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Kingdom rankHungary
Primary culture
Hungarian (Carpathian)

Capital province
Pest (153)

Feudal MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
EasternEastern technology group
Hungarian ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+20% Cavalry combat ability
+5% Recover army morale speed

National unrest.png A Renaissance Prince

−1 National unrest

National manpower modifier.png Bulwark of Christianity

+20% National manpower modifier

Discipline.png Found the Black Army

+5% Discipline

National tax modifier.png Reformed Coinage

+10% National tax modifier

Production efficiency.png Curtail the Freedom of the Peasantry

+10% Production efficiency

Trade power.png Strengthen the Towns

+25% Domestic trade power

No religion penalty.png Create the Estates General

Negative religious tolerance no longer gives any penalties. Heretic and heathen provinces do not give us any penalty to religious unity.

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Leader without upkeep

Hungary is a large nation in Central Europe. It borders numerous nations, most importantly Flag of Austria Austria, the Flag of Ottomans Ottomans, and Flag of Poland Poland. Hungary starts with an interregnum.



Main article: Hungarian missions

Hungarian missons are about dominating the Balkans. After you either set   Poland as rival or ally them you get missions to take out   Moldavia and   Wallachia. Later on you will have to go after   Serbia and   Bosnia. If you get enough forts on the border of the   Ottomans you can unlock the mission "Anatolian threat" which will give you claims on   Ottomans territory. The main goal of these mission to push out the   Ottomans from the Balkans.


Main article: Hungarian events

Hungary's events are centered around various historical events in their history, with many of them focusing on their personal union with Austria. Additionally, Hungary gains a number of events related to one of its greatest kings, Matthias Corvinus.


 Abolish the Black Army

The Black Army is a source of constant expenses and is detested by our nobility. Loyalty bought with silver can be lost just as cheaply. Let us do away with the Black Army and instead let the reliable armies of the realm fight for us.
Potential requirements
  • Playing with normal or historical nations

The country has the modifier Black Army.


The country is not at war.


The country:

  • loses the modifier “Black Army”.
  • loses  10 prestige.

If the country has the  nobility estate

  • then the  nobility estate gains  5% influence for 10 years.

Note that the nobility estate also loses its  −10% influence modifier for having the modifier “Black Army”.


Hungary has a challenging starting position, but a few nice opportunities for glory. The most obvious, guided by your missions, is to grow big enough to be able to conquer the newly acquired Ottoman land in Europe and avenging Varna.

Hungary starts with a lot of powerful empires nearby, but a few good opportunities to grow. In the beginning, you can conquer four empires, three by force and one diplomatically.   Wallachia usually doesn't have any allies (except sometimes   Serbia or   Bosnia, that you can eat up relatively easily) and makes an easy target, then so does   Serbia and   Bosnia. You can get CBs through your missions on all this land. Then, you can usually acquire   Moldavia through an event chain where they will have to choose between you and   Poland as ruler. If you are quick enough, you could also try and go to   Albania. The only thing stopping you will be rival Ottoman vying for the same land and trying to conquer it at the same time.

You then have a choice. Either try the   Ottomans right away with at least two powerful allies (for example   Austria and   Poland) or continue expanding to the east or to the west. To the east, christian kingdoms like   Theodoro,   Trebizond,   Imereti and   Circassia can make good vassals or easy target for a naval invasion to try and encircle the   Ottomans. They also give you a nice fortress in between the   Ottomans and their likely ally,   Crimea.

Expanding west would mean fighting   Venice for land on the Adriatic sea, and maybe even pushing towards northern Italy. When declaring on   Bosnia and   Serbia,   Venice usually tries to declare on them to get one or two provinces before the   Ottomans and you. You can then use the claim on the land they took as an easy CB to declare war on them. They usually don't ally anyone too big, so with the help of   Austria who usually rivals them, the war shouldn't be hard to win.

If the conquest of East and West is successful, Hungary is now a powerful kingdom able to match up to it's neighbours, and the first test is with the   Ottomans. By building three fortresses on the Ottoman border, you can a CB on both Macedonia and Bulgaria and a reason to go to war with the   Ottomans. It is usually a good idea to wait while they are at war with either the beyliks, the   Mamluks or one of the hordes to ensure they don't focus all their energy on you and to get a few allies involved. As mentioned previously,   Austria and   Poland are good candidates, but you can try and go with a more unique set of allies by inviting kingdoms such as   Georgia or   Aragon. The goal is then to take land but to avoid taking their capital right away in a peace deal, which would move it to Anatolia and make future wars much harder.

After pushing the   Ottomans out of Europe and completing your mission tree, you have multiple options. You can try and become the HRE emperor, try and revive a Hungarian version of the Eastern Roman Empire, you have a lot of possibilities.


As Hungary, own all of Austria as core provinces.
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