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This article is about creating and editing factions.

Modding Factions[edit | edit source]

All vanilla factions are found in /Europa Universalis IV/common/factions/00_factions.txt. You can add to this file or create your own.

Adding a Faction[edit | edit source]

To add a new faction, follow this format:

<faction> = {
    monarch_power = <type> # Monarch power consumed when manually raising influence
    # Determines faction visibility in interface. always = yes is default.
    # optional, changes the faction's title and description strings when the trigger is met
    triggered_faction_name = {
        name = <new faction name>
        trigger = {
    # Modifiers to apply when in power
    modifier = {
        <country modifiers>

Using a Faction[edit | edit source]

To add a faction to a country, the faction needs to be added to a government type. To do this, add the following line to a government in /Europa Universalis IV/common/governments/00_governments.txt

faction = <faction>

Additionally, you can enable and disable factions in script (i.e. events) using the following effects:

add_faction = <faction>
remove_faction = <faction>

Faction Influence[edit | edit source]

The country-scope modifiers for faction influence are created dynamically. They follow this format:


For example, to add 0.25 monthly influence to a hypothetical "faction_tigers" faction, one would use the following:

faction_tigers_influence = 0.25

This can be used anywhere you would use a country modifier. You can also find them at common/static_modifiers.

You can use the add_faction_influence effect to add influence immediately.

add_faction_influence = {
    faction = faction_tigers
    influence = 10

Localisation[edit | edit source]

The following localisation is used when dealing with factions:

 <faction>: "Faction name"
 <faction>_influence: "Faction Influence"
 <faction>_FACTION_desc: "Faction description"

Interface[edit | edit source]

Each new faction requires a graphical definition for its icon and background. They follow this format:

spriteTypes = {
    spriteType = {
        name = "GFX_faction_bg_<faction>"	
        texturefile = "gfx//interface//faction_blue_frame.tga"
        transparencecheck = yes
    spriteType = {
        name = "GFX_faction_<faction>"	
        texturefile = "gfx//interface//<faction icon>.dds"

You want the icon itself to be between 90 by 90 pixels to 110 by 110 pixels, depending on the style.

You can add a custom modifier icon for the <faction>_influence modifier by placing an icon called <faction>_influence.dds within /Europa Universalis IV/gfx/interface/EU4_ideas/. These do not require an graphical definition.

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