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Idea group events[1] rely on the country having unlocked the relevant idea group. Every five years there is a chance of one of these events happening.

Administrative idea groups[edit | edit source]

Diplomatic idea groups[edit | edit source]

Military idea groups[edit | edit source]

Swap national ideas[edit | edit source]

Several country formation decisions allow the country to either retain its previous ideas, or adopt those associated with the new tag.


Msg event.pngNew Traditions & Ambitions

Our state is going through a range of changes that is rapidly changing our identity and ideals. Unless we actively work against it we will see the ambitions and traditions of our country change as a result of this.

Trigger conditions
  • None
Is triggered only by

various decisions.

Option conditions

Event trigger.pngEnabled if: the country does not have custom ideas, then:

Event button 547.png
Yes, Please!

Swap to the new national ideas.

Event trigger.pngAlways enabled:

Event button 547.png
No, we cannot abandon our roots.

None (retain previous ideas)

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. These events can be found in /Europa Universalis IV/events/ideagroups.txt.