For Odin!

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For Odin!
For Odin!.jpg
Possible if
The player’s country:
  • is a custom nation.
    • that used no more than 201 nation designer points.
    • No more than Province icon.png 5 provinces
    • Norse.png Is Norse
Achieved if
  • Province icon.png Own and core all provinces in Britain and Scandinavia.
  • Norse.png All provinces in Britain and Scandinavia are Norse.

The For Odin! achievement requires the player to own all provinces in both Britain and Scandinavia, and convert them to the Norse religion, including the colonies in Greenland. This achievement can be combined with Ideas Guy and First Come, First Serve, however, for the purpose of this article, the easier option of doing this achievement on its own is assumed.

Nation Designer Strategies[edit | edit source]

Britain and Scandinavia (Click to view the full version size.)

Nation Placement[edit | edit source]

A strategy for finishing this achievement relatively quickly is to choose your starting provinces to weaken England. Take a capital in London with Danish or Swedish culture, and Meath for easy access to Ireland. Essex, Yorkshire, and Wessex are Englands remaining richest provices.

Weakening Scotland too much will encourage England to conquer them very quickly, and doesn't weaken England as much.

National Ideas[edit | edit source]

Additional missionary strength is key, but costs a significant portion of your points. Reducing unrest is also useful as you will likely be dealing with a lot of it due to heathen religion and missionaries in provinces. Unfortunately, both of these are in the 'administrative' category, so they can't both be maximized.

An example set up for traditions and early ideas is:

  • Traditions: National Unrest −0.5%. Missionary strength +1.5%.
  • Ideas: Colonial Range +20%, Tolerance of Heathens +1, Missionary +1, Aggressive Expansion impact −10%.

Despotic Monarchy helps further decrease unrest. A 22 year old 6/6/6 ruler combined with a 30 year old 1/1/1 heir can reduce the point cost while maximizing monarch points, given a bit of luck in getting a better heir.

Game Strategy[edit | edit source]

Early Game[edit | edit source]

Immediately ship your troops over to Ireland, start fabricating claims, and conquer Irish minors. After annexing Ireland, develop alliances and opportunistically attack England and Scotland. Although Scotland can be a good vassal, be sure to take a province that borders the Norwegian held Orkney islands for an easier time in attacking Norway later on. Prioritizing the Welsh provinces can net you another accepted culture with a little bit of development, which will make it even easier to convert these provinces to Norse. You are in a strong position to colonize, and taking Exploration ideas as a first idea group is recommended as you will need eventually anyway to colonize Greenland, and administrative power is likely to be needed for coring early on.

Mid Game[edit | edit source]

After weakening England sufficiently to no longer be a threat, look to gain a foothold in Scandinavia. Sweden is likely to declare independence early on, but Norway may be in a PU with Denmark for longer. A temporary alliance with one of them can help gain a foothold in Scandinavia. If either is weakened, try to conquer the Scandinavian border provinces before Russia/Novgorod or nearby HRE minors do to prevent requiring wars with major powers. Religious ideas is key for faster conversion speed, and is almost certainly required for getting rid of the Protestant and Reformed centers of reformation which are likely to appear in both Britain and Scandinavia. The conversion of provinces, especially centers of reformation of non-accepted culture, can take several extra decades near the end of the game unless ideas are chosen to prevent this.

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