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Below is a template for country pages. The "Version" tag should state "compilation" in an actual country page instead of "timeless" as shown here. Follow any instructions in comments (<!-- They look like this on the editing page -->).

Duchy rankStyle/Country
Primary culture
Culture (group)

Capital province
Province name (prov ID)


State religion

Technology group
Tech group
Swedish ideas
Ambox outdated info.png Please help with verifying or updating this infobox. It was last verified for version 1.33.

Traditions.png Traditions:

−15% Mercenary maintenance
+20% Infantry combat ability

Yearly legitimacy.png Kung och Riksdag

+1 Yearly legitimacy
+1 Possible policies

Discipline.png Swedish Steel

+5% Discipline

Cavalry cost.png The 'Hakkapeliitta'

−10% Cavalry cost

Manpower recovery speed.png Indelningsverket

+20% Manpower recovery speed

Stability cost modifier.png Swedish Absolutism

−10% Stability cost modifier
+1.0 Yearly absolutism

Goods produced modifier.png Produktplakatet

+10% Goods produced modifier

National manpower modifier.png Union and Security Act

+20% National manpower modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Land leader shock

Country name is a SIZE country in REGION. Short (at most two paragraphs) description of situation in 1444. If the country has a unique startup intro it can be added before the player's written intro using the {{startup}} template.

Any on-page content as as formation, events, decisions, and etc. should be added using the wiki's transclusion ability.


If the country is a formable country, their formation requirements go here. Otherwise, leave out the section. Almost all country formation decision are transcluded from the formation decisions page. Example:


Execute decision.pngForm Spanish Nation Militarily

Global expansion in newly discovered areas and the establishment of colonies is transforming Spain into one of the most powerful and wealthiest nations of our time. Spanish explorers are constantly moving into new lands and extending our borders. Immense amounts of gold and silver are being brought back to our motherland, filling the coffers of our state Treasury.

Potential requirements

The country:

If the country is AI-controlled then it:

Playing with normal or historical nations


Flag of Spain Spain does not exist.
The country:

No Muslim nation owns a province in Iberia region.

Provinces map
  • All orange provinces must be owned and cored.
  • Formation grants permanent claims on shaded area.


The country:

  • becomes Flag of Spain Spain.
  • gains Yearly prestige.png 25 prestige.
  • gets new Mission.png missions.[1]
  • gets the Msg event.png event ‘New Traditions & Ambitions’, unless it is a custom nation.
  • increases rank to Kingdom rank kingdom, if it is a Duchy rank duchy
  • removes all provinces from the Holy Roman Empire, if it is a member and not an elector or the emperor.
  • gets a permanent claim on Iberia region, except Alentejo and Beira areas.
  • gets “Increased Centralization” for Time Icon.png 20 years, giving:
    • Autonomy.png −0.05 monthly autonomy change,
    • National unrest.png +1 national unrest.

  • AI will always take this decision
  • AI gives "high priority" (400) to this decision


Main article: Spanish events

If the country has no events, leave out this section. If they've got 5 or more, put the events on a separate page named "country adjective events" and link it using {{main|Country adjective events}} and write a short description of what the events are about. If there are less than 5 events add them to Unique national events page in the country's section. Major events can be shown here using transclusion. Example event:


Msg event.pngIsabella of Castile

While not the primary candidate for the throne few can deny the talents and virtues of the young princess Isabella. As a daughter of the powerful Trastamara family she has managed to secure powerful allies through marriage who support her claim to our throne. Few can tell what the future has in store for our country but even for those who are unhappy with the rule of [Root.Monarch.GetName] Isabella is held to be a given candidate to be [Root.Monarch.GetHerHis] successor.

This event happens only once during a campaign.
Trigger conditions
  • Is Flag of Spain Spain or Flag of Castile Castile if Flag of Spain Spain does not exist
  • Does not have a regency.
  • Government type is a Government monarchy.png monarchy.
  • Government reform allow heirs.
  • Is not the lesser partner in Personal union.png a personal union.
  • Does not have the Castilian Civil War disaster.

The year is at least 1450, but before 1504.

Mean time to happen

200 months

Event button 547.png
The throne is hers.

Get a new, 23 years old, female heir Isabel of de Trastámara dynasty with:

  • 95 Legitimacy.png claims strength,
  • Fixed 5 Administrative power.png administrative skill,
  • Fixed 6 Diplomatic power.png diplomatic skill,
  • Fixed 3 Military power.png military skill.
  • has Castillian culture.
  • has Global settler increase.png ‘Expansionist’ personality.

If this country is the Emperor of China,

  • then it gains Meritocracy.png5 meritocracy.
Event button 547.png
Her political power can be used elsewhere.
  • Gain 100 Administrative power.png administrative power.
  • Gain 100 Diplomatic power.png diplomatic power.
  • Gain 100 Military power.png military power.
  • If this country is the Emperor of China,
  • then it gains Meritocracy.png5 meritocracy.
  • Gain access to a female discounted Advisor Statesman female.PNG statesman advisor with skill 2 named Isabel de Trastámara.


Main article: European missions

Write a short description of what the missions are about and link the article using the {{main}} template at the top of the section. If the country has no unique missions, link the appropriate generic mission tree (list can be found here).

For example: XYZ has no unique mission tree and as such uses the European set of missions.


Main article: List of decision lists

The "Decisions" section follows the same instructions as the "Events" section. Example decision:


Strategy The below is one of many player suggested strategies for Style. Bear in mind, due to the dynamic nature of the game, it may unfold differently for other players.

If you don't have a strategy for the country, simply put {{add|strategy}}. If a strategy guide exists add {{add/strategy}} instead.

Though a strict adherence to the style guidelines is not enforced, please try to follow it as much as possible -- use 3rd person language (the player/England) rather than 1st (I/we) or 2nd (you) person language, don't use too much icons to keep section readable, and be sure to apply some general common sense. If a guide is bad (offensive or too incomprehensible) it will still be removed.

Other than above, write anything you feel might be useful in the guide.

Finally, leave the following at the end of the page, replacing "Europe" with the continent the country is on (your strategy will only be added to this box if it is at least B-ranked):

Country guides

Central African technology group Central African.png Kuba.png KubaMutapa.png Mutapa
East African technology group East African.png Ethiopia.png EthiopiaMogadishu.png Mogadishu
Muslim technology group Muslim.png The Mamluks.png MamluksMorocco.png MoroccoTlemcen.png TlemcenTunis.png Tunis
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Indian technology group Indian.png Assam.png Assam Bahmanis.png Bahmanis Bengal.png Bengal Orissa.png Orissa
Chinese technology group Chinese.png Bali.png Bali Brunei.png Brunei Dai Viet.png Dai Viet Japan.png Japan Khmer.png Khmer Korea.png Korea Majapahit.png Majapahit Malaya.png Malaya Pagarruyung.png Pagarruyung Pasai.png Pasai Sunda.png Sunda
Nomadic technology group Nomadic.png Jianzhou.png Jianzhou Uzbek.png Uzbek Mongolia.png Mongolia

Western technology group Western.png United States.png United States
Mesoamerican technology group Mesoamerican.png Maya.png Maya
North American technology group North American.png Caddo.png Caddo Cherokee.png Cherokee Iroquois.png Iroquois

Andean technology group Andean.png Chachapoya.png Chachapoya Cusco.png Cusco Muisca.png Muisca
South American technology group South American.png Mapuche.png Mapuche

  1. Having the Golden Century.png 'Golden Century' DLC and being Flag of Aragon Aragon, Flag of Catalonia Catalonia or Flag of Valencia Valencia gives Aragonese missions while any other culture gives Spanish missions