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Easter eggs events[1] are humorous events, that occur rarely.


Msg event.pngTortoise Herding

A few of the settlers on the Galapagos Islands have taken to eating the giant tortoises native there. These immobile and defenseless giants make perfect livestock; it has become a commodity among passing whalers and has become the colony's only significant source of income.
It is said that after once tasting the Galapagos tortoise, demand for every other animal food falls off greatly. The meat of is the easiest of digestion, and a quantity of it, exceeding that of any other food, can be eaten without experiencing the slightest of inconvenience.

Trigger conditions

The country:

  • is controlled by a human player.
  • owns Galápagos Islands (2002), which:
    • is producing livestock.
    • does not have the modifier “Tortoise Herding”.
Is triggered only by

a four year pulse.

Base weight: 10

Event button 547.png
Delicious Tortoises...

Galápagos Islands (2002):

  • gets the modifier “Tortoise Herding” until the end of the campaign with the following effet:
    • Trade value modifier.png +100% trade value modifier.


  1. The script code of these events can be found in /Europa Universalis IV/events/EasterEgg.txt.