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Possible if
The player’s country:
Achieved if

Not playing as a released vassal.
The player’s country:

  • is an elector of the Holy Roman Empire.

To fulfill the Achievements.png achievement Electable!, the player needs to become an elector of the Holy Roman Empire.

By decision[edit | edit source]

Patch 1.34 introduced three Decision.png new decisions to take the Electorate. Two are available to HRE members other than the Emperor, and one is only available to the Emperor.

The Emperor has access to the decision Usurp the Electorate if they have an elector as a subject (junior partner or vassal). This decision makes the achievement possible within the first few years of the game with no inheritance or AI luck required. Starting as Flag of Austria Austria, complete the Mission.png Secure Electors mission, which grants a Casus belli.png Restoration of Union CB on Flag of Bohemia Bohemia. The war can be made can be made very easy with alliances to other regional powers such as Flag of Brandenburg Brandenburg or Flag of Poland Poland. Make sure to take the "Union with Bohemia" treaty in the peace deal. As soon as the war is over, click the decision to gain an Elector position and complete the achievement.

The decisions available to non-Emperor HRE members give the Emperor an event which allows them to choose whether to grant the Elector position or not. The player can request an Electorate either by paying the Emperor 6000 Gold Icon.png ducats (Purchase the Electorate), or by being allied to the Emperor with very high opinion and trust (Request the Electorate).

By grant from the Holy Roman Emperor[edit | edit source]

If the HRE ever has fewer than seven electors, the Emperor can (and the AI will immediately) appoint enough electors to get back to seven. In order to make this possible, the HRE must lose an elector, either as a result of an elector being fully annexed, or via the League War ending conclusively such that any electors on the losing side are no longer eligible.

To achieve this route quickly, starting as Flag of Hesse Hesse is recommended. The goal is to fabricate a claim on a weak elector (e.g. Flag of Mainz Mainz) while at the same time securing an Alliance.png alliance and possible Royalmarriage.png royal marriage with Flag of Austria Austria (or the present Emperor). Declare war and annex the weak elector, then release them as a vassal immediately to remain small. Since one elector is gone, the Emperor will try to appoint a new one; if the Emperor's opinion of the player is high enough, then the player may be granted this replacement slot.

By inheritance[edit | edit source]

When an elector is a Personal union.png junior partner, and they are inherited on monarch death, the electorship passes automatically to the inheriting country.

Flag of Bohemia Bohemia is a particularly good target for this, since they start as an Elector and in an interregnum. Flag of Austria Austria can use the Casus belli.png Restoration of Union CB from their mission tree, but any other HRE member can attempt this strategy as well. Marry Flag of Bohemia Bohemia on game start and wait until the player's dynasty rises to their throne, then claim their throne immediately and press the claim. Secure a Personal Union and wait. After 50 years there is a chance to inherit, and when this occurs the player will become an elector.

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