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Game modification: Idea Groups Expanded
Idea Groups Expanded
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Description[edit | edit source]

Welcome to Idea Groups Expanded! Adding more than 14 new idea groups, IGE looks to greatly rebalance and expand the vanilla content. Experience unique idea groups for Hordes, Pirate Republics, Great Powers & more!

Administrative groups[edit | edit source]

IGEAdministrative idea group.png Administrative

Administrative advisor cost.png Administrative Representative

−20% Administrative advisor cost

Core-creation cost.png Adaptability

−20% Core creation cost

Governing capacity.png Expand Royal Administration

−50% Expand administration cost

Interest per annum.png Bookkeeping

−0.5 Interest per annum

Minimum autonomy in territories.png Borderlands Control

−10% Minimum autonomy in territories

Administrative efficiency.png Administrative Efficiency

+2.5% Administrative efficiency
+1 Possible advisors

Administrative technology cost.png Civil Service

−10% Administrative technology cost

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+20% Governing capacity modifier

IGEChristian idea group.png Christian

Notes: Can be selected only if the following are true:

  • Religion is in Cult Christianity.png Christian group

Missionaries.png Missionary Schools

+1 Missionaries
−33% Missionary Maintenance Cost

Missionary strength.png Divine Supremacy

+3% Missionary strength

Papal influence.png Religious Fervor

+2 Yearly papal influence
+0.25 Church power
+0.5 Yearly patriarch authority
+1 Monthly fervor
+1 Tolerance of the true faith

War score cost vs other religions.png Sacret Struggle

-10% War score cost vs other religions

Cb on religious enemies.png Deus Vult

Gain permanent "Holy War" and "Purging of Heresy" Casus Belli against heathens and heretics respectively.

Religious unity.png Faith Through Unity

+10% Religious unity
+1 Tolerance of the true faith

Missionary strength vs heretics.png Unwavering Will

+2% Missionary strength vs heretics

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

-50% Cost of enforcing religion through war

IGEConfucian idea group.png Confucian

Notes: Can be selected only if the following are true:

  • Religion is Confucianism Confucian

Yearly harmony increase.png Wucháng

+25% Religious harmonization speed

Idea cost.png Study the Five Classics

−5% Idea cost
+1 Tolerance of heretics

Improve relations.png Syncretic Philosophy

+25% Improve relations

Stability cost modifier.png Axis Mundi

−20% Stability cost modifier

Construction cost.png Ancestral Shrines

−15% Construction cost

Meritocracy.png Nobility by Virtue

+0.5 Yearly meritocracy
−15% Advisor costs

Yearly harmony increase.png Social Harmony

+0.25 Yearly harmony increase

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+1 Tolerance of the true faith

IGEExpansion idea group.png Expansion

Colonists.png Additional Colonists

+1 Colonists

Merchants.png Additional Merchants

+1 Merchants

Global settler increase.png Faster Colonists

+20 Global settler increase

Trade company governing cost.png Factories

-20% Trade company governing cost
-25% Center of trade upgrade cost

Diplomatic relations.png Additional Diplomats

+1 Diplomatic relations

Settler chance.png General Colonization Law

+10 Colonial subject settler increase
+10% Colonial subject settler chance
+5% Settler chance

Trade power.png Competitive Merchants

+20% Global trade power

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

Gain permanent "Overseas Expansion" Casus Belli against countries with Indian, Sub-Saharan, Chinese or Nomad tech group. (Only usable if country's tech group is Western, Eastern or Anatolian.)
-10% Cost to promote mercantilism

IGEImperial idea group.png Imperial

Yearly corruption.png Imperial Reforms

−0.1 Yearly corruption

Legitimacy.png Born in the Purple

+0.5 Yearly legitimacy
0.2 Yearly republican tradition
+0.5 Yearly horde unity
+1 Yearly devotion
+50% Chance of new heir

Advisor cost.png Efficient Bureaucracy

−10% Advisor costs
−10% Stability cost modifier

Construction cost.png Urban Development

−10% Construction cost
−5% Development cost

Maximum absolutism.png Supreme Authority

+5 Maximum absolutism
+50 Yearly absolutism

Liberty desire in subjects.png Benign Legislation

−5% Liberty desire in subjects

Diplomatic reputation.png Benevolent Reputation

+1 Diplomatic reputation
+1 Diplomatic relations

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

−15% Expand administration cost

IGEIslamic idea group.png Islamic

Notes: Can be selected only if the following are true:

  • Religion is in Cult Islam.png Muslim group

Missionary strength.png Adhan

+3% Missionary strength

National tax modifier.png Jizya Tax

+10% National tax modifier
+5% Dhimmi loyalty equilibrium

Clergy influence.png Religious Warriors

Upon ascension to the throne, choose your path of kingship
+5% Clergy influence

Missionaries.png Twelve Imams

+1 Missionaries
−33% Missionary Maintenance Cost

Legitimacy.png Haji Pilgrimage

+1 Yearly legitimacy
0.3 Yearly republican tradition
+1 Yearly devotion
+1 Yearly horde unity

Cb on religious enemies.png Jihad

Gain permanent "Holy War" and "Purging of Heresy" Casus Belli against heathens and heretics respectively.

Tolerance of the true faith.png Shadada

+2 Tolerance of the true faith

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+2% Missionary strength vs heretics

IGEState Affairs idea group.png State Affairs

Yearly corruption.png Meritocratic Offices

−0.05 Yearly corruption
−10% Advisor costs

Autonomy change cooldown.png Modernized Administration

−33% Autonomy change cooldown
−0.025 Monthly autonomy change

State governing cost.png Red Tape Reduction

−10% States governing cost

Estates loyalty.png Efficient Regional Governors

+5% All estates loyalty equilibrium

Stability cost modifier.png Stable Rule

−20% Stability cost modifier

Construction cost.png Public Works

−10% Construction cost
−20% Construction time

Production efficiency.png Production Quotas

+10% Production efficiency
+5% Goods produced modifier

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+20% Governing capacity modifier

Diplomatic groups[edit | edit source]

IGEEspionage idea group.png Espionage

Spy network construction.png Efficient Spies

+50% Spy Network Construction
−10% Advisor costs

Diplomat.png Agent Training

Enables Disrupt Enemy Logistics against foes within whom we have at least 80 Spy Network
+1 Diplomats

Aggressive expansion impact.png State Propaganda

−20% Aggressive expansion impact

Foreign spy detection.png Vetting

+33% Foreign Spy Detection

Cost to fabricate claims.png Claim Fabrication

−50% Cost to fabricate claims
May fabricate claims for subjects

Embargo efficiency.png Privateers

+50% Embargo efficiency
+33% Privateer efficiency

Yearly corruption.png Audit Checks

−0.1 Yearly corruption

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+50% Rebel support efficiency

IGEGreat Power idea group.png Great Power

Notes: Can be selected only if the following are true:

  • Is a Great power.png Great Power

Diplomatic relations.png Will to Power

+1 Diplomatic relations
+20 Vassalizatation acceptance

Unjustified demands.png Great Power Politics

Enables adding weak nations into our Sphere of Influence
Enables Demilitarize against nations during peace deal talks
−10% Unjustified demands

Possible advisors.png Illustrious Council

Enables Illustrious Council upon new ruler coronation
+1 Possible advisors

Monthly heir support gain.png Meritorious Influence

+0.1 Monthly heir support gain
+0.05 Mandate growth modifier
+0.5 Yearly tribal allegiance
+0.05 Militarization of state
-20% Diplomatic advisor cost

Reform progress growth.png Governmental Reformation

+20% Reform progress growth

Administrative free policies.png Bolster our Administration

+1 Administrative free policies

Max promoted cultures.png Operational Refinement

+2 Max promoted cultures

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

-50% Change Rival Cost

IGENational Propaganda idea group.png National Propaganda

Yearly prestige.png Civil Honor

+1 Yearly prestige

Morale of armies.png National Pride

+5% Morale of armies
+20% National manpower modifier

Culture conversion cost.png Cultural Superiority

−25% Culture conversion cost
−25% Foreign core duration

Harsh treatment cost.png State Censorship

+1 Monarch Administrative Skill
+1 Random Candidate Bonus

Cost of advisors with ruler's culture.png Uniform Court

−25% Cost of advisors with ruler's culture

Aggressive expansion impact.png Nationalistic Spirit

−10% Aggressive expansion impact
−25% Unjustified demands

War exhaustion.png Unwavering Spirit

-0.05 Monthly war exhaustion

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

−50% War taxes cost

IGEPower Projection idea group.png Power Projection

Power projection from insults.png Long Echo

+100% Power projection from insults

Diplomatic reputation.png Soft Power

+2 Diplomatic reputation

Spy network construction.png Foreign Influence

+33% Spy Network Construction
−50% Covert action relation impact

Naval forcelimit.png Global Navy

+33% Naval forcelimit modifier

Marines force limit.png Shock Marines

+20% Marines force limit
+25% National sailors modifier

Merchant trade power.png Influencial Traders

+10 Merchant trade power
-25% Cost to promote mercantilism

Ship trade power.png Far and Wide

+33% Ship trade power
+25% Trade range

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+1 Yearly prestige

Military groups[edit | edit source]

IGECossack idea group.png Cossack

Notes: Can be selected only if the following are true:

  • At least one of:
    • Technology group is Eastern technology group Eastern
    • Has estate: Cossacks Cossacks

Cavalry flanking ability.png Steppe Tactics

+50% Cavalry flanking ability
+5% Cavalry combat ability

May raid coasts.png Raid on Konstantiniyye

May raid coasts, including coasts of countries with same religion

Cossacks loyalty equilibrium.png Free Men Estate

+10% Cossacks loyalty equilibrium
+5 Maximum absolutism

Looting speed.png Raid Parties

+25% Looting speed
+50% Available Loot

Development cost.png Land Grants

−5% Development cost
-10% Cavalry cost

Garrison size.png Border Patrols

+25% Garrison size

Leader(s) without upkeep.png Hetman

+1 Leader(s) without upkeep

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+33% Cavalry to infantry ratio

IGEEngineering idea group.png Engineering

Movement speed.png Vanguard Engineers

+20% Movement speed

Shock damage received.png Field Fortifications

-5% Shock damage received
-5% Fire damage received

Construction time.png Roman Castrum

−0.10 Monthly devastation in states with forts
−20% Construction time
+10% Fort defense

Development cost.png Military Infrastructure

−10% Development cost
−10% Construction cost

Siege ability.png Siege Camps

+10% Siege ability
−10% Land attrition

Fort maintenance.png Self-Reliant Garrisons

−20% Fort maintenance
+25% Garrison growth

Leader siege.png Engineer Lieutenants

+5% Siege Ability
+1% Blockade Impact on Siege

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+33% National supply limit modifier

IGEHorde idea group.png Horde

Notes: Can be selected only if the following are true:

  • Has reform: Government native.png Steppe nomads

Cavalry combat ability.png Steppe Cavalry

+10% Cavalry combat ability
+50% Cavalry to infantry ratio

Looting speed.png Direct Payment

+100% Available Loot

Movement speed.png Swift Steeds

+15% Movement speed

Land leader shock.png Shock Warfare

+1 Land leader shock

Prestige from land battles.png Lessons of War

+100% Army tradition from battles

Yearly horde unity.png Peace Through Conquest

+1 Yearly horde unity
+1 Max promoted cultures

Razing power gain.png Efficient Pillaging

+20% Razing power gain

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+10% Tribes loyalty equilibrium

IGEMercenary Army idea group.png Mercenary Army

Military advisor cost.png Funding the War Council

−20% Military advisor cost

Mercenary cost.png Organize Mercenary Regiments

−10% Mercenary cost

Mercenary maintenance.png Standardized Contractors

−10% Mercenary maintenance modifier

Mercenary manpower.png Young Recruits

+25% Mercenary manpower

Looting speed.png Letter of Conduct

+33% Looting speed
+5% Morale of armies

Prestige from land battles.png Efficient Military Logistics

+2.5% Mercenary discipline per age
+50% Army tradition from battles

Mercenary manpower.png A Fistful of Ducats

New mercenary companies will be available for hire
+50% Possible condottieri

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+10% Recover army morale speed

IGEPirate idea group.png Pirate

Notes: Can be selected only if the following are true:

  • Has reform: Captains influence Pirate Republic

Looting speed.png Loot for All!

+50% Looting speed
+10% Morale of armies

Navy tradition.png Veteran Seadogs

+0.5 Yearly naval tradition
+1 Naval leader fire

Privateer efficiency.png Black Flag Raiders

+33% Privateer efficiency

Local ship repair.png Refugee Shipwrights

Ships repair while in coastal sea provinces

Naval combat bonus off owned coast.png Defending the Coasts

+1 Naval combat bonus off owned coast

Marines force limit.png Organized Seaman Ranks

+20% Marines force limit
+25% National sailors modifier

Chance to capture enemy ships.png Pioneered Grappling Hooks

+25% Chance to capture enemy ships

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

0.25 Yearly republican tradition

IGEPlutocratic idea group.png Plutocratic

Notes: Can be selected only if the following are true:

  • Has government attribute: Allows Plutocratic Idea Group
  • None of:
    • Has reform: Captains influence Pirate Republic

Yearly corruption.png Tradition of Payment

−0.1 Yearly corruption

Morale of armies.png Abolished Serfdom

+5% Morale of armies
+20% National manpower modifier

National unrest.png Bill of Rights

−1 National unrest
−5 Years of separatism

Merchants.png Free Merchants

+1 Merchants
+10 Merchant trade power

Goods produced modifier.png Free Subjects

+10% Goods produced modifier
+50% Vassal force limit contribution

Caravan power.png Free Cities

+15% Caravan power
+10% Provincial trade power modifier

Manpower recovery speed.png Emancipation

+20% Manpower recovery speed

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+25% Ship trade power
+10% Burghers loyalty equilibrium
+10% Vaishyas loyalty equilibrium

IGEStanding Army idea group.png Standing Army

Army drill gain modifier.png Military Drills

+33% Army drill gain modifier

Siege ability.png Modern Cannons

+15% Siege ability
+5% Artillery damage from back row

Infantry combat ability.png Matchlock Formations

+5% Infantry combat ability
-5% Fire damage received

Land maintenance modifier.png Regiment Logistics

−5% Land maintenance modifier

Army drill decay modifier.png Standardized Uniforms

−20% Regiment drill loss
−5% Infantry cost

Yearly army tradition decay.png Lessons of Tradition

−1% Army tradition decay

May recruit female generals.png Meritocratic Promotion

May recruit female generals
−10% Leader cost

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

+0.5% Yearly army professionalism

IGETheocratic idea group.png Theocratic

Notes: Can be selected only if the following are true:

  • At least one of:
    • Has government attribute: Allows Theocratic Idea Group
    • Government is Government theocracy.png theocracy

Discipline.png Knightly Duty

+3.5% Discipline
−10% Cavalry cost

Tolerance of the true faith.png Monastic Duty

+1 Tolerance of the true faith
−10% Development cost

Manpower in true faith provinces.png For the Glory of God

+25% Manpower in True Faith provinces

Diplomatic reputation.png Holy Orders

+1 Diplomatic reputation
+15% Improve relations

Infantry combat ability.png Herders of the Flock

+5% Infantry combat ability
−10% Infantry cost

Prestige per development from missionary.png Lingua Religione

+0.25 Prestige per development from missionary
+1.0% Missionary strength

Reinforce cost.png Offer Absolutism

-25% Reinforce cost
+10% Manpower recovery speed

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

-10% War score cost vs other religions