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Factions represent powerful and influential groups within the country. Each faction has an influence rating associated with it, and the faction with the highest influence will give a set of bonuses (and penalties) to the country. The influence of a faction can either be increased by spending 10 monarch power from the faction's category, or will automatically change due to certain modifiers. Faction details and interactions can be accessed via the unique faction icon in the lower right corner of the map, next to the HRE and papacy icons.

Revolutionary republic and Flag of pirates Pirate republic don't have estates, as the estates are already represented by the factions.

Celestial empire[edit | edit source]

Flag of Ming Ming's unique Celestial Empire government form has the following factions. If the Mandate of Heaven.png Mandate of Heaven expansion is active, the Emperor of China is a Celestial Empire no matter what, but has the expansion's imperial mechanics instead of these factions, plus the usual estates.

Name Type Effects Description & notes
China temple.png Commanderies of the Five Armies Military power.png
  • Manpower recovery speed.png +10% manpower recovery speed
  • Unjustified demands.png −25% unjustified demands
  • Diplomatic relations.png 0−1% diplomatic relations
The Commanderies are the system of generals and commanders of the Imperial armies. Eager to prove their valor and loyalty they seek to promote war over diplomacy to be able to advance in rank.
China eunuch.png Offices of Maritime Trade Diplomatic power.png
  • Provincial trade power modifier.png +10% provincial trade power modifier
  • Diplomatic reputation.png 0+1% diplomatic reputation
  • Stability cost modifier.png +10% stability cost modifier
The office organizing the provincial bureaucrats in charge of trade and seafaring. Seeking to promote profitable trade they are often opposed to the militaristic ambitions of the Commanderies.
China bureaucrat.png Grand Secretariat Administrative power.png
  • Construction cost.png −10% construction cost
  • Possible advisors.png 0+1% possible advisors
  • Discipline.png 0−5% discipline
The corps of administrators promoted through the Imperial Examination system. Brilliant Confucian scholars, these men are the diplomats and bureaucrats of the Empire. They promote policies to build a strong and stable Empire.

Merchant republics[edit | edit source]

See also: Republic factions events

Merchant republics, Veche republics, and their trading cities have access to their own factions system. Merchant republics with a very dominant ruling faction can have the other two factions revolt, forcing the ruler to resign or face a hefty hit to republican tradition. The factions are:

Name Type Effects Description & notes
Aristocrats.png The Aristocrats Military power.png
  • Trade power abroad.png −10% trade power abroad
  • Morale of armies.png 0+5% morale of armies
  • National sailors modifier.png +25% national sailors modifier
Representing the aristocratic Patrician families that dominate the political life in the capital. Their main concern is ensuring that the Republic is victorious in war and achieves the glory that they view as their own.
Traders.png The Traders Diplomatic power.png
  • National tax modifier.png 0−5% national tax modifier
  • Trade power.png +10% global trade power modifier
  • Naval maintenance modifier.png −10% naval maintenance modifier
Representing the Merchants and Ship Captains that are the lifeblood of the Republic's trade. Their main concern is the control of lucrative maritime trade routes.
Guilds.png The Guilds Administrative power.png
  • Construction cost.png −10% construction cost
  • National manpower modifier.png −10% national manpower modifier
  • Goods produced modifier.png +10% goods produced modifier
Representing the Artisans and Master Craftsmen inhabiting our cities that have banded together in Guilds for mutual economic gain and assistance. Their main concern is the economic well-being of the cities.

Revolutionary republics[edit | edit source]

See also: Revolutionary republic factions events

Revolutionary republics have access to their own factions system. They are:

Name Type Effects Description & notes
Jacobins.png The Jacobins Administrative power.png
  • National unrest.png 0−2% national unrest
  • Construction cost.png −15% construction cost
  • Diplomatic reputation.png 0−2% diplomatic reputation
  • National tax modifier.png +15% national tax modifier
The Jacobins are the staunchest supporter of the popular revolution. They believe that we must forcefully do away with the old ruling classes and seize their property. This faction has the support of the masses in our capital and will not shy away from inciting them into violence for the good of the Revolution.
Imperials.png The Imperials Diplomatic power.png
  • Diplomatic reputation.png 0+1% diplomatic reputation
  • State maintenance.png −25% state maintenance
  • Liberty desire in subjects −20% subject liberty desire
  • Yearly republican tradition.png 0−0.5 yearly republican tradition
The Imperials wish to bring the revolution under control and to centralize authority again. They claim to respect the will of the people, but they abhor the excesses and terror that uncontrolled popular opinion can bring. If the Imperials manage to seize control they will eventually try to create a Revolutionary Empire.
Girondists.png The Girondists Military power.png
  • Land force limit modifier.png +20% land force limit modifier
  • Manpower recovery speed.png +20% manpower recovery speed
  • Discipline.png 0+5% discipline
  • Aggressive expansion impact.png +20% aggressive expansion impact
Rather than let the Revolution spiral out of control internally the Girondists want to focus on spreading it beyond our borders. They believe in an active foreign policy and in ending the counter-revolutionary regimes on the continent.

Influential Imperials Imperials will bring the popular revolution under control by establishing a more authoritarian revolutionary empire. This is loosely modelled on the Brumaire 18th coup in Flag of France France.


Msg event.pngRise of a Despot (revolutionary republic via faction)

The lack of respect for the republic has slowly eroded its foundations. To preserve the stability of the state, $MONARCHTITLE$ $MONARCH$ has proclaimed $RULER_O_PRONOUN$self dictator for life.

Trigger conditions
  • The Imperials Imperials faction is in power
  • Republican tradition.png Republican tradition is less than 41
  • Has the "Revolutionary Republic" government reform
Mean time to happen

12 months

Event button 547.png
Long live $MONARCH$!

Note that revolutionary republics don't have estates, even without the Rights of Man.png Rights of Man DLC.

Pirate republics[edit | edit source]

Flag of pirates Pirate republics have access to their own factions system.

Name Type Effects Description & notes
Buccaneers.png The Buccaneers Administrative power.png
  • National tax modifier.png -5% national tax modifier
  • Sailor recovery speed.png +20% sailor recovery speed
  • Yearly republican tradition.png +1 yearly republican tradition
The Buccaneers are the desperate and disenfranchised. Ex-slaves, mutineers and impressed sailors all find sanctuary from the law in the Republic of Pirates.

Gains influence through Coastal Raiding.

Smugglers.png The Smugglers Diplomatic power.png
  • Trade efficiency.png +10% trade efficiency
  • Trade power.png +10% global trade power
  • Yearly prestige.png -0.5 yearly prestige
The Smugglers are clandestine merchants willing to risk capture to sell their illegitimate wares. They provide a semi-legitimate front for the fencing of plundered goods.

Gains influence through being at peace.

Captains.png The Captains Military power.png
  • Stability cost modifier.png +10% stability cost modifier
  • Morale of navies.png +10% morale of navies
  • Naval leader fire.png +1 naval leader fire
Pirate Captains are often former privateers gone rogue, either out of greed or with a political motive. They have the experience, education and charisma to lead the pirates.

Gains influence through Privateering.

The Barbary Corsair idea 7: Board of Captains provides a permanent 0.1 monthly captains influence


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