Kanem Bornu

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Kingdom rankKanem Bornu
Kanem Bornu.png
Primary culture
Kanuri (Sahelian)

Capital province
Borno (1157)

Despotic MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
West AfricanWest African technology group
Kanem Bornuan ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+1 Leader without upkeep
+25% Income from vassals

Production efficiency.png Land of Ngazargamu

+10% Production efficiency

National unrest.png Sayfawa Dynasty

−1 National unrest

Goods produced modifier.png Aluma's Reforms

+10% Goods produced modifier

Missionary strength.png House of Kanem

+2% Missionary strength
+1 Tolerance of the true faith

Shock damage received.png Fixed Military Camps

−10% Shock damage received

Stability cost modifier.png The Council of Clan Heads

−10% Stability cost modifier

Provincial trade power modifier.png Duties on Sahara Trade

+15% Provincial trade power modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Yearly legitimacy

Kanem Bornu is a medium-sized despotic monarchy in West Africa. Kanem Bornu starts with cores on its neighbor, Yao. They are Sunni of the Maliki school Maliki school.

Kanem Bornu's neighbors start off with roughly the same base tax, forcelimit, and manpower, but with skillful playing can be beaten. The second "wave" of neighbors, however, are weak and small. This allows Kanem Bornu to expand rapidly once they break out of their start.


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Kanem Bornu's main enemies are Flag of Yao Yao and Flag of Air Air, as Kanem Bornu you have cores on both at the start of the game, giving you a casus belli on both. You start out with as many troops as both of them, so a war with no allies and they have some allies is troublesome. They have a 1-0-1 ruler on start and a 1-1-1 heir, so monarch point generation will be difficult.

Early Game[edit]

You should start off by declaring a reconquest war on either Flag of Yao Yao or Flag of Air Air, it depend on who has less allies, one of them has no allies you don't have to build any troops to beat them. If they do have allies than build troops and ally a small nation around you. Once you have gained 100% warscore on them take all of there land and ducats you won't incur a coalition doing this. After you defeated the weaker one wait to have you troops fully recovered to declare your next war on either Flag of Yao Yao or Flag of Air Air. Once you win the war and take all of there land and ducats build a spy network inside a minor state near you like Flag of Katsina Katsina, Flag of Kano Kano, or Flag of Zazzau Zazzau

Nigerian Expansion[edit]

At this point you should have gotten all of your cores back and some land in Nigeria, you need to build on nations like Flag of Oyo Oyo, Flag of Zazzau Zazzau,and Flag of Nupe Nupe. During the time where you are waiting to have claims on them develop your capital to get feudalism. Once you have the claims you should get one or two allies Flag of Mossi Mossi is strong enough and is reliable so I would recommend them. At this point you should have border Flag of Benin Benin at this point you should be able to take them and there allies with ease.

New Competition[edit]

You should have about tech 5 by 1480 you should pick expansion idea so you can colonize the ivory coast region because of it's trade value and to halt Europeans. By this time you should have seen a Flag of Portugal Portugal ship and there may be some colonies around you. Once this happens you should have limited there West African expansion and gotten the best provinces. You should see that they have a low opinion of you because of your religion. You now should colonize into the provinces near Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia and by this point you should be strong enough to beat them.

Song-hay Expansion[edit]

After expanding into Nigeria and colonizing rich provinces you should still have competition in the west they will be one or more of these three Flag of Songhai Songhai, Flag of Mali Mali, and Flag of Timbuktu Timbuktu they have most likely killed one of the other states in my experience it was Flag of Timbuktu Timbuktu. The ones that are left will be weak because of not being able to expand and Flag of Fulo Fulo will have appeared by now and it would have taken a strain on Flag of Mali Mali. Taking them over will be easy and they won't be a challenge even to the most inept players of the game.

New Religion[edit]

Once you expand into Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia you will have some issues with unrest in all of the provinces that are Coptic, they will become Coptic zealots and will convert your provinces on siege. After the zealots siege a province siege it so it will just be Coptic and to keep the zealots enforcement down. Run them through your entire nation until you get 100% religious unity. You can now royally marry any European nation as long as you convince them to, this also gives you a worse religion it also allows you to become Catholic and other christian religions such as Protestantism.

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