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Game modification: Imperium Universalis
Imperium Universalis
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Total Conversion


(2021.4.3) for EUIV v1.30.6

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Imperium Universalis (612BC - 375AD) is a total conversion mod for Europa Universalis IV. It is set in the antiquity and starts with the Fall of Nineveh and is playable until the year 375 AD. The mod includes many new gameplay features such as dynamic population growth, war elephants, new buildings, new idea groups and historical features such as the rise of Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Christianity and the rise and fall of different empires. The map is completely new and contains Europe, northern Africa and Asia. Because Europa Universalis can't use BCE dates years have been changed to AUC: Ab Urbe Condita, years from the foundation of Rome. The game thus starts on 145 AUC and ends on 1128 AUC.

Main Features[edit | edit source]

Development[edit | edit source]

Base Tax, production, and manpower have been replaced by a population system: Upper Class population, Commoner population, and Tribal population. These three classes give different modifiers according to their numbers. Tribal population represents the uncivilized and rural portions of your population, they do not give much monetary boni but give manpower, sailors, and land/naval force limit. The Commoner population are the skilled laborers who generate small amounts of tax income and mainly improve the production of a province. The Upper Class give a high amount of tax income but no production. Developing a province has been disabled instead the popultaion will now dynamically grow based on certain factors like terrain type, buildings and prosperity.

Casus Belli[edit | edit source]

Fabricating claims has been disabled in Imperium Universalis. There are now three main Casus Bellis: Hegemony, Border Conquest and Invasion. The Hegemony Casus Belli will allow the player to vassalize other nations in their religous sphere. The Border Conquest is for the direct annexation of provinces. This Casus Belli will "always" be there, ready for use against neighboring nations. The aggressive expansion caused by the Casus Bellis changes according to the military skills of the ruler. The Invasion CB allows instant annexation of the target country but is only available against much larger nations.

Military[edit | edit source]

Artillery has been replaced by skirmishers (archers), these are available from the start of the game but are equal to inantry in power. Additionally some nation have access to special troops, such as Citizen Units for the hellenic world or War Elephants for the owners of elephants provinces. Generals have also been changed as they can now have a much higher amount of pips.

Map[edit | edit source]

The map size is about the same as the Europa Universalis map, it was created entirely from scratch for the mod and encompasses Europe, Asia and northern Africa. The map is currently made up off about 5400 provinces. The sea provinces of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are separated from the sea provinces of Asia but can be connected later in the game with the Canal of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Many new Terrain types such as Fertile Highlands, Alluvial Plains, Salt Flats and Oases have been added.

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