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Duchy rankDanzig
Primary culture
Prussian (Germanic)

Capital province
Danzig (43)

Oligarchic RepublicGovernment republic.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Danziger ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+10% Trade efficiency
+10% Domestic trade power

Diplomatic relations.png Danzig Law

+1 Diplomatic relation

Trade power.png Vistula River Trade

+15% Global trade power

National manpower modifier.png Centralized Population

+10% National manpower modifier

Mercenary maintenance.png Hanseatic League Member

−15% Mercenary maintenance

Light ship cost.png Danziger Shipyards

−15% Light ship cost

Manpower recovery speed.png Continued Independence

+5% Manpower recovery speed
+15% Fort defense

National tax modifier.png Lutheran Change

+10% National tax modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+20% Trade steering

Danzig is a country located in the Prussian region. It doesn't exist in the 1444 start, although it exists from 9 August 1807 on. It can also be released as a vassal from the Flag of Teutonic Order Teutonic Order or formed from rebels.

During the event chain "Prussian Confederation" it represents the confederation and will declare independence from the Teutons, however, it will immediately be vassalised by Flag of Poland Poland after the war.


As a country with Prussian primary culture Danzig can form Prussia.


Execute decision.pngReform into Prussia

The lands once conquered and Germanized by the Teutonic Order will always need protection against rapacious neighbors. Should the Order fail in this duty, we can take their place and usher in a new era of prosperity and Prussian discipline.

Potential requirements Allow
  • Flag of Prussia Prussia does not exist
  • Administrative tech.png Administrative technology is at least 10
  • is not a subject nation other than a tributary state.
  • Is not a steppe horde
  • Is not at war
  • Religion is Reformed.png Reformed or Protestantism Protestant
  • Owns core provinces Königsberg, Warmia and Danzig

  • The country gets new non-generic missions
  • Remove all provinces from the Holy Roman Empire, unless an elector or the Emperor
  • Set government rank to Kingdom rank Kingdom if it was Duchy rank Duchy
  • Flag of Prussia Prussia gains a permanent claim on all non-owned provinces in the East Prussia, Pomerelia and West Prussia areas
  • Change government to monarchy
  • Enact government reform Prussian Monarchy
  • Gain Prestige.png 25 prestige
  • Change primary culture to Prussian
  • Change the capital's culture to Prussian
  • One random owned non-capital province with Saxon or Pomeranian culture:
    • Change culture to Prussian
  • Trigger country event “New Traditions & Ambitions”, unless the country has custom or Prussian ideas
  • Gain country modifier “Increased Centralization” for 10 years, giving the following effects:
    • Autonomy.png −0.05 Monthly autonomy change
    • National unrest.png +1 National unrest

Danzig can also re-establish Flag of Poland Poland if Poland and the Flag of Commonwealth Commonwealth do not exist.

Execute decision.pngForm Polish Nation

The kingdom that the Piasts once worked so hard to reunify is now divided and without a king. We must strive to unite the Polish people and create a Polish nation to take the place of the kingdom that once was.

Potential requirements

If the country is AI controlled then:

  • it must own at least 6 provinces.
  • it can not be a former colonial nation.

Flag of Poland Poland does not exist.

  • Changes to Flag of Poland Poland.
  • Gets new missions
  • If is a member of the Holy Roman Empire and not an elector or the emperor:
    • then all owned provinces are removed from the HRE.
  • If is a duchy:
    • becomes a Kingdom rank kingdom
  • Gains permanent claims on all provinces of Poland (region) that are not already owned.
  • Gets the modifier “Increased Centralization” for Time Icon.png20 years with the following effects:
    • Autonomy.png −0.05 Monthly autonomy change,
    • National unrest.png +1 National unrest.
  • Changes primary culture to Polish.
  • Gains Prestige.png 25 prestige.
  • If does not have custom ideas:
  • Set country flag “formed_poland_flag”


Danzig is an incredibly valuable province because of its trade bonuses (Danzig can very easily be the dominant trade power in the Baltic Sea Trade Node). Because of this, Flag of Pomerania Pomerania, Flag of Poland Poland, and the Flag of Teutonic Order Teutonic Order will do everything within their power to annex it. Survival will be Danzig's greatest priority.

Released as a Teutonic vassal[edit]

If released as a vassal from the Teutonic Order, Danzig will need to improve relations with nations that will be willing to support Danzig in a war of independence against the Teutonic Order. Once independent, Danzig's greatest threats will be Poland and Pomerania until the truce with the Teutonic Order ends. For this it can be greatly beneficial to improve relations with Austria and become part of the Holy Roman Empire. This will bring Austria to defend Danzig if Poland or the Teutonic Order attack. This will make it less likely for Poland or the Teutonic Knights to attack early on, especially as they will concentrate on fighting each other instead. Alliances with Austria, The Hansa or Brandenburg will help defend against Pomerania.

Due to the great trade bonuses of the Danzig province, the Danzig traditions, and national ideas, Danzig's focus should be to build up trade power in the Baltic. The easiest expansion possibility is annexing Pomerania, but depending on Danzig's allies the Teutonic Order is also a possibility (with the added bonus that their provinces are within the Baltic trade region). Once this is done Danzig should have a wealthy trading state, with great opportunities for expansion following similar strategies to those of Pomerania or the Teutonic Order.

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