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Kingdom rankGorkha
Primary culture
Nepali (Eastern Aryan)

Capital province
Palpa (4485)

Feudal Nobility Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
IndianIndian technology group
Nepalese Princedom ideas

For countries with Primary culture.png Pahari or Primary culture.png Nepali primary culture.

Traditions.png Traditions:

+10% Morale of armies
+10% Manpower recovery speed

Construction cost.png Continue Temple Construction

−10% Construction cost

Merchants.png Invite Kashmiri Traders

+1 Merchant

Tolerance of the true faith.png Institute New Festivals

+1 Tolerance of the true faith

Yearly prestige.png Kavindra

+1 Yearly prestige

Fort defense.png Seize the Mountain Passes

+15% Fort defense

Stability cost modifier.png Enact Judicial Reforms

−10% Stability cost modifier

Autonomy.png End the Division of Domains

−0.05 Monthly autonomy change

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Infantry combat ability

Gorhka is a country in Nepal (area).


Gorhka as a Nepali country can form Flag of Nepal Nepal.


Execute decision.pngUnification of Nepal

While many of them have proud and ancient histories the Himalayan kingdoms are weak and divided. We must unite the entire mountain region under the rule of one kingdom. Together we will be an unstoppable force to the kings of Hindusthan. Content to live of their wealth they have squandered their riches for generations, and will be no match for our hardened armies.

Potential requirements

Flag of Nepal Nepal does not exist.
The country:

If the country is AI-controlled,

  • it can not be a former colonial nation
  • it must either
    • have at least 5 cities
    • or the year must be after 1700

The country:


The country:

  • changes to Flag of Nepal Nepal
  • gains permanent claims on Nepal, Baisi Rayja, Himalayan Hills, and Mithila Areas that are not a core of Flag of Nepal Nepal
  • gains Yearly prestige.png25 prestige
  • gains new missions[1]

If the country:

  • is a member of the HRE and not an elector or the emperor
    • then all its provinces are removed from the HRE
  • is a duchy
    • then it becomes a Kingdom rank kingdom
  • does not have its capital in Nepal, Baisi Rayja, Himalayan Hills, or Mithila:
    • Province Katmandu (557):
      • becomes the capital of this country
      • gains Base tax.png 1 base tax
  • does not have custom ideas

Execute decision.pngForm Bharat (Central Indian, Eastern Aryan)

Form the mighty Bharat and bring all the lands of the Indian subcontinent under your rule.

Potential requirements
  • Playing with normal or historical nations
  • Was never an end-game tag
  • Flag of Bharat Bharat does not exist.

The country:

  • does not have country flag formed_india_flag
  • is not the Flag of Mughals Mughals
  • is part of the Dharmic or Buddhist religion group
  • does not have Government steppe horde.png Steppe Horde government reform
  • is not colonial nation.
  • has a culture in either culture group:
    • Central Indian
    • Eastern Aryan

If the country is AI-controlled,

  • it must have at least 15 cities.
  • is not former colonial nation.
  • is not custom nation

The country:

  • is not a subject nation other than a tributary state.
  • is not a nomad nation.
  • is not at war.
  • has a Stability.pngstability of 3.
  • has embraced Feudalism.png Feudalism
  • owns its core provinces:
    • Multan (506)
    • Surat (517)
    • Central Doab (524)
    • Madurai (536)
    • Daulatabad (545)
    • Cuttack (552)
    • Pataliputra (558)
    • Bidar (1948)
    • Halar (2052)
    • Kumari (4410)
    • Mansura (4503)
    • Delhi (522)
    • Gauda (563)
    • Assam (566)
  • owns core provinces if primary culture is Central Indian:
    • Burhanpur (527)
    • Sambalpur (553)
  • owns core provinces if primary culture is Eastern Aryan:
    • Lahore (507)
    • Tondainadu (539)


The country:

  • changes to Flag of Bharat Bharat.
  • gets Empire rank Empire government rank.
  • gains permanent claims on all provinces of the Indian subcontinent if not owned by the country.
  • gains Yearly prestige.png10 prestige.
  • If a member of the Imperial authority.png HRE and not an elector / emperor, all owned provinces are removed from the HRE.
  • gains new Mission.png missions.
  • gets the Msg event.png event ‘New Traditions & Ambitions’ if it does not have custom ideas.
  • set country flag formed_india_flag


Flag of Gorkha Gorkha starts out in a easy situation to form Nepal, with the divided and weak nepali princedoms ripe for conquest. The player has 5 stacks of infantry.Flag of Kathmandu Kathmandu and Flag of Limbuwan Limbuwan being the other nepali princedom are always hostile to the player and will likely attack in case of vulnerability. Forming Flag of Nepal Nepal will be the likely start.Afterwhich the game becomes challenging and requires perseverance and good diplomacy.Hence not recommended for beginners.


Flag of Kathmandu Kathmandu and Flag of Limbuwan Limbuwan are sworn enemies as they are all vying for the throne of Nepal. It is recommended that the player rivals them both immediately.Third slot be open for now. Send merchants to lhasa and bengal node. Set hostile trading policy.Send rm to Flag of Assam Assam and Flag of Koch Koch. After their return your two diplomats should be busy fabricating on Kathmandu and limbuwan. Third diplomats should improve relation with Flag of Jaunpur Jaunpur. Your goal is to rm and ally Flag of Jaunpur Jaunpur. This is only possible if they rival bengal which is guaranteed 90% of time. Although it is easier to ally Bengal, Jaunpur is preferred because they are stronger and expansion into Bengal is required to get good income. Before a monthly tick set third rival to either Flag of Doti Doti or Flag of Dang Dang. This is done later to prevent them from allying your other rivals. Your intention here is to humiliate them immediately asap to fulfill the age objective. Ally Assam and Koch. It is recommended to ally Flag of Tirhut Tirhut but not rm if they start friendly.

Forming Nepal[edit]

Hindu nation can take personal deity. Ganesha is recommended. Humiliate either Flag of Doti Doti or Flag of Dang Dang as feasible. It is recommended to build your army to force limit before attacking Flag of Kathmandu Kathmandu. Flag of Kathmandu Kathmandu will be likely allied to other minors. Player should eliminate them first. Flag of Kathmandu Kathmandu have 2k army and the player should immediately stackwipe them and prevent them from building others.Full annex and take all their money.Next set your provinces of vital interest in Flag of Limbuwan Limbuwan except sikkim. Flag of Limbuwan Limbuwan is usually allied to either two of Flag of Guge Guge, Flag of Kham Kham and Flag of Tsang Tsang. Accordingly set your rival so you can humilate them in war.Fabricate on Flag of Tirhut Tirhut and construct spy network in Flag of Bengal Bengal. You can call Flag of Koch Koch and/or Flag of Tirhut Tirhut (if allied) with promise of land. If you have doubt you can always take loan and merc up. But it should not be that difficult because of your starting morale. Your goal is to separate peace others and take Morang. If you allied Flag of Tirhut Tirhut now is the time to break alliance. By now Flag of Jaunpur Jaunpur is likely to accept royal marriage then alliance (set threatened attitude to Flag of Bengal Bengal). Now you are ready to form Flag of Nepal Nepal but don't do it yet because you will lose your starting morale. Fabricate on Flag of Bengal Bengal. Break alliance with Flag of Koch Koch and fabricate on them.

Now is time to rival Flag of Tirhut Tirhut, your next target. Most of the time they are guaranteed by Flag of Bengal Bengal. Set vital provinces to every other provinces except your wargoal. Take a cheap merc pref free company. Declare and Set siege priority to provinces that are of Flag of Bengal Bengal. Immediately occupy Flag of Tirhut Tirhut provinces. Separate peace Bengal with transfer trade war reparation and annual strong alliances. Now your income will be high and taking mil advisors is possible. Full annex Flag of Tirhut Tirhut with their money.Flag of Bengal Bengal should be a valid rival now. Ally any other major nations if possible else Flag of Orissa Orissa is also available but they tend to be attacked by Flag of Bahmanis Bahmanis or Flag of Vijayanagar Vijayanagar. Hence are useful for short term against Flag of Bengal Bengal. Make sure to always fill your diplo slots.Flag of Gorkha Gorkha should now have good economy. Move home trade to Bengal as soon as possible. Form Flag of Nepal Nepal.


The player has to alternate between expansion into either one of Flag of Koch Koch, Flag of Delhi Delhi, and Flag of Bengal Bengal. By now truce with koch will be over. Koch is weak and usually allied with Assam and Kachar. To combat this attack OPMs like Doti/Dang and call Assam. This makes the war against Koch easier. Full annex them. Break your alliance with Assam. Now Bengal is likely a valid rival. Set vital provinces except for 1 neighbouring province of Jaunpur. As soon as the truce is over attack Bengal promising Jaunpur lands. They have no time to ally Delhi but are usually allied with Malwa. Either way Jaunpur can take care of this. Make sure you have hired merc because your manpower is probabaly low. Don't disband mercenary because they help a lot with manpower issues because they are not that expensive to maintain. You can take either generic or regional mercenary as required. However going over force limit or income deficit fot this is not recommended. Conquor the neighbouring provinces asap so that Jaunpur wont claim them. Always transfer trade and war rep and remaining provinces as peace deal as long as they are above 100% warscore. Expand into garhwal as soon as possible.

After the conquest of Bengal, Arakon and Assam, the player should backstab their ally Jaunpur and instead ally another regional power like Bahmanis depending upon the power ranking. By now the player will most likely be a great power if they have embraced renaissance and colonialism.

Mid game[edit]

Players are advised to keep annexing the home region as well as expand into the rich Malacca region. Jaunpur, Delhi and Orissa should be attacked one by one. Sometimes Jaunpur ally with Bahamanis. To counter this the player can either ally Bahmanis themselves or ally the likes the Vijayanagar. One can even go for colony in Australia and the Philipiness. Nepal has good military focused national ideas and with right policy Nepali armies will be a force to reckon with against any AI. From now on is the path to become the king of kings of Hindustan.


Innovative even after nerf is a good opener. Administrative is also preferred if you are aggressive because governing capacity will seriously hinder your expansion. Another option is economic which helps in forcing institution. I recommend innovative first. Followed by a military idea like offensive/quality. Third should be exploration/expansion.


The Pheasant Strut icon
The Pheasant Strut
As Ghorka form Nepal and defeat Prussia with at least 100,000 Prussian casualties in a war (both have to be primary targets of war).
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  1. Nepal has no unique missions, so this only has an effect if the country is now eligible for missions which it doesn't already have, e.g. North Indian missions