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Innovativeness.png Innovativeness gives scaling bonuses to monarch power spending and military tradition decay.

At 100 innovativeness the following benefits come into effect:

All power costs.png −10% All power costs
Yearly army tradition decay.png −1% Yearly army tradition decay
Yearly navy tradition decay.png −1% Yearly navy tradition decay

Changing innovativeness[edit | edit source]

Innovativeness is gained and lost as follows:

  • Researching a Technology.png technology first, or within 365 days after it was first researched by another nation: +4
  • Taking an Idea bonus.png idea first or within 365 days after it was first taken by another nation: +2
  • Being ahead of time in at least one technology: +0.01 monthly
  • Not ahead of time in any technology while a neighboring nation is ahead of you in at least one technology: −0.03 monthly

Additionally, various events will give one-time boosts to Innovativeness.png innovativeness. Flag of Great Britain Great Britain especially has a lot of these events, and Flag of Netherlands Netherlands has quite a few.

Innovativeness gain[edit | edit source]

Innovativeness gain.png Innovativeness gain is a modifier that increases the innovativeness gained from any source by the stated percentage. It can be acquired by:

  • Being Anglican.png Anglican: +50%

Innovativeness gain Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Innovative idea 2: Empiricism

Without Rule Britannia.png Rule Britannia, these bonuses are replaced with Idea cost.png idea cost reductions of one-tenth the magnitude.

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