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Primary culture
Mongol (Altaic)

Capital province
Soltanieh (4338)

IqtaGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
MuslimMuslim technology group
Ilkhanid ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
−15% Cavalry cost
+20% Cavalry combat ability

Legitimacy.png Restored Ilkhanate

+1 Yearly legitimacy
+1 Yearly horde unity

Tolerance heretic.png Favor Sufism

+2 Tolerance of heretics

Max promoted cultures.png Persian Language at Court

+1 Max promoted culture

Envoy travel time.png The Yam

−25% Envoy travel time
+15% Movement speed

Years of separatism.png Mongol Peace

−5 Years of separatism

Technology cost.png Patronize Observatories

−5% Technology cost

Land fire damage.png Recruit Turkoman Gunners

+10% Land fire damage

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+50% Cavalry flanking ability

The Ilkhanate is a formable country by Altaic or Tatar steppe nomad owning entire Persia (region). It can also be released as a March through mission or decision with the Flag of Mongol Empire Mongol Empire, Flag of Golden Horde Golden Horde or Flag of Yuan Yuan. It can be formed by rebels in provinces with Mongol culture in the Mashriq, even though they have no cores at the beginning of the game.


Forming the IlkhanateEdit

 Re-form the Ilkhanate

The Ilkhanate, successors to the Mongol Empire in Persia, once ruled over a great empire. It is time to restore this legacy and rule Persia as a new dynasty of Ilkhans.

Potential requirements

The country:

If the country is AI-controlled, then it can not be a custom nation.


  Ilkhanate does not exist.
The country:


The country:

  • becomes   Ilkhanate.
  • gains  25 prestige.
  • gets the modifier “Increased Centralization” for 20 years with the following effects:
    •  −0.05 monthly autonomy change,
    •  +1 national unrest.

If   Ilkhanate does not have custom ideas:

Release as marchEdit

 Restore the Ilkhanate

As the Great Khan did long ago, we should delegate Persia to a subordinate Khan to ease the burden of ruling our vast empire.

Potential requirements

  Ilkhanate does not exist.
The country:


The country:



  • gets cores on Persia (region).

The country:



 The Restoration of the Il-Khanate

Following a hard-fought campaign, the [Root.Monarch.GetTitle] has called for a Kurultai at the recently conquered city of Soltanieh. An assembly of generals and lesser Khans gathers outside a most auspicious location; the Mausoleum of the Ilkhan Oljeitu.
Speaking before the Kurultai, [Root.Monarch.GetTitle] [Root.Monarch.GetName] raises the pressing question of how Iran is to be ruled; [Root.Monarch.GetSheHe] gestures toward the Mausoleum and boldly proposes that the Ilkhanate should be restored. Invoking the legacy of the great Mongol Empire and the conquests of Genghis Khan, [Root.Monarch.GetSheHe] makes a compelling case for the revival of the subordinate Khanate.

This event happens only once during a campaign.
Trigger conditions
  • None
Is triggered only by

by the Tatar mission ‘Restore the Ilkhanate’.

Appoint a subordinate Khan.


The country:


We can rule Persia on our own.

Soltanieh (4338):

  • gains  2 base tax.
  • gains  2 base manpower.
  • gains  2 base production.
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