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Game modification: Extended Vanilla Experience
Extended Vanilla Experience
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General Overhaul


Compatible with EUIV v1.18.x

Steam workshop

Extended Vanilla Experience an EUIV general overhaul mod created primarily by Daniel but contains contributions from other modders as well as members of the EUIV community. The target for EVE is to create an enhanced Europa Universalis IV experience without destroying the look, feel or performance of the base game.

This article is not focused on explaining or listing the whole contents of the mod, instead it is aiming to shed light on the larger and more complicated features. Outside of features listed here Extended Vanilla Experience contains extra provinces, over 300 new events, new decisions, reworked government mechanics, heir education & adoption, rebalanced military and warfare, new buildings and much more.

EU4 icon.pngMajor features[edit]

Execute decision.pngFormable nations[edit]

  • Angevin Empire
  • Austrian Empire
  • Austria-Hungary
  • Belgium
  • Burma
  • China
  • Franconia
  • Great Yuan
  • Hansa
  • Illyria
  • Livonia
  • Lotharingia
  • Maghreb
  • North Sea Empire
  • Punjab
  • Scotland
  • Srivijaya
  • Siam
  • Swabia
  • Two Sicilies
  • New Zealand

Idea bonus.pngNational ideas[edit]

Along with the many new national idea groups EVE also reworks and rebalances a huge number of the existing national idea groups, generally nerfing them, especially when it comes to military bonuses. The purpose of this was to make idea group choices more important to the general strength of a nation's army but not completely remove the flavour aspect of national ideas.

The following national idea sets have been added as part of EVE.

  • Angevin ideas
  • Livonian ideas
  • Crimean ideas
  • Delhiite ideas
  • Austro-Hungarian ideas
  • Flemish ideas
  • Hainaut ideas
  • Brabant ideas
  • Sicilian ideas
  • Liege ideas
  • Pisan ideas
  • Sienese ideas
  • Florentine ideas
  • Urbinati ideas
  • Ferraresi ideas
  • Brunswicker ideas
  • Gelren ideas
  • Livonian Order ideas
  • Frisian ideas
  • Sardinian ideas
  • Augsburger ideas
  • Modenese ideas
  • Lucchesi ideas
  • Utrechter ideas
  • Mecklenburger ideas
  • Ansbacher ideas
  • Ulmer ideas
  • Moroccan ideas
  • Yemeni ideas
  • Frankfurter ideas
  • Magdeburger ideas
  • Mantovani ideas
  • Cologner ideas
  • Trier ideas
  • Bruneian ideas
  • Malaccan ideas
  • Tunisian ideas
  • Corsican ideas
  • Tlemcen ideas
  • Ava ideas
  • Galicia-Volhynia ideas
  • Chernigov ideas
  • Connacht ideas
  • Leinster ideas
  • Tyrone ideas
  • Mainz ideas
  • Salzburger ideas
  • Carniola ideas
  • Rigan ideas
  • Achaean ideas
  • Nuremberger ideas
  • Aachener ideas
  • East Frisian ideas
  • Cornish ideas
  • Lubecker ideas
  • Bremian ideas
  • Scandinavian ideas
  • Cretan ideas
  • Mongolian ideas
  • Iraqi ideas
  • Syrian ideas
  • Sulu ideas
  • Pangasinan ideas
  • Madja-as ideas
  • Cebu ideas
  • Tagalog ideas
  • Lumad ideas

Traditions.pngIdea groups[edit]

Extended Vanilla Experience boasts new idea groups as well as completely rebalancing the existing idea groups. This was done in an attempt to remove the necessity of certain groups and improve the validity of others.

Many idea groups are mutually exclusive meaning picking one group will prevent the ability to pick another one. Mutually exclusive idea groups are as follows:

  • Military power.pngAristocracy OR PlutocracyAdministrative power.png
  • Administrative power.pngHumanist OR ReligiousAdministrative power.png
  • Diplomatic power.pngFree Trade OR MercantilistDiplomatic power.png
  • Military power.pngOffensive OR DefensiveMilitary power.png
  • Military power.pngQuality OR QuantityMilitary power.png

Trade power.pngTrade[edit]

Trade nodes in EVE

Trade in EVE has been reworked significantly, many trade nodes have been removed, especially those that added very little to game play, new nodes have been added and trade routes have been altered to create better trade value flow. A few trade goods have had their value reduced in order to help control the overall wealth that trade brings.

In EVE countries are less able to indirectly control nodes where they have little direct influence, this is done by significantly reducing the amount of trade power countries receive from trade propagation as well as lowering the cap on the amount of caravan power countries are able to get in any one node.

Tolerance heathen.pngReligion[edit]

Converting religion in EVE is much more like what it was in previous versions of EUIV, countries will lose stability for changing religion, the amount you lose is based on the skill of the country's leader and how religiously cohesive the country is. So for example a country with few Protestant provinces and a bad ruler will lose more stability than a country whose provinces are mainly Protestant and has a good leader when converting to the Protestant religion.

Religious tolerance has been reworked in EVE, now instead of tolerance only reducing revolt risk in appropriate provinces, it has an effect on the ability to convert said province's religion, meaning that countries that have high religious tolerance will find it much harder to convert other religions.

Many mechanics that were only available to certain religions have been ported over to other religions in order to provide them with more flavour. These changes also include the introduction of flavour events as well a reworking the currently existing events for the religions.

  • Inti.pngInti now uses the deity mechanic.
  • Mayan.pngMayan now uses the deity mechanic.
  • Nahuatl.pngNahuatl now uses the deity mechanic.
  • ShintoismShinto now uses the deity mechanic.

Outside of what was previously mentioned there are a lot of smaller changes that make up the overall religious changes in EVE, such as rebalanced base modifiers provided by religions, rebalanced religious mechanics, new religious decisions, new religious triggered modifiers, reworked religious decisions and more.


Patriarch authority.pngOrthodox patriarchates[edit]

EU4 icon.pngSub Mods[edit]

Traditions.pngEVE - The Tenth Idea[edit]

EVE - The Tenth Idea is an edit of the previously published mod by JNT.Mullen, made to create compatibility between EVE and the Tenth Idea mod. The Tenth Idea mod allows countries to take up to 10 idea groups, up from 8 in vanilla EUIV and base Extended Vanilla Experience.

You can find links to download the mod on the Paradox Plaza and Steam Workshop.