Dominance of the Brahmins

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Dominance of the Brahmins icon
Dominance of the Brahmins
The Brahmins have grown so powerful they assumed de facto control over our country.

Dominance of the Brahmins[1] is a disaster that may occur in countries with a powerful Brahmins.pngBrahmins estate.


The country has a Brahmins.pngBrahmins estate which has at least 80 Estate influence influence.

If these prerequisites are met, the monthly progress can begin.

Monthly progress increases if Monthly progress decreases if

The country:

  • does not have an ongoing disaster.
  • has a Brahmins estate with at least 100 influence.
The country:
  • has an ongoing disaster or has a Brahmins estate with less than 100 influence.
The country
+5% has a Brahmins estate with at least 100 influence.
−1% always


If the progress reaches 100%, the disaster will start with the following event:


Msg event.pngThe Brahmins Seize Power

$MONARCH$ has allowed the Brahmins of $COUNTRY$ to grow too powerful and now they have made their move. While keeping the common people in line through their ties with the divine the Brahmins have used every one of the many means available to them to seize the reins of government. While still ruler in name our $MONARCHTITLE$ is now little more than their puppet.

Trigger conditions
  • None
Is triggered only by

the start of ‘Dominance of the Brahmins’ disaster.

Immediate effects


Event button 547.png
We should have seen this coming...

The country:

  • loses Stability.png 1 stability.

[Root.GetName] will now be controlled by the Brahmins until the 'Curtail the Brahmins' decision is taken.

While the disaster is ongoing the country suffers:

  • Technology cost.png +20% technology cost
  • Idea cost.png +20% idea cost
  • Tolerance heretic.png –2 tolerance of heretics
  • Tolerance heathen.png –2 tolerance of heathens


The disaster can only be ended by the following decision.[3]


Execute decision.pngCurtail the Brahmins

The Brahmins wield a great deal of influence over the secular matters of the state. To limit their influence on state matters we will need to curtail their power and privileges.

Potential requirements

The country:

  • has an ongoing ‘Dominance of the Brahmins’ disaster.[4]

The country:

  • has a stability of at least 1.
  • does not have rebel armies in its provinces.
  • does not have rebel controlled provinces.
  • has a Brahmins estate which influence is lower than 60.


The country:[5]

  • loses Stability.png 3 stability.
  • loses Piety 50% piety.
  • loses Monthly karma.png 25 karma.
  • loses Patriarch authority.png 25 patriarch authority.
  • loses Monthly fervor.png 25 fervor.
  • loses Church power.png 25 church power.

Then the following event is triggered.


Msg event.pngThe Brahmins Curtailed

Using a wide range of measures the $MONARCHTITLE$ has managed to strip the Brahmins of the many offices they held and the properties under their control. The authority over the worldly realm lies once again in the hands of $MONARCH$.

Trigger conditions
  • None
Is triggered only by

the end of ‘Dominance of the Brahmins’ disaster.

Event button 547.png
The $MONARCHTITLE$ is back in control.


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  2. The country gets the flag “brahmin_estate_in_power”.
  3. See in /Europa Universalis IV/decisions/Estates.txt.
  4. The country has the flag “brahmin_estate_in_power”.
  5. The country also loses the flag “brahmin_estate_in_power”.