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Disasters are a system introduced in Patch 1.9 that replaced the previous MTTH event-based system used to simulate national disasters.

Disasters can be found under the ‘Stability and Expansion’ tab. The tab lists disasters that may happen if the country's situation matches the start conditions, or the disaster that is currently in progress. Once the start conditions are met, various conditions cause the disaster's progress to tick up by a certain amount each month from 0 to 100 until it reaches 100, at which point the disaster begins with an initial event. Progress on a disaster falls, or may stop altogether and be reset, when any of the prerequisites are not fulfilled. It is also possible for progress to be "on hold" where the disaster's prerequisites are fulfilled, but none of the monthly progress conditions are fulfilled.

While in a disaster, the country suffers a detrimental modifier, and special events happen on a monthly tick (not every month will have an event). The action required to end the disaster varies: usually it includes reversing whatever condition caused it to start (which is made more difficult by the disaster modifier), and often includes defeating rebels and stabilizing the country. Ending the disaster triggers an end event and removes the detrimental modifier.

For most disasters, the nation cannot suffer the same disaster again (the main exception being estate disasters). It is also only possible to be in one disaster at a time; progress on other disasters will halt when one begins.[1]

Currently the following disasters are possible:[2]

General disasters[edit | edit source]

Aspiration for Liberty icon
The population's strive for liberty and the desire for enactment of enlightened ideals have spurred a revolution that seems all but unavoidable.
Civil War icon
The nation has effectively split in two, with brother fighting against brother. A house divided against itself cannot stand.
Coup Attempt icon
There are people moving in the shadows attempting to overthrown our ruler.
Internal Conflicts icon
Our country is experiencing a time of internal strife and conflict.
The Peasants' War icon
The Peasantry's unmet demand for economic, religious and political amendments has lead to violent revolts erupting across our nation.
Religious Turmoil icon
Too much religious differences in our country is causing a lot of intolerance and bigotry.
Court And Country icon
Resistance to the growing centralization in our country has culminated in a period of general crisis and conflict between Court and Country. Depending on how we handle this time of crisis we might come out of it a stronger country than before.
Revolution icon
Decades of feudal oppression, economic difficulties and religious intolerance have taken their toll on our nation and the population's desire for liberty is posing a serious threat to our Monarchy.

Estates disasters[edit | edit source]

Base estates[edit | edit source]

Aristocratic Coup icon
The Aristocracy have grown so powerful they assumed de facto control over our country.
Plutocratic Coup icon
The cities and guilds have grown so powerful they assumed de facto control over our country. Real power now lies in the hands of a small group of wealthy Plutocrats.
Dominance of the Clergy icon
The Clergy have grown so powerful they assumed de facto control over our country.

Cossack estates[edit | edit source]

Cossack Independence icon
The Cossacks have grown so powerful that they have broken off to form a country of their own, outside of our control.
Dhimmi Independence icon
The Dhimmi have grown so powerful that they have broken off to form a state of their own, outside of our control.
Dominance of the Tribes icon
The Tribes have grown so powerful they assumed de facto control over our country.

Dharma estates[edit | edit source]

Dominance of the Brahmins icon
The Brahmins have grown so powerful they assumed de facto control over our country.
Rajput Independence icon
The Rajputs have grown so powerful that they have broken off to form a country of their own, outside of our control.
Maratha Independence icon
The Marathas have grown so powerful that they have broken off to form a country of their own, outside of our control.
Vaishya Guild Coup icon
The Vaishya trade guilds have grown so powerful that they have assumed de facto control over our country. Real political power now lies in the hands of these wealthy organizations.
Powerful Jain Society icon
The Jains have grown so powerful they assumed de facto control over our country.

Country related disasters[edit | edit source]

Ayutthaya / Siam[edit | edit source]

Siamese Revolution icon
Tensions between Europeans and local customs threatened to engulf our nation, now it is all gone.

Castile[edit | edit source]

Castilian Civil War icon
Our kingdom is being torn apart by our meddling nobility which has now thrown us into a civil war.

Dai Viet[edit | edit source]

The Northern and Southern Dynasties icon
Conflict between the two most prominent noble families threaten to tear the country apart, dividing it between north and south.

Denmark[edit | edit source]

The Count's Feud icon
The kingdom of Denmark is being torn apart by supporters of its newly crowned king and the previously deposed Christian II.

England[edit | edit source]

English Civil War icon
England is being torn apart by a conflict between Parliamentarians and Royalists.
War of the Roses icon
Following the death of our monarch our kingdom is being torn apart by supporters of two junior branches of the royal dynasty.

France[edit | edit source]

French Revolution icon
The French people have risen to overthrow the monarchs that once ruled their country.
French Wars of Religion icon
France is being torn apart by a string of religious civil wars.

Florence / Tuscany[edit | edit source]

Bonfire of the Vanities icon
A radical cleric is seizing power in Florence, setting our fair city on a dangerous political and spiritual path.

Granada[edit | edit source]

Granadan War of Succession icon
A once-loyal relative, Yusuf V, is raising an army, intent of installing himself as Emir.

Khmer[edit | edit source]

The Dark Age of Cambodia icon
Our civilization lies in ruins. The Khmer Empire has fallen.

Majapahit[edit | edit source]

The Fall of Majapahit icon
Nearly all of the once-glorious Majapahit Empire has been lost, and what remains is dangerously close to total collapse.

Mali[edit | edit source]

Decline of Mali icon
Description of the disaster

Milan[edit | edit source]

Golden Ambrosian Republic icon
In the absence of a strong claimant to the throne, idealistic scholars are establishing a fledgling republic in Milan.

Ming[edit | edit source]

Crisis of the Ming Dynasty icon
The Ming dynasty is crumbling due to internal strife. They are at risk of losing the Mandate.

Muscovy / Russia[edit | edit source]

Time of Troubles icon
A time of both social and economical problems, our nation is struggling with both famine and war as well as the opposition against the Church and aristocracy.

Netherlands[edit | edit source]

Dutch Revolt icon
The Dutch people living under the rule of [Root.GetName] have become discontent and seek the creation of an independent state through violent means.

Poland / Commonwealth (if formed by Poland)[edit | edit source]

The Struggle for Royal Power icon
Conflict rages over the authority of the monarch versus the power of the Sejm.

Sweden[edit | edit source]

The Dacke War icon
Nils Dacke was a well-off farmer from Småland who got so fed up with the centralism, high taxes and confiscation of church property that he led the old border county in open revolt.

Teutonic Order[edit | edit source]

Prussian Confederation icon
The Teutonic Order finds itself plagued with unrest and conspiracy.

The Ottomans[edit | edit source]

Janissary Coup icon
Discontent with what their lack of direct influence over the government, the Janissary Corps have revolted against their sovreign and taken control over the state.

The Emperor of China[edit | edit source]

Unguarded Nomadic Frontier icon
The rise of a powerful Horde on our borders is casting a grim shadow over our pretentions to possess the Mandate of Heaven. If the realm is to prosper we must pacify the Nomad Frontier.
Empire of China in Name icon
While we have succesfully secured the title of Emperor over the Chinese our Empire is one that scarcely includes any Chinese. If we are to be seen as anything but a foreign emperor we will need to integrate the Chinese as part of our government.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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  2. See the files in /Europa Universalis IV/common/disasters/.

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