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This is a list of all missions of Flag of Japan Japan.[1]

Pacify the NorthTake the KurilsSiberian InterventionThe Divine WindConquer KoreaInvade ManchuriaImperial MandateIndochinese HegemonyExpand the KokkaWin Political SupremacyConquer OkinawaColonize TaiwanSecure the PacificColonize CaliforniaThe Bushido CodeUnite JapanConstruct the GokaidoSankin-KotaiRegulate the Social OrderBalance the Four DivisionsIssue New Erizeni-ReiPermit RyogaeshoSurvey the Secret FieldsEncourage Wealth CliquesDominate the MarketsJapanese Missions.png

Clicking on a mission icon leads to the appropriate table row. "Repeat" action to return.

  1. The script code is located in /Europa Universalis IV/missions/Japanese_Missions.txt.