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Empire of China Reforms are found at /Europa Universalis IV/common/imperial_reforms. Empire of China Decrees are found at /Europa Universalis IV/common/decrees.

Adding a Chinese reform[edit | edit source]

All Chinese Reforms must be named uniquely. A Chinese Reform follows this format:

<name> = {
	# Only valid with "hre" or "celestial_empire"
	empire = celestial_empire

	# Permanent modifiers applied after taking reform
	emperor = {

	# Optional. Use a preceding reform.
	required_reform = <chinese reform>

Adding a Chinese decree[edit | edit source]

All Chinese Decree must be named uniquely. A Chinese Decree follows this format:

# cost is the Meritocracy cost
# duration is in days
# ai_will_do has to be 10 for AI to do it (with >=99 Meritocracy).

expand_bureaucracy_decree = {
	cost = <int>
	duration = <int>

	# Active modifiers for the duration of the decree.
	modifier = {

	# Chance the AI will enact.
	ai_will_do = {
		factor = <int>
		* Optional.
		modifier = {

Localisation[edit | edit source]

Chinese Reforms follow this format:

<name>: "Name"
<name>_title: "Name"

# Optional.
<name>_desc: "Description"

Chinese Decrees follow this format:

<name>: "Name"
<name>_emperor: "Name"
<name>_desc: "Description"
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