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Easter eggs events[1] are humorous events, that occur rarely.

Tortoise Herding[edit]


Msg event.pngTortoise Herding

A few of the settlers on the Galapagos Islands have taken to eating the giant tortoises native there. These immobile and defenseless giants make perfect livestock; it has become a commodity among passing whalers and has become the colony's only significant source of income.
It is said that after once tasting the Galapagos tortoise, demand for every other animal food falls off greatly. The meat of is the easiest of digestion, and a quantity of it, exceeding that of any other food, can be eaten without experiencing the slightest of inconvenience.

Trigger conditions

The country:

  • is controlled by a human player.
  • owns Galápagos Islands (2002), which:
    • is producing livestock.
    • does not have the modifier “Tortoise Herding”.
Is triggered only by

a four year pulse.

Base weight: 10

Event button 547.png
Delicious Tortoises...

Galápagos Islands (2002):

  • gets the modifier “Tortoise Herding” until the end of the campaign with the following effet:
    • Trade value modifier.png +100% trade value modifier.

The Dodo[edit]


Msg event.pngWildfowl in [Root.GetName]

Our colonists in [Root.GetName] report that the island is home to a large, flightless and rather ugly bird with an ungainly gait. Apparently, the bird is exceedingly easy to hunt, having never before had to deal with any large predators, and its meat produces a pleasant taste in the mouth. Already, its numbers are beginning to dwindle. Our Natural Scientist [Root.Owner.Adm_Advisor.GetName] has taken a personal interest in the reports and proposes a scientific expedition to capture live specimens of this species and bring them to [Root.Owner.Capital.GetCapitalName] for study before they succumb to extinction, the perennial fate of species so palpably ill-suited to coexistence with humans.

Trigger conditions
  • Province is Mauritius
  • Province owner:
    • Has a level 3 Advisor Natural Scientist.png Natural Scientist advisor
    • Capital in Europe
  • Colony does not have at least 800 settlers
Is triggered only by

a Colonial pulse

Base weight: 25

Event button 547.png
Send the expedition.
  • Province owner:
    • Lose Administrative power.png 30 administrative power
  • Hidden effect:
    • One of the following at random:
      • 66% chance of triggering country event “The Dodo” in 180 days
      • 33% chance of triggering country event “Dead as a Dodo” in 180 days
Event button 547.png
These wildfowl will make good food for our colonists.

Gain province modifier “Edible Dodos” for 3650 days, giving Local settler increase.png +20 Local settler increase


Msg event.pngThe Dodo

The expedition to [From.GetName] was successful in capturing several live specimens of the bird, which has been dubbed the “dodo”. Larger than a swan and rather rotund, their huge heads are only half covered with skin as if clothed with a hood. They have a large bill which curves downwards and eyes that are small like diamonds. The overall impression is one of a somewhat mournful appearance, as if they bemoan their inability to fly - their small and impotent wings merely serving to prove them a bird. Despite this, they possess a ready appetite, perhaps unsurprisingly considering their gait.

Having studied the bird vigorously, [Root.Owner.Adm_Advisor.GetName] has arranged for it to be put on public display in [Root.Owner.Capital.GetCapitalName].

Trigger conditions

The country owns Mauritius

Is triggered only by

Randomly with 66% probability 180 days after the event "Wildfowl in [Root.GetName]"

Event button 547.png
A feather in our cap.

Gain Yearly prestige.png 25 prestige


Msg event.pngDead as a Dodo

The expedition to [From.GetName] found no sign of the bird. If it ever existed, its numbers were small and could not survive the predations of human hunters. Nonetheless, our scientists were able to study the island’s wildlife in detail, discovering several new species and offering the colonists valuable advice for adapting to their new home.

Trigger conditions

The country owns Mauritius

Is triggered only by

Randomly with 33% probability 180 days after the event "Wildfowl in [Root.GetName]"

Event button 547.png
A sad tale.

Gain Base tax.png 1 base tax


  1. The script code of these events can be found in /Europa Universalis IV/events/EasterEgg.txt.