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Primary culture

Capital province
Wurzburg (79)

Feudal Nobility Government monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Franconian ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+20% National manpower modifier
−10% Aggressive expansion impact

Devotion.png The Duchy Restored

+1 Yearly devotion
+1 Yearly legitimacy
+0.3 Yearly republican tradition

Trade efficiency.png Trading on the Main

+10% Trade efficiency

Fort defense.png A Rugged Land of Fortresses

+20% Fort defense

Cavalry combat ability.png Free Imperial Knights of Franconia

+10% Cavalry combat ability

Production efficiency.png Franconian Wine

+10% Production efficiency

Prestige.png A Baroque Duchy

+1 Yearly prestige

Development cost.png Franconian Bourgeoisie

−5% Development cost
−10% Advisor costs

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+5% Discipline
For the areas, see Lower Franconia and Upper Franconia.

Franconia is a formable nation in South Germany.



Execute decision.pngForm Franconia

The memory of the old Duchy of Franconia lives on in the memories of ambitious local rulers. The Prince-Bishop of Würzburg claims the title, but in practice it has lain in abeyance for centuries, its former lands riven by disunity. Should this unity be restored, then Franconia would once again become a force to be reckoned with in Germany.
Potential requirements

The country:

  • plays with normal or historical nations
  • has not been an end-game nation.
  • has not form any German nation
  • is not an AI or playing a custom nation
  • has not form Flag of Franconia Franconia yet
  • is not an colonial or former colonial nation
  • Flag of Franconia Franconia does not exist
  • has Franconian as primary culture.

The country:

  • Change country to Flag of Franconia Franconia
  • Gain a permanent claim on all not owned provinces in Franconia and Upper Franconia areas
  • gets the modifier “Increased Centralization” for 20 years with the following effects:
    • Autonomy.png−0.05 monthly autonomy change
    • National unrest.png +1 National unrest
  • gain Prestige.png25 prestige
  • if at least 100 Development.png and is elector of HRE or not member of the HRE
    • then it becomes a Kingdom rank kingdom
  • gets new Mission.png missions.
  • if does not have custom ideas


Main article: Franconian missions


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  1. There are 8 provinces with Franconian culture in the game 1444.