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Kingdom rankGreece
Primary culture
Greek (Byzantine)

Capital province
Athens (146)

Feudal MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
EasternEastern technology group
Greek ideas

For Primary culture.png Greek countries.

Traditions.png Traditions:

−20% Galley cost
−10% Sailor maintenance

Tolerance own.png Greek Orthodox Faith

+2 Tolerance of the true faith

Navy tradition.png Maritime Heritage

+1 Yearly navy tradition

Infantry combat ability.png Klephtic Recruitment

+10% Infantry combat ability

Advisor cost.png Greek Diaspora

−10% Advisor costs

Trade efficiency.png Control the Mediterranean Trade

+10% Trade efficiency

Diplomatic reputation.png Philhellenism

+1 Diplomatic reputation
+1 Diplomatic relation

Idea cost.png Greek Enlightenment

−10% Idea cost

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

−10% Core-creation cost

Greece is a formable nation in the Balkans.


The following event[1] fires only if neither Flag of Greece Greece nor Flag of Byzantium Byzantium exists. It removes all Byzantine core provinces and instead it adds cores for Greece in Morea, Northern Greece and Macedonia.


Msg event.pngGreek Separatism

With the Byzantine Empire reduced to a distant memory most Greeks have come to lead their lives under foreign rulers. Some have left their old home region altogether as merchants or to serve in the various courts of Europe while most remain in Greece, leading lives in the countryside similar to before the fall of the Empire. Others even thrive under their new rulers. The independent Greek identity has however remained strong, and will in time make itself even more known among the unruly mountain Klephts or by the patriot dreams of intellectuals in foreign lands.
While restoration of the Byzantine Empire remains an unattainable dream many have come to yearn to be free of the rule foreign tax collectors and hope for a new Greek state centered on the ancient homeland of their people.

Trigger conditions

The country:

Flag of Greece Greece and Flag of Byzantium Byzantium do not exist.
This event fires only once during a campaign.

Mean time to happen

120 months

Event button 547.png

Every province in Morea, Northern Greece and Macedonia becomes a core province of Flag of Greece Greece.
If Kastoria (1853) does not have Greek culture:

  • then it gets Greek culture.

If the owner of Kastoria (1853) does not have Greek or Pontic as primary culture

  • then Kastoria (1853) gets Local unrest.png4 local unrest.

Flag of Byzantium Byzantium loses all its core provinces.


All nations (except the Flag of Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire, the Flag of Papal States Papal States, the Flag of Ottomans Ottomans and Flag of Byzantium Byzantium) with Greek as primary culture can form Greece.[2]

Execute decision.pngForm Greece

For years Hellas has been divided among several kingdoms or occupied by foreigners at the pleasing of our common enemies. To unite the Greek lands under a sole flag and one ruler, is our only way to greatness.

Potential requirements

The country:

If this country is AI-controlled, then it:

  • can not be a former colonial nation.
  • must have at least 3 cities.

Byzantium and Greece do not exist.


The country:


The country:

If the country:

  • is a member of the HRE and not an elector or the emperor
    • then all its provinces are removed from the HRE.
  • is a duchy
    • then it becomes a Kingdom rank kingdom.
  • does not have Greek ideas and is not a custom nation
  • does not have its capital in Morea, Northern Greece or Macedonia
    • then Athens (146) becomes the capital.

A random owned province with Greek culture

  • gains Tax Base Icon.png1 base tax.
Provinces in yellow must be owned and cored to form Greece. Provinces in blue are permanently claimed after formation.


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It's All Greek To Me icon
Form Greece and own and have cores on Zeta, Thatta, Lamba, and Roh.


  1. For the script code of the event see in /Europa Universalis IV/events/falvorGRE.txt.
  2. For the script code of the formation decision see in /Europa Universalis IV/decisions/MiscCountryFormations.txt.
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