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This is a list of events around the Fulani culture.[1]



Msg event.pngMarabout Unrest in $PROVINCENAME$

Marabout preachers inspired by the charismatic Nasir al-din have begun propagating for an Islamic reformation in $PROVINCENAME$. Many local warriors have joined with the Marabout and together they are now working outside of the state to create a society here following the Sharia in its purest form. They are violently opposed to any pagan traditions or foreign influences.
Trigger conditions

The province:

  • has Fulani culture.
  • is in Africa.
  • did not have this event before.

If the owner of the province is Sunni

  • then the owner must have less than −30 piety.

The year is at least 1640 but before 1677.

Mean time to happen

360 months

  • The year is at least 1660: ×0.5
  • The year is at least 1670: ×0.5
  • The owner of the province is Christian: ×0.7

Event button 547.png

The province gets the modifier “Marabout Rebels” for 10 years with the following effect:

  • Local unrest.png+3 local unrest,
  • Local missionary strength.png−8% local missionary strength.

If the province is not Sunni

  • then the province becomes Sunni IslamSunni.

Msg event.pngOrthodox Islamic Revolution

Religious tensions have been slowly rising in our country since the rise of the Marabouts in the middle of the 17th century. Now the Marabout faction in $COUNTRYNAME$ have come out in open revolt against the old aristocracy in $CAPITAL_CITY$. The promised revolution has quickly gotten the support of many of the Fulani herdsmen that are present in large parts of our state and it is clear that we will soon have a very serious revolt on our hands.
Trigger conditions

The country:

The year is at least 1680.

Mean time to happen

405 months
The country owns a Sunni province with Fulani culture: ×0.5

Immediate effects

Set country flag fulani_jihad_state.

Option conditions

Event trigger.pngEnabled if: The country has Fulani, Soninke, Senegambian or Bambara as primary culture.

Event button 547.png
We must join the revolution, death to the aristocrats!

The country:

  • moves 50 towards Mysticism mysticism.
  • gets a new ruler with:
    • a military skill of 5,
    • an age of 28,
    • an average claim.
  • loses Icon stability.png5 stability.
  • gains new national ideas.

If the country is not Sunni

  • then it becomes Sunni IslamSunni.

If the country uses ‘Statists vs Monarchists’ mechanics:

  • then strengthen Monarchists in power by 100%.

Fetishist rebels.png Fetishist zealots (size 3) rise up in revolt in a random province of this country.

Event trigger.pngEnabled if: always:

Event button 547.png
We must preserve our traditions!
  • Sunni rebels.png Sunni zealots (size 4) rise up in revolt in a random province of this country.
  • clear country flag fulani_jihad_state

Msg event.pngEnd of the Fulani Jihad

As our country has now entirely abandoned the Islamic ideals on which it was built the Marabout faction has left our country and moved on to other places.
Trigger conditions

The country:

Mean time to happen

1 month

Event button 547.png

The country:


  1. The script code of these events can be found in /Europa Universalis IV/events/flavorFUL.txt.