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Duchy rankHolstein
Primary culture
Westphalian (Germanic)

Capital province
Holstein (1775)

Feudal NobilityGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Holstein ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
−1 National unrest
+15% National manpower modifier

Fort defense.png Limes Saxoniae

+10% Fort defense

Hostile core-creation cost on us.png Between a Kingdom and the Empire

+25% Hostile core-creation cost on us

Stability cost modifier.png 'Ewich Tosamende Ungedelt'

−10% Stability cost modifier

Merchants.png Kieler Umschlag

+1 Merchant

National tax modifier.png Reunification of the Holsteiner Lands

+10% National tax modifier

Trade power.png The Trade of Two Seas

+10% Domestic trade power

Legitimacy.png Danish Protest Pigs

+1 Yearly legitimacy

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+15% Light ship combat ability

Holstein is a small two-province state situated in the far north of the Holy Roman Empire. Holstein starts as a vassal of Denmark. Holstein is one of the easier vassals that can gain Independence with Sweden being big enough to beat Denmark, this allows Holstein to also become independent if Holstein chooses to fight with Sweden in the war for independence.


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