gold Rush icon
Reform the Golden Horde before 1500.
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